Pat Hartigan

  • nar. 21.12.1881
    New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 8.5.1951 (69 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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1917 Who Said Chicken?
1914 Bill's Board Bill
1913 And the Watch Came Back
Boggs' Predicament
Cupid's Lariat
Curing Her Extravagance
Emancipated Women
Entertaining Uncle
General Bunko's Victory
Hypnotizing Mamie
Mike, the Timid Cop
One Best Bet
Percy's Wooing
Pete's Insurance Policy
Rube and the Boob, The
Smoked to a Finish
The Black Hand
The Captivating Widow
The Comedy Team's Strategy
The Fickle Freak
The Good Old Summer Time
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The Raiders from Double L Ranch
The Scheme of Shiftless Sam Smith
The Speed Limit
The Tenderfoot's Luck
The Tightwad's Present
The Troublesome Telephone
Too Many Cops
What the Doctor Ordered
When Women Are Police
While Father Telephoned
1912 A California Snipe Hunt
A Fish Story
A Hospital Hoax
Accidents Will Happen
Death Valley Scotty's Mine
Dr. Skinnem's Wonderful Invention
Fat Bill's Wooing
How Jim Proposed
Hypnotic Nell
I Saw Him First
In Peril of Their Lives
Outwitting Father
Pat the Soothsayer
Paying the Board Bill
Queen of the Kitchen
Ranch Girls on a Rampage
Something Wrong with Bessie
Stenographer Wanted
Strong Arm Nellie
The Bachelor's Bride
The Beauty Parlor of Stone Gulch
The Chaperon Gets a Ducking
The Chauffeur's Dream
The Desert Trail
The Dude Cowboy
The Girl Bandit's Hoodoo
The Girl Deputy
The Hoodoo Hat
The Kidnapped Conductor
The Mine Swindler
The Pasadena Peach
The Pony Express Girl
The Romance of a Dry Town
The Schoolma'm of Stone Gulch
The Swimming Party
The Tenderfoot's Troubles
The Trail of Gold
The Woman Hater
Things Are Seldom What They Seem
1911 Arizona Bill
Chance Shot, A
He Who Laughs Last
Revenue Man and the Girl, The
Smugglers, The
The Mesquite's Gratitude
The Ranger's Stratagem
Too Much Realism


1912 Ruth Roland, the Kalem Girl

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