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Filmy ktoré som tu nenašiel v dobe keď som ich videl

Videl som, nie je tu ( 5* ):  Arabic series 1-12 (Stan Brakhage) , Myth Labs(Martha Colburn),  The dowargers feast (Joan C. Gratz), Dowargers idyll (Joan C. Gratz), All Jake Fried animated Films,Khamaica (Khalik Allah), Urban Rashomon (Khalik Allah), Gamelan (Claudio Caldini), Palimpsest(Pia Borg); Locus Suspectus (2019) by J.M. Martínez


Videl som, nie je tu ( 4* ): Lies, lies, lies (Martha Colburn),  Snack and Drink (Bob Sabiston), Spare Change (Ryan Larkin), God on our side (Michal Pfeffer and Uri Kranot), Hockney On Photography & Other Matters (Paul Joyce) , DImension Bomb (from genius party beyond), A Memoria (Daniele Ciprì, Franco Maresco), Araf (Andrew Telling), Rosa (Francisco Neffe), Lust (Jacques Demy), The Two Sights (Katherin Mcinnis, 2015), Primary (Dan Browne), Quando i corpi si toccano (Paolo Gioli), Homeostasis (ČR, 2017), Old Digs (Gunvor Nelson), Micro Empire (Clemens Wirth, 2012), What's left is wind (Leighton Pierce), Going Out (Ted Fendt), Activités vinicoles dans le Vouvray (Charles Matton), Hole (Nicky Hamlyn), Egyedül (Sándor Sára, 1963), Lo (2017) by Ted Wiggin, Jautrumo kaip duonos (Edmundas Zubavicius, 1979), Awaiting Summer (Robert Todd, 2016), Marking time (Robert Todd, 2016), Fire Fly EYE (2020) by Kerry Laitala; Neon Cortex (2019) by Bruno Varela; Hel City (2019) by Gregorio Méndez; No Archive Can Restore You (2020) by Onyeka Igwe; International Face (2019) by Natalie Tsui; Interior (2019) by Zack Parrinella;


Videl som, nie je tu ( 3* ): Answering Machine (Azazel Jacobs), A Message From Tar Creek (Niall O’Brien), Watts Waits (Drew Bachrach), Mad Ladders (Michael Robinson), Something Between Us (Jodie Mack), Glass/Truth (Scott Barley), Visca el Piano! (Pere Portabella), Luisa is not home (Celia Rico Clavellino), Nocturne (Mauro Santini), Drifts (Robert Todd), After Morning (Robert Todd), Tessitura Calda (Paolo Gioli, 2013), Whitchurch Down (Duration) (Malcolm Le Grice), Aspiraciones (Claudio Caldini), The Imprint (Tatiana Fuentes Sadowski), Souvenirs d'un montreur de seins (Bertrand Mandico), Ciel Terre Ciel (Marc Hurtado), Why can't we get along (Benjamin Millepied), What makes me take the train (Pierre Mazingarbe, 2013), And sometimes the boats are low (Leighton Pierce,1983), Exposures (Jon Behrens), Red Swing (Leighton Pierce). Thursday (Leighton Pierce), Caprice (Roi Cydulkin), Still Life (Mehdi Shiri), Trans/figure/ground (Lauren Cooke), Menagerie (2014) by Julian Gallese, Broken Specs (Ted Fendt), All that rises (Daichi Saito), Travel Plans (Ted Fendt), Panni (Nicky Hamlyn), Summer stages (Robert Todd, 2016), Approaching Fall (Robert Todd, 2016), Camera Sick (2019) by Jeremy Moss; It Matters What (2019) by Francisca Duran; cada vuelta que da una cosa enrollada alrededor de otra (2019) by Bruno Varela; Tear Gas (2019) by Colectivo los ingrávidos; liminal poem (2019) by Susan DeLeo; Luminous Variations in the City Skies (2019) by Giuseppe Spina; Story of the Dreaming Water, Chapter One (2018) by Brittany Gravely; My Favorite Object (2019) by Meredith Moore; dream less (2020) by Charlotte Clermont; Einige Orte Dazwischen (A Few Spaces In Between) (2016) by Laura J. Padgett; Through a Field (2019) by Faith Arazi and Maddie Mori; Universal Leader (2020) by Orit Ben-Shitrit; Billy (2019) by Zachary Epcar; //\///\////\ (2019) by Phillip Andrew Lewis & Michael Robinson; As Long As There Is Breath (2020) by Emily Chao; Corriente (Stream) (2019) by Diana Sánchez Maciel; Feast (2019) by Mike Hoolboom, Polka Dot (Aleksandra Niemczyk)


