Robert Benchley

  • nar. 15.9.1889
    Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
  • zem. 21.11.1945 (56 let)
    New York City, New York, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1998 Robert Benchley and the Knights of the Algonquin - a.z.
1946 Janie Gets Married
The Bride Wore Boots
1945 Boogie Woogie
Duffy's Tavern
I'm a Civilian Here Myself
It's in the Bag!
Kiss and Tell
Road to Utopia
The Stork Club
Week-End at the Waldorf
1944 Her Primitive Man
Important Business
National Barn Dance
Practically Yours
See Here, Private Hargrove
Song of Russia
Why Daddy?
1943 Flesh and Fantasy
My Tomato
No News Is Good News
The Sky's the Limit
Young and Willing
1942 Keeping in Shape
Krásná čarodějka
Man's Angle, The
Nothing But Nerves
Take a Letter, Darling
Witness, The
Zuzanka v nesnázích
1941 Bedtime Story
Crime Control
Forgotten Man, The
How to Take a Vacation
Nerozhodný drak
Nice Girl?
Nikdy nezbohatneš
Three Girls About Town
Waiting for Baby
1940 Hired Wife
Home Movies
That Inferior Feeling
The Trouble with Husbands
Zahraniční dopisovatel
1939 An Hour for Lunch
Dark Magic
Home Early
How to Eat
How to Sub-Let
See Your Doctor
The Day of Rest
1938 Courtship of the Newt, The
Evening Alone, An
How to Figure Income Tax
How to Raise a Baby
How to Read
How to Watch Football
Mental Poise
Music Made Simple
Opening Day
1937 Broadway Melody of 1938
How to Start the Day
Live, Love and Learn
Night at the Movies, A
Romance of Digestion, The
Sunday Night at the Trocadero
1936 How to Be a Detective
How to Behave
How to Train a Dog
How to Vote
Piccadilly Jim
Sun-Kissed Stars at Palm Springs
1935 David O. Selznick: 'Your New Producer'
How to Break 90 at Croquet
How to Sleep
Čínská moře bouří
1934 Social Register
1933 Headline Shooter
Rafter Romance
Tančící Venuše
Your Technocracy and Mine
1932 The Sport Parade
1929 Furnace Trouble
Lesson No. 1
Stewed, Fried and Boiled
1928 Sex Life of the Polyp, The
Spellbinder, The
Treasurer's Report, The

TV seriály

1955 MGM Parade (TV seriál) - a.z.


1985 American Masters (TV seriál)
1982 Showbiz Goes to War (TV film) - a.z.
1976 To je zábava II. - a.z.
1969 Hollywood: The Selznick Years (TV film) - a.z.
1964 The Big Parade of Comedy - a.z.
1954 Light's Diamond Jubilee (TV film) - a.z.
1945 Hollywood Victory Caravan
1940 Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 9: Sports in Hollywood


TV pořady

1957 Tonight Starring Jack Paar (TV pořad)

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