J.P. McGowan

  • nar. 24.2.1880
    Terowie, South Australia, Austrálie
  • zem. 26.3.1952 (72 let)
    Hollywood, California, USA


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1938 Where the West Begins
1937 Roaring Six Guns
Rough Riding Rhythm
1935 Outlaw Tamer, The
The Lone Bandit
1933 Drum Taps
Stezka smrti
War of the Range
When a Man Rides Alone
1932 Human Targets
Mark of the Spur
Tangled Fortunes
The Hurricane Express
The Man from New Mexico
The Scarlet Brand
1931 Cyclone Kid
Headin' for Trouble
Quick Trigger Lee
Riders of the North
Shotgun Pass
So This Is Arizona
1930 Beyond the Law
Breezy Bill
Call of the Desert
Canyon Hawks
Canyon of Missing Men, The
Code of Honor
Covered Wagon Trails
Near the Rainbow's End
O'Mally Rides Alone
Oklahoma Sheriff, The
The Man from Nowhere
Under Texas Skies
Western Honor
1929 'Neath Western Skies
A Texas Cowboy
An Oklahoma Cowboy
Bad Men's Money
Below the Deadline
Captain Cowboy
Code of the West
Headin' Westward
Law of the Plains, The
Lone Horseman, The
Man from Nevada, The
Pioneers of the West
Riders of the Rio Grande
Riders of the Storm
The Fighting Terror
The Invaders
The Last Roundup
The Oklahoma Kid
The Phantom Rider
Wyoming Tornado
1928 Arizona Days
Law of the Mounted
Lightnin' Shot
Manhattan Cowboy
Mystery Valley
On the Divide
Painted Trail
Silent Trail
Texas Tommy
The Chinatown Mystery
The Devil's Tower
Trail Riders
West of Santa Fe
1927 Aflame in the Sky
City of Shadows
Lost Limited, The
Red Signals
Tarzan and the Golden Lion
Thunderbolt's Tracks
1926 Crossed Signals
Mistaken Orders
Open Switch, The
Silver Fingers
1925 Barriers of the Law
Billy the Kid
Blood and Steel
Border Intrigue
Buried Gold
Cold Nerve
Dangerous Odds
Desperate Chance, A
Fighting Sheriff, The
Gambling Fool, The
Iron Fist, The
Lost Trail, The
Lure of the Track
The Ace of Clubs
The Bandit Tamer
The Lost Express
The Train Wreckers
Webs of Steel
1924 Crossed Trails
Desperate Adventure, A
The Whipping Boss
Western Vengeance
1923 One Million in Jewels
1922 Captain Kidd
Perils of the Yukon
1921 Do or Die
Ruse of the Rattler, The
The White Horseman
Tiger True
1920 Elmo the Fearless
King of the Circus
1919 Elmo, the Mighty
The Red Glove
1917 Railroad Raiders, The
The Lost Express
1916 Diamond Runners, The
Judith of the Cumberlands
Lass of the Lumberlands, A
Manager of the B & A, The
Medicine Bend
Whispering Smith
1915 Girl and the Game, The
1914 Conductor's Courtship, The
1913 The Wives of Jamestown
1912 An Arabian Tragedy
Belle of New Orleans, The
Captain Rivera's Reward
Captured by Bedouins
Down Through the Ages
Far from Erin's Isle
Grit of the Girl Telegrapher, The
His Mother
In Blossom Time
Ireland, the Oppressed
Mayor from Ireland, The
Missionaries in Darkest Africa
The Kerry Gow
The Poacher's Pardon
The Shaughraun
The Vagabonds
Tragedy of the Desert
Victim of Circumstances
Winning a Widow
1911 A Saw Mill Hero
By a Woman's Wit
Fishermaid of Ballydavid, The
Railroad Raiders of '62
Rory O'More
Slim Jim's Last Chance
Special Messenger
The Colleen Bawn
The Fiddle's Requiem
1910 A Lad from Old Ireland
Seth's Temptation


1912 The Ancient Port of Jaffa

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