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O mně

chose the name in the spur of the moment. clearly not one of my brightest moments, huh.


don't have a lot to say about myself and i also doubt anyone will ever read this so i don't have to write a lot.


don't actually watch a lot of movies though i love doing so.


but i guess you can say i watch quite a lot of korean dramas.


i mostly only watch things that i know for sure that i will like and so my reviews aren't so negative. i also evaluate things by how they made me feel and often don't think about the things i watch so i can't be very objective.


would also love to comment on movies but since i watch everything in english i would comment in english as well and yeah... no way in hell am i gonna be the only idiot posting on a czech/slovakian site in english.


ps it might not come as a surprise if you have gone through the things i watch buuuuuuuut i'm a girl :)

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