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On my way home my head was spinning, once again, I found myself asking, what the fuck did I just do? It was about 11:30, I sent Jason a text "I would like to be woken up tomorrow morning by a stiff dick and a good hard fuck, I'll leave the garage door open."

I got home and pretty much crawled into bed. As usual after an adventure, I was exhausted but could not sleep. My god, I'm turning into the town slut, does everyone at the gym think I'm loose and will fuck anyone that asks. Will I fuck everyone that asks? Do I care what anyone else thinks, I'm an adult, I'm not breaking any laws, what would father Tom think, oh shit, I don't want to think about father Tom. I wonder how many cocks are required for it to be an official gang bang? Having a different cock was awesome and I sure hope that real estate fucker Jason shows up tomorrow morning so he can find out what sloppy seconds taste like.

Life after my Divorce Part 4

I woke up and heard the garage door open and close. I thought, oh good, he is here and I'm going to get fucked but I also have a little surprise for him. I pretended to be asleep laying on my side so he could get in bed and slide is stiff cock right between my ass cheeks as I requested.

It only took Jason a minute or two before I felt his big stiff dick pressing on my ass and his strong hand reaching around taking control over my tits. It felt so good to have him next to me so I squirmed a but basically to acknowledge his presence.

I was enjoying getting wet with precum as he stroked his big cock between my ass cheeks. I finally opened my eyes and said, "Good morning, you smell so good this morning, did you get laid last night?"

Jason said, "Good morning to you, no I'm afraid it was a dry night."

I said, "That's good, all the more cum for me. How about sucking my pussy to get me started?"

He said," Honey, your so wet this morning, I think you are already started."

He always loved eating my pussy so he didn't hesitate to dive right in. When he did, I grabbed his head and pulled it deep into me, I wanted him to get a good taste of what I did last night.

He pulled back, with a strange look on his face said, "What did you do last night?"

I said, "Why, do I taste like cum?"

He said, "Pretty much."

I said, "Do you like?"

Jason responded, "Not real crazy about it."

I said, "I figured you have given my your left overs, now it is your turn."

He didn't say a word but dove back into my pussy aggressively pushing his tongue in deep than circling hard on my clitoris. I just laid back enjoying what he was doing while thinking about my adventures from last night. I had a cock other than Jason's and now Jason is lapping up the remnants of my carnal desires.

As my orgasm was approaching, I grabbed Jason's head and pulled it hard into my cunt and said, "Eat me you fuck whore, suck all that cum out of me, I'm cumming." I had deep and intense orgasm which I sure caused a gush of juice to flow out of me. I had Jason's face so tight in my pussy that I don't know why he didn't pass out from not being able to breath.

Once I caught my breath, I said, "Lay on your back, I'm going to ride your dick, I'm going to fuck myself with your dick, I want to feel your dick in me, I want you to experience the humiliation of putting your dick in a cunt that was used by someone else"

Jason rolled over on his back and I mounted him in the cowgirl position. I was pounding his powerful cock as deep into me as I could get. I was so wet and slippery that it made him almost feel small. I was somehow able to ask, "How does it feel to have your dick in another man's cum?"

He said, "Babe, it is amazing, it feels awesome and you smell like a used whore, I'm going to cum."

I pumped myself full of his cum and as usual it was a massive load. "Oh fuck," I said, "I'm cumming" and I did, holy shit, did I have an orgasm.

Once I could breath again, I moved up his body with cum leaking out of me the whole way until I planted my sloppy used pussy hole right on his mouth. I said, "Now eat my you whore," and I humped my cum filled pussy all over his face. I said, "Now, just like me, you smell like a used whore as well."

He was clearly enjoying this too much. It was my intention to challenge his manliness by making him eat other guys cum but I was getting the sense that he was into it because his dick was back to being as hard as a rock.

Not wanting to miss out on his lovely cock, I got off the bed and went down on my knees on the floor. I said, "Give me your cock, I want you to fuck my face like it is the last time you will ever have sex with me."

