Art Mix

  • nar. 18.6.1896
    Atlas, Illinois, USA
  • zem. 7.12.1972 (76 let)
    Riverside, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1946 Moon Over Montana
1945 Gangster's Den
San Antonio
1944 Mystery Man
Take It Big
The Last Horseman
1943 Arizona Trail
Hail to the Rangers
Hoppy Serves a Writ
King of the Cowboys
Outlaws of Stampede Pass
Saddles and Sagebrush
Sagebrush Law
Silver City Raiders
The Leather Burners
The Lone Star Trail
Thundering Trails
1942 Bad Men of the Hills
Bullets for Bandits
Dawn on the Great Divide
Down Rio Grande Way
In Old California
Overland Stagecoach
Overland to Deadwood
Pardon My Gun
Prairie Gunsmoke
Ridin' Down the Canyon
Riding Through Nevada
Romance on the Range
Shut My Big Mouth
Sons of the Pioneers
Sunset Serenade
The Devil's Trail
The Lone Prairie
The Valley of Vanishing Men
Tornado In the Saddle, A
1941 Across the Sierras
Hands Across the Rockies
Jesse James at Bay
Law of the Timber
Lone Rider Fights Back, The
Nevada City
North from the Lone Star
Robin Hood of the Pecos
The Medico of Painted Springs
The Son of Davy Crockett
1940 Adventures of Red Ryder
Bad Man from Red Butte
Beyond the Sacramento
Covered Wagon Days
Melody Ranch
The Border Legion
Virginia City
Winners of the West
Člověk ze Západu
1939 Henry Goes Arizona
Mandrake the Magician
Overland with Kit Carson
Rough Riders' Round-up
Rovin' Tumbleweeds
Spoilers of the Range
Taming of the West, The
The Lone Ranger Rides Again
The Stranger from Texas
1938 Border Wolves - a.z.
Cattle Raiders
Hawaiian Buckaroo
Sergeant Murphy
1937 Born to the West
Devil's Saddle Legion, The
Empty Holsters
Guns of the Pecos
Law for Tombstone
Na divokém západě
One Man Justice
Outlaws of the Prairie
Prairie Thunder
The Bad Man of Brimstone
The Old Wyoming Trail
The Singing Outlaw
Two Gun Law
Two-Fisted Sheriff
Westbound Mail
Wild West Days
Yodelin' Kid From Pine Ridge
1936 Code of the Range
Cowboy and the Kid, The
Desert Gold
Dodge City Trail
End of the Trail
Lucky Terror
Rio Grande Ranger
Song of the Saddle
The Big Show
The Cowboy Star
The Fugitive Sheriff
The Phantom Rider
The Unknown Ranger
Three Godfathers
Trailin' West
Vichry pustiny
Yellow Dust
1935 Big Calibre
Bulldog Courage
Cyclone of the Saddle
Five Bad Men
Heir to Trouble
Pals of the Range
Powdersmoke Range
Rustlers of Red Dog
Square Shooter
The Arizonian
The Ghost Rider
Western Frontier
1934 Elinor Norton
Honor of the Range
Kid Millions
Law of the Wild
Mystery Mountain
Rocky Rhodes
Studená ocel
The Rawhide Terror
The Red Rider
The Westerner
West of the Law
1933 Cesta do Sagebrush
Drum Taps
Dude Bandit, The
King of the Wild Horses
Silent Men
Strawberry Roan
The Fighting Code
The Gallant Fool
The Trail Drive
The Whirlwind
Thrill Hunter, The
1932 45 Calibre Echo
Border Devils
Daring Danger
Forbidden Trail
Heroes of the West
Law and Order
Mystery Ranch
Ridin' for Justice
Sundown Rider
Texan, The
The Boiling Point
The Riding Tornado
The Texas Bad Man
Whistlin' Dan
White Eagle
Young Blood
1931 A Son of the Plains
Alias the Bad Man
Battling with Buffalo Bill
Border Law
Desert Vengeance
Freighters of Destiny
Galloping Thru
Pueblo Terror
Sign of the Wolf, The
The Fighting Marshal
The One Way Trail
1930 Breed of the West
Fighting Thru; or, California in 1878
Hrdina Arizony
Men Without Law
The Dawn Trail
The Indians Are Coming
The Land of Missing Men
The Lonesome Trail
The Utah Kid
Under a Texas Moon
Western Knights
1929 Below the Border
Faro Nell
Sagebrush Politics
1927 Loco Luck
The Devil's Saddle
1926 The Set-Up
The Wild Horse Stampede
1924 Romance of the Wasteland
1922 Sky High

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