Beverly Bayne

  • nar. 11.11.1894
    Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • zem. 18.8.1982 (87 let)
    Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1948 Obnažené město
1925 Passionate Youth
Who Cares
1924 Her Marriage Vow
Tenth Woman, The
The Age of Innocence
1923 Modern Marriage
1920 Smiling All the Way
1919 Daring Hearts
God's Outlaw
1918 Cyclone Higgins, D.D.
Pair of Cupids, A
Social Quicksands
The Brass Check
The Poor Rich Man
Under Suspicion
With Neatness and Dispatch
1917 Great Secret, The
Red, White and Blue Blood
The Adopted Son
The Voice of Conscience
Their Compact
1916 In the Diplomatic Service
Man and His Soul
Million a Minute, A
Red Mouse, The
Romeo and Juliet
Virginia Romance, A
Wall Between, The
1915 A Bag of Hold
Accounting, The
Ambition of the Baron, The
Conspiracy at the Chateau, The
Crimson Wing, The
Eyes That See Not
Great Silence, The
Hearts and Roses
Leather Goods Lady, The
Manners and the Man
Mansion of Tragedy, A
Mystery of the Silent Death, The
On the Dawn Road
Opal Ring, An
Pennington's Choice
Providence and Mrs. Urmy
Reverend Salamander Unattached, The
The Counter Intrigue
The Man Who Found Out
Thirteen Down
When the Fates Spin
Whose Was the Shame?
1914 Any Woman's Choice
Bridget Bridges It
Countess, The
Curing a Husband
Devil's Signature, The
Epidemic, The
Every Inch a King
Fable of the Bush League Lover Who Failed to Qualify, The
Foot of Romance, A
Gentleman of Leisure, A
Girl at the Curtain, The
His Stolen Fortune
In the Glare of the Lights
Loose Change of Chance, The
Love Route Via Pittman, The
Love's Magnet
Making Him Over -- For Minnie
Masked Wrestler, The
Oh, Doctor
One Wonderful Night
Plum Tree, The
Prince Party, The
Private Officer, The
Scars of Possession
The Fable of Napoleon and the Bumps
The Fable of the Brash Drummer and the Nectarine
This Is the Life
Three Little Powders
Through Eyes of Love
Through the Storm
Two Men Who Waited
Under Royal Patronage
Verdict, The
Volunteer Burglar, The
1913 Brother's Loyalty, A
Cousin Jane
Dear Old Girl
Death Weight, The
Divided House, The
For Old Time's Sake
Forbidden Way, The
Girl in the Case, The
Good Night, Nurse
Gum Man, The
Here's Your Hat
Hermit of Lonely Gulch, The
Hilda Wakes
Hypnotism in Hicksville
Little Substitute, The
Love Lute of Romany, The
Love and Lavallieres
Phillip March's Engagement
Power of Conscience, The
Rival Salesmen, The
Same Old Story, The
Seeing Is Believing
Smithy's Grandma Party
Stigma, The
Tale of a Clock, The
Tango Tangle, A
Teaching Hickville to Sing
The Farmer's Daughter
The Right of Way
Tit for Tat
Toll of the Marshes, The
Trail of the Itching Palm, The
Wardrobe Lady, The
Way Perilous, The
What George Did
What's the Matter with Father?
When Soul Meets Soul
Whip Hand, The
Will-Be Weds, The
Witness 'A-3 Center'
1912 Adamless Eden, An
Back to the Old Farm
Billy Changes His Mind
Billy McGrath's Love Letters
Butterfly Net, The
Good Catch, A
Hermit, The
Iron Heel, The
Legacy of Happiness, The
Loan Shark, The
Magic Wand, The
Mis-Sent Letter, The
Miss Simkins' Summer Boarder
New Church Organ, The
Old Wedding Dress, The
Penitent, The
Return of Becky, The
Rivals, The
Soul Reclaimed, A
Springing a Surprise
Supreme Test, The
Teaching a Liar a Lesson
The Grassville Girls
The House of Pride
The Redemption of Slivers
The Snare
Thrifty Parson, The
Understudy, The
Well Matched
White Roses

TV seriály

1948 The Philco Television Playhouse (TV seriál)


1939 Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 12 - a.z.
1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 24
1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 15

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