He jumped up and stuck that beautiful piece of man-meat in my face and said, "This isn't really the last time is it?"

I said, "You never know, all I will say is keep doing as you are told, when you are told."

I put his cock in my mouth much like I had done hundreds of times in the past and it never gets old, I love it every time. If the truth be told, I have no intention of cutting him off, in fact, I want more, but he doesn't know that.

He fucked my face like I was a street whore, just the way I like it, hard and fast giving me no mercy until he blasted my mouth full of his cum. He collapsed on the bed and I swallowed every drop.

We were both exhausted. I said, "how about a cup of coffee?"

He said, "That would be great but do you think we could do a shower first?"

I said, "No, we both smell like fucking whores and I'm going to sit in it for a while."

We got our coffee and were sitting down just talking.

Jason said, "So what happened to us?"

I replied, "You mean the fact that you had your dick in the real estate whore doesn't explain it all?"

He said, "Not what I meant. There was a time that we both had morals. Now, something has changed, we are a couple of whores."

I said, "You are right, I really don't know what caused the change in me but I feel like I can't get enough. I'm always thinking about when I'm going to get it again and to be honest, I'm really getting off punishing you."

With a puzzled look, Jason said, "Punishing me, I'm having a blast, every time I turn around you call me for no strings attached fucking."

I said, "Yes, but you were not expecting sloppy seconds or an x-wife that is treating you like a fuck whore."

He said, "Honey, I am loving this fucked up relationship. Pretty much every guy has a fantasy to have his wife get fucked by other guys."

"Did you want to see me get fucked by other guys when we were married?", I asked.

He said, "More than you will ever know, I would have loved to see you do some of my friends."

I said, "No fucking way would you have let that happen."

He said, "Bull shit, If the opportunity came up, I would have let it happen."

I said, "Ok tough guy, set it up, how may guys can you get to come fuck me?"

He said, "Your full of shit, it will never happen."

I said, "My friend Gina has been getting gang banged for months and she loves it, I want to give it a try, how many."

He said, "Your fucking serious aren't you."

I said, "Yes."

Jason said, "It might take a little time but I could probably get two plus myself, assuming you are going to let me take part."

I said, "Of course you are taking part. Do you think you could find a guy with a bigger dick than yours?"

Jason said, "You really are turning into a slut, too bad we didn't discover this while we were married, we could have had all sorts of fun."

I said, "How about your friend Carl, every time I saw him, he was trying to get a peak down my top or up my skirt."

Jason said, "You would like Carl, I've seen him in the locker room, he wasn't hard but I bet he is competitive."

I said, "So let's start out slow, any chance you could get Carl to come fuck me tomorrow night? I'll take on the two of you and see how it goes, we can add more if everything works out."

Jason said, "What's wrong with tonight?

I said, "You just blew two loads, I want you to be at full strength, you need some rest and no jerking off or fucking that little fuck bucket girl friend of yours."

Jason laughed and said, "Ok, fair enough, I'll call him and let you know."

Jason left and I headed to the shower, my god, I did smell like a used whore. About an hour later I got a text message from Jason, "We are on for tomorrow night, Carl told me he has been dreaming about fucking you when he jerks off for years."

I responded, "See you at about 8:00, no sex, no jerking off and no alcohol. I want to be the center of attention in all regards".

Jason responded, "You will be".

I responded, "I'm going to up the ante, I want you guys to take me out for a nice dinner and to be treated like a real lady before I become your fuck toy. I'm thinking upscale and dressed really nice like true gentlemen.

Jason responded, "Sounds good, works for me."

I always loved dressing up and looking sexy and it certainly drove Jason nuts. I really wanted this evening to be exciting and more than just getting fucked by two guys. I decided to wear the shiny blue evening gown that I got from Sharon. It was a little over the top for tonight but it is one hot dress.

I tried it on to make sure it was perfect. I remembered Sharon's comment about my panty lines so I tried on a couple different thongs until I found the perfect one. I put on a pair of stay up thigh highs and with the slit coming up as high as it does sometimes you could see my stocking tops, I thought, very sexy. Stiff cocks are the goal, through on a pair of heals that say I want to fuck and it should do the trick.

