John Nesbitt

  • nar. 23.8.1910
    Victoria, British Columbia, Kanada
  • zem. 10.8.1960 (49 let)
    Carmel, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1949 City of Children
Clues to Adventure - vyp.
Mr. Whitney Had a Notion
1948 Annie Was a Wonder
Fabulous Fraud, The
It Can't Be Done
My Old Town
Souvenirs of Death
1947 Goodbye, Miss Turlock
Miracle In a Cornfield
Really Important Person, A
Tennis In Rhythm
The Amazing Mr. Nordill
1946 Magic On a Stick
Our Old Car
The Great Morgan
1945 Golden Hunch
Great American Mug, The
It Looks Like Rain
Seesaw and the Shoes, The
Stairway to Light - vyp.
1944 Main Street Today
Pět Sullivanů
Return From Nowhere
Song of Russia
The Immortal Blacksmith
1943 Don't You Believe It - vyp.
Forgotten Treasure
Nursery Rhyme Mysteries
That's Why I Left You
This Is Tomorrow
To My Unborn Son
Trifles That Win Wars
Who's Superstitious? - vyp.
1942 Famous Boners
Flag of Mercy
Incredible Stranger, The
Madero of Mexico
Magic Alphabet, The
We Do It Because...
Woman in the House, The
1941 Hobbies
More Trifles of Importance
Of Pups and Puzzles
Out of Darkness - vyp.
Strange Testament
Willie and the Mouse
Your Last Act
1940 A Way in the Wilderness
American Spoken Here
Baron and the Rose, The
Hidden Master, The
Trifles of Importance
We Who Are Young
XXX Medico
1939 Angel of Mercy
Forgotten Victory
One Against the World
Story of Alfred Nobel, The
The Giant of Norway - vyp.
The Story That Couldn't Be Printed
The Story of Dr. Jenner
Unseen Guardians
1938 Forgotten Step
That Mothers Might Live
The Face Behind the Mask
The Ship That Died


1952 Million Dollar Nickel, The
1951 Good Wrinkles
1950 Screen Actors
1945 People On Paper
Watchtower Over Tomorrow
1944 Grandpa Called It Art
Lady Fights Back, A
1943 Storm
Sucker Bait - vyp.
1942 Film That Was Lost, The
Mr. Blabbermouth! - vyp.
Yardstick for Rumors, A
1941 Main Street on the March!
This Is the Bowery
1940 Utopia of Death
1939 New Roadways
Yankee Doodle Goes to Town
1938 Passing Parade

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