D. Ross Lederman

  • nar. 12.12.1894
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
  • zem. 24.8.1972 (77 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Režijní filmografie


1950 Military Academy with That Tenth Avenue Gang
1948 The Return of the Whistler
1947 Key Witness
The Lone Wolf in Mexico
1946 Boston Blackie and the Law
Dangerous Business
Sing While You Dance
The Notorious Lone Wolf
The Phantom Thief
1945 Navy Nurse
Out of the Depths
1944 Gun to Gun
The Last Ride
The Racket Man
Three of a Kind
1943 Adventure in Iraq
Find the Blackmailer
The Gorilla Man
1942 Bullet Scars
Busses Roar
Escape from Crime
I Was Framed
1941 Across the Sierras
Father's Son
Here Comes the Cavalry
Passage from Hong Kong
Shadows on the Stairs
Strange Alibi
The Body Disappears
1940 Glamour for Sale
Military Academy
Thundering Frontier
1939 North of Shanghai
1938 Adventure in Sahara
Juvenile Court
Tarzan's Revenge
The Little Adventuress
1937 A Dangerous Adventure
I Promise to Pay
Motor Madness
The Frame-Up
The Game That Kills
1936 Alibi for Murder
Come Closer, Folks
Counterfeit Lady
Panic on the Air
Pekelná loď
Pride of the Marines
The Final Hour
1935 Case of the Missing Man
Moonlight on the Prairie
Red Hot Tires
Too Tough to Kill
1934 A Man's Game
Beyond the Law
Girl in Danger
Hell Bent for Love
Murder in the Clouds
The Crime of Helen Stanley
1933 Rusty Rides Alone
Silent Men
Soldiers of the Storm
State Trooper
The Whirlwind
1932 Daring Danger
End of the Trail
High Speed
McKenna of the Mounted
Ridin' for Justice
Speed Demon
Texas Cyclone
The Riding Tornado
Two-Fisted Law
1931 Branded
Range Feud
The Fighting Marshal
The Phantom of the West
The Texas Ranger
1930 The Man Hunter
1929 The Million Dollar Collar
1928 A Race for Life
Rinty of the Desert
Shadows of the Night
1927 Dog of the Regiment, A

TV seriály

1960 Overland Trail (TV seriál)
1954 Annie Oakley (TV seriál)
Captain Midnight (TV seriál)
1951 The Range Rider (TV seriál)
1950 The Gene Autry Show (TV seriál)

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