I could not decide if I should wear a bra or not. I have a sexy push up bra that matches the thong and thought it would have a great effect on the guys as they strip me down but the no bra look in the dress is so sexy.

I took some selfies with the bra and without than sent them to Gina with a text saying, "Which is better, with or without?"

Gina responded, "Without, that is one sexy dress, what is the occasion."

I responded, "Nice dinner and two cocks for dessert."

Gina responded, "You dirty girl, trading dinner for pussy."

I said, "Yup, tomorrow night."

Gina said, "I want the details, enjoy!!"

I decided to were the bra, it just looked so sexy with the matching thong and stockings, not to mention, it pushed the girls right out there for viewing pleasure.

Right on time, Jason and Carl appeared at my front door. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see both of them in dress pants and shirts with a jacket and tie. They were both hot as hell and I knew this was going to be an evening I would never forget.

I welcomed them in and Jason said, "You look amazing, let me take a look." He took my hand and I spun around giving them a show.

Carl said, "Yes, you do look absolutely amazing."

I said, "You guys look incredible, thank you so much for going all out, I was not expecting the jackets and ties." I gave each of them a kiss and a hug.

Jason said, "You wanted to be treated like a lady, so that is our plan."

We went out to Jason's car and Carl opened the front passenger side door for me and took my hand to guide me in. I made sure he got a leg shot that included a view of my white flesh above my stocking tops.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were greeted by the valet. He opened my door and I'm sure he also enjoyed the show. Carl and Jason led me in and the tuxedo clad host said, "your table is ready, this way." Clearly the guys went out of their way to set this up perfectly.

We ordered a glass of wine and in front of the waiter I said, "Guys, take it easy on the wine, I want the two of you to be at your best later tonight." The waiter just smiled and went for the wine order.

Jason, shaking his head with a smile said, "You had to say that in front of him."

Carl said, "He was checking you out from top to bottom as we walked to the table."

I said, "Do you think he liked what he saw?"

Both guys at the same time said, "Yes."

I said, "That's good because if I flirt with him and maybe flash him a little, we will get better service not to mention it will drive you two horn dogs crazy."

Carl said, "You don't need to, drive me crazy, I'm already there since Jason called me yesterday."

I said, "So I hear you think about me when you jerk off."

Jason said, "I told you she would not be shy."

Carl said, "I have been known to think about fucking your brains out."

I asked, "Do you plan on fucking my brains out tonight?" and I reached over and put my hand on his dick and as expected it was ready for action. "I sure hope you don't get too worked up and loose it in your pants."

Carl said, "Honey, that makes two of us and yes, I plan on fucking you hard tonight."

I said, "Is you dick as big as Jason's?"

Carl was a little taken back but said, "I can't say as I have studied Jason's dick but I would guess I come pretty close."

I asked Carl "Have you ever tasted a pussy that had another man's cum in it?"

Carl paused and said, "No"

I said, "Jason has and I think he liked it, who knows maybe you will get your chance tonight."

With reluctance Carl said, "I guess we will see."

The waiter came back and we ordered dinner. We talked about all kinds of things but somehow the discussion kept coming back to sex. We talked about Jason fucking the real estate whore and we talked about how I am losing many of my inhibitions. I said, "Maybe I need to thank the real estate whore. Jason, as I recall she tasted pretty good, do you think she would be interested in a three way?"

I got absolute blank stares, I said, "Guys, lighten up, I'm fucking with you, my god, and it is so easy to do, you guys fall for anything."

We finished dinner and the waiter asked if we would like to see the dessert menu. The guys said, no, they could not eat another thing. I said, "Hang on guys, I'm your desert and you better be able to eat the whole thing."

By now Jason was playing along with me, he said, "Sorry honey, you are our after-dinner cocktail tonight."

The poor waiter almost lost it; poor guy didn't know what to say.