Videl som, nie je tu ( 2* ):  Curses (Jodie Mack), Hours (Scott Barley), He likes to chop down trees (Leighton Pierce, 1980), Longueurs d’ondes (2013) by Sabrina Ratté,  Pro-Agri (Nicky Hamlyn), Salt Water (Guy Sherwin), Time Flow (John Woodman), Baltojo Laiko Keleiviai (Rimvydas Leipus, 1992), Doppler Shifts (Robert Todd, 2016), noonwraith blues (2020) by Kamila Kuc; Demoiselle (2018) by Eeva Siivonen; Dusty Wave (2017) by Eeva Siivonen; Fragment (1986-88) by Laura J. Padgett; Angular Momentum (2019) by Michael Betancourt; Starry Starry (2017) by Youngzoo Im; Die Nacht (2017-2019) by Wenhua Shi; Sympathetic Bodies (2018) by Margaret Rorison; Traces (2020) by Carleen Maur; Apertures (a brighter darkness) (2019) by Karissa Hahn; Solitaire (2017) by Laura J. Padgett; Ghosts of our Fallen (2019) by Kit Young; tulips are my father’s favourite flower (2018) by Nisha Platzer; Itinerary of Surfaces (2020) by Carl Elsaesser; Bathers (2019) by Douglas Urbank; Fabricated in the Actual Arctic (After Nanook) (2018) by Matthew Lax; Rio Grande Sun (2020) by Courtney Fellion & Linda Scobie; Eviction, Demolition (2019) by Karissa Hahn; Amuletos (2019) by Colectivo los ingrávidos; *****Mas Paritaria Menos Yuta (2018) by Moira Lacowicz & Leonardo Zito; Girl is Presence (2020) by Lynne Sachs and Anne Lesley Selcer; We Carry With Us Our Mother (2019) by Olivia Ciummo, Villatalla (Jeannette Muñoz)


Videl som, nie je tu ( 1* ):  Tomo (Bakary Diallo), The Equation (Mathie Hippeau), Echoes (Miloš Šejn, 1979), Sretanje (Vladimir Petek. 1963), Set in Motion (Jane Aaron), Sacred Geometry (2018) by Anna Cecilia Seaward, It Was Summer When (2019) by Gloria Chung, Plants Are Like People (2018) by Charlotte Clermont, The Tower (2019) by Silvestar Kolbas, Fantasy of Being in Exile (2019-2020) by Hua Xi Zi, The Losing Battle (2019) by Jean Sousa, Jeevithaye Mayawa / ජීවිතයේ මායාව / Imitation of Life (2020) by Rajee Samarasinghe, Eastern State (2019) by Talena Sanders, Oh My Homeland (2019) by Stephanie Barber, Violettina (Alice Rohrwacher)


Videl som, nie je tu ( odpad ): Global Industries (2018) by Phillip Andrew Lewis


Joseph Bernard - Broken nights w Tim Hecker - Live room + Live room out


1-16 ostáva prehodnotiť

Experimentálny film - nevýhody

Experimentálny a avantgardný film nie je pre každého. Epileptici by vedeli hovoriť.

hodnotenie filmov

Pozeral som filmy od Briana Fryea. Napadlo ma, že kedysi experimentálny filmár dal priechod svojej fantázií a slobode, urobil zopár filmov, a za 20 rokov tu ja hodnotím ich kvalitu svojimi hviezdičkami, a prispievam tak ku kanonickému čítaniu média kinematografie ako idiot.


What a dumb shit.

harry smith oz tin woodmans dream ide dobre s demdike stare and billy green make and do mend pre finders keepers

veru tak