Louise Glaum

  • nar. 4.9.1888
    Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • zem. 25.11.1970 (82 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1925 Fifty-Fifty
1921 Greater Than Love
I Am Guilty
1920 Leopard Woman, The
Love Madness
Sweetheart of the Doomed
1919 Lone Wolf's Daughter, The
1918 A Law Unto Herself
An Alien Enemy
Goddess of Lost Lake, The
Staking His Life
1917 Golden Rule Kate
Love or Justice
Strange Transgressor, A
Weaker Sex, The
1916 Hell's Hinges
Honor Thy Name
Somewhere in France
The Aryan
The Return of Draw Egan
The Wolf Woman
Three Musketeers, The
1915 Case of Poison, A
College Days
Conversion of Frosty Blake, The
Customary Wife, The
Darkening Trail, The
Golden Trail, The
Hearts and Swords
In the Land of the Otter
Keno Bates, Liar
Lucky Blowout, A
Phantom Extra, The
Scrub, The
Secret of Lost River, The
Tavern Keeper's Son, The
The Cup of Life
The Forbidden Adventure
The Iron Strain
The Renegade
The Reward
The Toast of Death
When the Tide Came In
Winning Back
1914 Chasing the Smugglers
Lucille Love: The Girl of Mystery
Out in the Rain
Panther, The
The Award of Justice
The Convict's Story
The Fatal Clues
The Gangsters and the Girl
The Masquerader
Universal Ike Almost a Hero
Universal Ike Gets a Goat
Universal Ike Gets a Line on His Wife
Universal Ike Goes Astray
Universal Ike Has His Ups and Downs
Universal Ike Has One Foot in the Grave
Universal Ike Junior Bearly Won Her
Universal Ike Junior Is Kept from Being an Actor
Universal Ike Junior Nearly Gets Married
Universal Ike Junior and His Mother-in-Law
Universal Ike Junior and the Vampire
Universal Ike Junior at the Dance of Little L.O.
Universal Ike Junior in Cupid's Victory
Universal Ike Junior in His City Elopement
Universal Ike Junior in Me, Him, and I
Universal Ike Junior in a Battle Royal
Universal Ike Junior in a Case on the Doctor
Universal Ike Junior in the 'Dear' Hunter
Universal Ike Junior in the Dangers of a Great City
Universal Ike Junior in the New Cook
Universal Ike Junior in the Scarecrow and the Chaperone
Universal Ike Junior in the Shack Next Door
Universal Ike Junior on His Honeymoon
Universal Ike Junior's Legacy
Universal Ike Makes a Monkey of Himself
Universal Ike and the School Belle
Universal Ike in Mary Green's Husband
Universal Ike in Pursuit of Eats
Universal Ike in Three of a Kind
Universal Ike in the Battle of Little Tin Horn
Universal Ike in the Neglected Wife
Universal Ike's Wooing
When Universal Ike Set
Why Universal Ike Left Home
1913 Cupid's Assistants
Efficacy of Prayer, The
For Mother's Sake
Her Hero's Predicament
His Friend, Jimmie
Impostor, The
Loaded Dice
Old Mammy's Secret Code
On Cupid's Highway
Quakeress, The
Reaping, The
Seal of Silence, The
Sign of the Snake, The
The Boomerang
The Country Cousin
The Girls and Dad
The Invisible Foe
Village Choir, The
1912 $2500 Bride. The
A Stubborn Cupid
Brave Heart's Hidden Love
Hearts and Skirts
Her Friend, the Doctor
Jealousy on the Ranch
Love and a Lemon
Making a Man of Her
Sharps and Chaps
The Girls and the Chaperone
The Lady Barber of Roaring Gulch
Those Lovesick Cowboys
When the Heart Calls


1965 The Love Goddesses - a.z.
1939 Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 12 - a.z.
1924 Tour of the Thomas Ince Studio, A
1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 7

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