As we were leaving, we thanked the waiter for taking care of us and I whispered to him, "I could use a third if you want to come with us."

He was not sure what I meant but just said, "Folks, enjoy the cocktail."

I just smiled and said, "I plan on it."

The ride back to my house was nearly silent. When we got inside, I got a bottle of wine and three glasses. I looked at Carl and said, "I'm ready, how about you?" Poor Carl, I think he got really nervous. I don't know why but I was not nervous at all, I was ready to strip and get fucked.

The guys sat down in the living room and I turned on some music. When I went in, I asked Carl if he would like to dance. He jumped up faster than I knew he could move. It was a slow song and he put is arms around me in a very respectful way. After a few minutes I said, "Wouldn't you rather have your hands on my ass?" I guess he was a little shy with Jason sitting there watching but he put his hands on my ass and pulled me in tight. I could feel every bit of his stiff cock and I wanted it in me bad.

When the next song started, I motioned for Jason to join us. I said, "Wouldn't you guys like to take my sexy dress off me?" Jason, reached for the bottom of the dress and pulled it over my head leaving me standing I my lingerie and heals.

I said, "What do you guys think, would the two of you like to fuck me?"

Jason's hand was rubbing my fabric covered pussy while he was biting on my ear. In the mean time Carl had one boob out of my bra and was sucking my tit. I felt weak in the knees but knew this was going to be good.

In no time my bra was gone and both of my tits were getting equal attention. I was feeling their cocks through their pants and I knew it would only be a few more minutes before I got to experience sucking two cocks at the same time. I could feel a rush of juice coming from my pussy, it felt so good.

I undid Jason's tie and unbuttoned his shirt then I turned to Carl and did the same. I now had two bare chested men sandwiching my nearly naked body between them. Next, I unbuttoned Carl's pants and pulled his zipper down. I Said, "loose um," which he did in a hurry leaving him in a pair of sexy white boxers. I slid my fingers under his waste and got to touch his cock for the first time. It was almost as big as Jason's but he remains my biggest. I shoved his shorts down revealing his cock.

I turned to Jason and removed his pants in the same manor. While I was working on him, I could feel Carl's naked body pressing against my backside. Oh god, did I want a dick in me.

Now I am standing between two naked men each with a piece of man meat that they should be proud of and it was going to be all mine. Jason was kissing me with his dick poking me in the front and Carl was sucking my neck with his dick poking me in the back. This was the most amazing feeling I have ever had.

I said, "Jason, please suck my tits, I think I'm going to cum," he put my nipple between his teeth and gently bit causing me to go over the top.

I fell to my knees and now, what I have been waiting for, two cocks covered in precum. I licked the cum off of one than the other. They both had a salty taste and I knew there would be lots more where that came from. I said, "Guys, I want to be fucked everyway two guys can fuck me, thank you both for dressing up for dinner and being complete gentlemen, now I am you slut, treat me that way."

Carl didn't waste any time; he grabbed my head and shoved his cock in as far as I could take it. By holding my hair put him in complete control of my mouth. I was holding Carl's balls with one hand and Jason's shaft with the other. I was truly in heaven. He pumped me for a few minutes then Jason took his place and continued fucking my face.

I heard Carl say to Jason, "You were right, she sucks cock like it is no one's business but hers."

Jason responded, "One thing I really miss is that all I had to do was walk past her with no clothes on and she would reach out and take me in, this cunt really likes sucking cock and she never misses a drop except when she wants to put on a slutty cum show."

Carl asked Jason, "Does she really fuck as good as you say she does?"

I said, "You bet your fucking ass I do, lay down, I'll show you." Carl laid out on the floor and I lowered my wet pussy right to his big cock, wrapping my hand around it and rubbing it all over my wet outer lips. I slowly impaled myself on his fuck stick until my pussy swallowed the whole thing, I thought, finally a big cock that isn't Jason's. I rode him like a wild animal, humping up and down, giving myself two delightful orgasms.

