Frank Powell

  • nar. Hamilton, Ontario, Kanada
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1921 Astray from the Steerage
Officer Cupid
1919 Forfeit, The
Unbroken Promise, The
You Never Know Your Luck
1918 Heart of the Sunset
1917 Greater Woman, The
Hedda Gabler
Mary Moreland
Mrs. Balfame
The Dazzling Miss Davison
The Debt
The Final Payment
The Mirror
1916 Chain Invisible, The
Fourth Estate, The
Scarlet Oath, The
The Witch
1915 A Woman's Past
Blázen to byl
Children of the Ghetto
Devil's Daughter, The
From the Valley of the Missing
Her Grandparents
Princess Romanoff
1914 Corsair, The
Fair Rebel, A
Ghost, The
His Last Dollar
Man's Enemy
Officer 666
Stain, The
1913 Beyond All Law
Couple Next Door, The
For Her Government
Suicide Pact, The
Wedding Gown, The
1912 Dora
Her Life's Story
His Madonna
Old Curiosity Shop, The
Priscilla's Capture
Puppets of Fate
Vicar of Wakefield, The
1911 Cured
Elopement, The
Help Wanted
Jane Shore
Little Emily
Paradise Lost
Poor Sick Men, The
Priscilla and the Umbrella
Priscilla's April Fool Joke
Priscilla's Engagement Ring
The Midnight Marauder
1910 A Gold Necklace
Affair of Hearts, An
Affair of an Egg, The
After the Ball
All on Account of the Milk
An Old Story with a New Ending
Effecting a Cure
Happy Jack, a Hero
His New Lid
His Wife's Sweethearts
How Hubby Got a Raise
Kid, The
Knot in the Plot, A
Love in Quarantine
Lucky Toothache, A
Masher, The
May and December
Muggsy Becomes a Hero
Never Again
Not So Bad as It Seemed
Proposal, The
Recreation of an Heiress, The
Smoker, The
Summer Tragedy, A
Tenderfoot's Triumph, The
The Love of Lady Irma
The Passing of a Grouch
The Troublesome Baby
Turning the Tables
Up a Tree
When We Were in Our Teens
White Roses

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