George Gray

  • nar. 30.10.1894
    Oakland, California, USA
  • zem. 8.9.1967 (72 let)
    Asheville, North Carolina, USA


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1946 Mr. Noisy
1943 Arizona Trail
Back from the Front
Crazy House
Higher Than a Kite
Phony Express
1942 Dr. Broadway
How Spry I Am
1941 In the Sweet Pie and Pie
1940 A Plumbing We Will Go
Boobs in the Woods
Heckler, The
1939 Glove Slingers
1937 Dizzy Doctors
Goofs and Saddles
Knee Action
Stuck in the Sticks
1936 False Alarms
Movie Maniacs
1935 Do Your Stuff
Flicker Fever
I Don't Remember
Just Another Murder
Old Sawbones
Olde Saw Mill, Ye
Pardon My Scotch
Three Little Beers
Uncivil Warriors
Way Up Thar
1934 Woman Haters
1933 A Wrestler's Bride
Caliente Love
Don't Play Bridge with Your Wife
Knockout Kisses
Sweet Cookie
The Singing Boxer
Too Many Highballs
1932 Alaska Love
Courting Trouble
Doubling in the Quickies
Dream House
False Impressions
Hawkins & Watkins Inc.
His Royal Shyness
Honeymoon Beach
Indiscretions of Eve, The
Jimmy's New Yacht
Lady! Please!
Listening In
Neighbor Trouble
Speed in the Gay Nineties
Spot on the Rug, The
The Candid Camera
The Dentist
The Human Fish
The Loud Mouth
1931 Dance Hall Marge
Half Holiday
Hold 'er Sheriff
I Surrender Dear
Mickey's Wildcats
Monkey Business in Africa
Movie Town
One More Chance
One Yard to Go
Poker Widows
Pottsville Palooka, The
The All-American Kickback
The Bride's Mistake
The Cannonball
The College Vamp
The Great Pie Mystery
1930 Cash and Marry
Dear Slayer, The
Eventually, But Not Now
Land of the Sky Blue Daughters
Lost and Foundered
Midnight Daddies
Old Vamps for New
Setting Son, The
Sleeping Cutie, The
1929 As You Mike It
Broadway Blues
Calling Hubby's Bluff
Captain of His Roll, The
Love's Labor Found
Meet the Quince
The Rodeo
They Shall Not Pass Out
Uncle Tom
1928 Campus Vamp, The
His Unlucky Night
Hubby's Weekend Trip
Love at First Flight
Motorboat Mamas
The Bargain Hunt
The Bicycle Flirt
The Campus Carmen
The Swim Princess
1927 A Dozen Socks
Birthday Greetings
Broke in China
Catalina, Here I Come
Gentlemen Prefer Scotch
Gold Digger of Weepah
Love in a Police Station
Should Sleepwalkers Marry?
Smith's Candy Shop
Smith's Modiste Shop
Smith's Pony
Smith's Surprise
The College Kiddo
The Girl from Everywhere
Wine, Women and Sauerkraut
1926 Circus Today
Hubby's Quiet Little Game
Love's Last Laugh
Masked Mamas
Smith's Picnic
Smith's Vacation
The Battling Kangaroo
The Divorce Dodger
Whispering Whiskers
1925 Dangerous Curves Behind
From Rags to Britches
Sneezing Beezers
1924 Lizzies of the Field
1920 Down on the Farm
Love, Honor and Behave
Married Life
1919 Hearts and Flowers
His Last False Step
When Love Is Blind
Yankee Doodle in Berlin
1918 The Battle Royal
Village Chestnut, The


1947 The Road to Hollywood - a.z.

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