It didn't take long and Carl said, "Fuck yourself hard you cunt, I'm going to fucking cum in you." Only a few strokes later and I could feel Carl's spasms as he was pumping me full of his seed.

We collapsed together with his dick still in my holding back the onslaught of fluid. After a couple minutes I got up on my knees so I could watch the cum drip out of me all over his cock. I squeezed as hard as I could until his dick was covered in a copious amount of his cum. I got up and turned around into a 69 position so I could taste his cum that was covering his cock. He was not really happy about having a just fucked cunt in his face so he just lay there with his mouth closed letting it drip on his face.

After I finished licking his dick clean, I turned around and licked the remaining cum off his face. He was reluctant but finally gave into sharing a cum kiss with me. I said, "That wasn't so bad was it."

He said, "Jason was right, you suck and fuck like it is no one's business but yours. Not real crazy about sharing cum but everything else was incredible."

I said, "Carl, honey, since becoming the slut that I am, I have discovered there is something about a man tasting cum that is a real turn on for me. I don't know, maybe it is all about my power over your dick, kinda like when a woman flashes her boobs, she can get a guy to do nearly anything she wants. Would you like to go home now or continue fucking me today and again the next time I want it?" Carl said, "Slide that pussy up here," I did as requested and sat my cum soaked pussy right on his face causing yet another orgasm and more juice to add to Carl's cocktail.

Jason came over and started fucking my face while I was riding Carl's face. He had me by the hair and was fucking my mouth as hard as he could. It didn't take long for me to feel the telltale pulses in Jason's nut and shaft telling me he was about to erupt. Jason said, "I'm cumming," and the pulses of cum filled my mouth. I so much wanted to swallow that whole load but instead I let it dribble out of my mouth directing as much as possible onto Carl's face.

The look on Carl's face was priceless, clearly, he was not as into cum as much as I am but I think entertaining my cum pleasures is a small price to pay to fuck me with no strings attached.

Once again, I turned around and started removing the cum from Carl's face with my tongue. I of course took the opportunity to give Carl a big kiss so I could share the seed that I had stockpiled in my mouth. Finally, he gave up and became a willing partner in my cum swap pleasure.

We relaxed for a while talking mostly about sex and how I have changed. I told them, "My friend Gina and I got together and she was telling me about how she is getting gang banged by friends and how much she loves being the slut in the group. I have been charged up for sex ever since, I feel like I can't get enough, I'm having a blast and have become a slut. Who knows, tomorrow, I may see the error of my ways and put my chastity belt back on."

Jason said, "So I guess that means we should make sure we do you as many times as possible tonight."

I said, "Yep, tonight I'm a slut, so that being said, who wants to stick their dick in me?" I laid back on the couch and spread my legs.

Carl said, "It would be my pleasure," and he got between my legs and drive his dick hard into my pussy pumping like he really meant it.

A few minutes later Jason said, "My turn," Carl moved over and let Jason in.

We went on switching cocks at least six more times until Carl said, "I'm cumming." With his cock deep in me he gave me another load of his seed.

Jason said, "My turn," Carl got out of his way and Jason could not hold out any longer and I could feel him erupting as he was driving into me. He said, "I do like sloppy seconds."

Jason went down on my pussy and sucked as much mixed cum into his mouth as he could then brought it up to me to share. I said, "Now that is a true gentleman, getting my desert without me even asking."

The guys had both shot two loads so for now they were pretty well shot. Not to mention, I have had at least a dozen orgasms and can say I'm pretty well satisfied.

I said, "Come on guys, lets go to bed." We all got in my bed with me in the middle. As expected, the guys passed out in minutes and I, as usual lay there wide-awake thinking. I detected a strong scent of fucking, thinking to myself how that is becoming a common scent in what is now my slutty lifestyle. I keep thinking, should I cut this off now, I've had my three-way fun, do I really want to be a used piece of fuck meat, should I get the guys to find two more dicks so I can experience a gang bang? Tonight, really was fun. Oh fuck, I'm such a fucking whore but I like it. Finally, I passed out as well.

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