Alice Hollister

  • nar. 28.9.1886
    Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
  • zem. 24.2.1973 (86 let)
    Costa Mesa, California, USA


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1925 The Dancers
1924 Married Flirts
1922 The Forgotten Law
1921 A Voice in the Dark
A Wise Fool
1920 Milestones
The Great Lover
1918 A Son of Strife
Loaded Dice
The Knife
1917 Her Better Self
1916 The Lotus Woman
1915 A Sister's Burden
Don Caesar de Bazan
Honor Thy Father
The Crooked Path
The Curious Case of Meredith Stanhope
The Destroyer
The Haunting Fear
The Maker of Dreams
The Man in Hiding
The Money Gulf
The Net of Deceit
The Scorpion's Sting
The Sign of the Broken Shackles
The Siren's Reign
The Stolen Ruby
1914 A Celebrated Case
A Midnight Tragedy
Her Bitter Lesson
Her Husband's Friend
Into the Depths
Kit, the Arkansaw Traveler
Seed and the Harvest
The Barefoot Boy
The Brand
The Cabaret Dancer
The Devil's Dansant
The False Guardian
The Hand of Fate
The Hate That Withers
The Man of Iron
The Menace of Fate
The Mystery of the Yellow Sunbonnet
The Shadow
The Show Girl's Glove
The Storm at Sea
The Treasure Ship
The Vampire's Trail
Through the Flames
Wolfe; Or, The Conquest of Quebec
1913 A Desperate Chance
A Mississippi Tragedy
A Sawmill Hazard
A Stolen Identity
A Victim of Heredity
A Virginia Feud
Man's Greed for Gold
Primitive Man
The Alien
The Blind Basket Weaver
The Bribe
The Fatal Legacy
The Hidden Witness
The Lost Diamond
The Message of the Palms
The Padrone's Plot
The Peril of the Dance Hall
The Prosecuting Attorney
The Scimitar of the Prophet
The Smuggler
The Terror of Conscience
The Vampire
The Wartime Siren
The Wheel of Death
1912 A Prisoner of the Harem
An Arabian Tragedy
Driving Home the Cows
From the Manger to the Cross; or, Jesus of Nazareth
Ireland, the Oppressed
The Kerry Gow
The Poacher's Pardon
The Shaughraun
Tragedy of the Desert
1911 By a Woman's Wit
The Colleen Bawn
The Fiddle's Requiem


1912 The Ancient Port of Jaffa

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