George Meehan

  • nar. 19.7.1891
    Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • zem. 10.2.1947 (55 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Kameramanská filmografie


1947 Blind Spot
Bulldog Drummond at Bay
King of the Wild Horses
Meet Mr. Mischief
Scooper Dooper
1946 Ain't Love Cuckoo?
Boston Blackie and the Law
Dangerous Business
Gallant Journey
Heading West
Singin' in the Corn
Terror Trail
That Texas Jamboree
The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
The Phantom Thief
Throw a Saddle on a Star
1945 Blazing the Western Trail
Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous
Both Barrels Blazing
Escape in the Fog
High Blood Pleasure
Lawless Empire
Mayor's Husband, The
Rough Ridin' Justice
Rough, Tough and Ready
Rustlers of the Badlands
Sagebrush Heroes
Sing Me a Song of Texas
Voice of the Whistler
Youth on Trial
1944 Busy Buddies
Cowboy Canteen
Crash Goes the Hash
Heather and Yon
His Hotel Sweet
Mark of the Whistler, The
Meet Miss Bobby Socks
No Dough Boys
Oh, Baby!
Saddle Leather Law
Sundown Valley
Swing in the Saddle
The Black Parachute
The Last Horseman
They Live in Fear
To Heir Is Human
1943 A Maid Made Mad
Cowboy in the Clouds
There's Something About a Soldier
They Stooge to Conga
1942 A Man's World
All Work and No Pay
Down Rio Grande Way
North of the Rockies
Pardon My Gun
The Devil's Trail
Tornado In the Saddle, A
Vengeance of the West
West of Tombstone
1941 Across the Sierras
Black Eyes and Blues
Her First Beau
In the Sweet Pie and Pie
Lovable Trouble
Love at First Fright
Outlaws of the Panhandle
Pinto Kid, The
The Officer and the Lady
The Royal Mounted Patrol
Two in a Taxi
1940 Beyond the Sacramento
Blazing Six Shooters
Bullets for Rustlers
Girls of the Road
Man from Tumbleweeds, The
Pioneers of the Frontier
Prairie Schooners
Texas Stagecoach
The Return of Wild Bill
The Wildcat of Tucson
Thundering Frontier
West of Abilene
You're Next
1939 Glove Slingers
North of the Yukon
Outpost of the Mounties
Riders of Black River
Static in the Attic
Taming of the West, The
The Stranger from Texas
Three Sappy People
Two-Fisted Rangers
1938 Convicted
Gambling Ship
Special Inspector
Sue My Lawyer
Tarzan's Revenge
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
The Last Warning
1937 A Fight to the Finish
Back to the Woods
Criminals of the Air
He Done His Duty
Manhattan Shakedown
Murder Is News
Paid to Dance
Parole Racket
Sitter-Downers, The
Two Gun Law
1936 Alibi for Murder
Code of the Range
Dangerous Intrigue
Dodge City Trail
Legion of Terror
Secret Patrol
1935 Alimony Aches
Fighting Shadows
It Always Happens
Justice of the Range
Pardon My Scotch
Square Shooter
Stage Frights
The Marriage Bargain
Too Tough to Kill
1934 Inside Information
Public Stenographer
The Big Race
The Moth
The Westerner
1933 Big Chance, The
Dangerous Crossroads
Ship of Wanted Men
1932 Heart Punch
Show Business
The Promoter
1931 U. S. 311
1929 The Ghost Talks
Waltzing Around
1927 Paying the Price
1926 Mum's the Word
Out of the Storm
1925 A Fight to the Finish
Fighting Youth
New Champion, The
S.O.S. Perils of the Sea
Speed Mad
The Great Sensation
The Lure of the Wild
1924 Battling Buddy
1923 Mary of the Movies
1922 A Tailor-Made Man
1920 A Twilight Baby

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