William Russell

  • nar. 12.4.1884
    Bronx, New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 18.2.1929 (44 let)
    Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1929 Girls Gone Wild
Madonna of Avenue A
1928 Danger Patrol
State Street Sadie
The Crimson City
The Escape
The Head of the Family
The Midnight Taxi
Woman Wise
1927 Brass Knuckles
The Desired Woman
The Girl from Chicago
1926 Modrý orel
The Still Alarm
Wings of the Storm
1925 Before Midnight
Big Pal
My Neighbor's Wife
On Thin Ice
The Way of a Girl
1924 The Beloved Brute
1923 Alias the Night Wind
Anna Christie
Boston Blackie
Goodbye Girls
High Gear Jeffrey
Man's Size
Times Have Changed
When Odds Are Even
1922 A Self-Made Man
Mixed Faces
Money to Burn
Strength of the Pines
The Crusader
The Great Night
The Men of Zanzibar
1921 Bare Knuckles
Children of the Night
Colorado Pluck
Desert Blossoms
Singing River
The Cheater Reformed
The Lady from Longacre
The Roof Tree
1920 Leave It to Me
Shod with Fire
The Challenge of the Law
The Iron Rider
The Man Who Dared
The Sea Master
The Twins of Suffering Creek
The Valley of Tomorrow
1919 A Sporting Chance
Brass Buttons
Eastward Ho!
Sacred Silence
Six Feet Four
Some Liar
The Lincoln Highwayman
This Hero Stuff
When a Man Rides Alone
Where the West Begins
1918 All the World to Nothing
Hearts or Diamonds?
Hobbs in a Hurry
In Bad
The Midnight Trail
Up Romance Road
1917 A Rough Shod Fighter
High Play
My Fighting Gentleman
New York Luck
Pride and the Man
Sands of Sacrifice
Snap Judgment
The Frame-Up
The Masked Heart
The Shackles of Truth
1916 Lone Star
Madelaine Morel
Sequel to the Diamond from the Sky
Soul Mates
The Bruiser
The Craving
The Highest Bid
The Love Hermit
The Man Who Would Not Die
The Smugglers of Santa Cruz
The Strength of Donald McKenzie
The Thoroughbred
The Torch Bearer
The Twinkler
1915 Curly
Dora Thorne
Garden of Lies
The Dancing Girl
The Diamond from the Sky
1914 Her Big Scoop
Her Primitive Model
His Fireman's Conscience
The Bondage of Fear
The Cricket on the Hearth
The Dilemma
The Power of the Press
The Science of Crime
The Straight Road
Under the Gaslight
1913 A Deep Sea Liar
A Modern Lochinvar
A Peaceful Victory
A Twentieth Century Farmer
An Honest Young Man
Brethren of the Sacred Fish
Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight
For Her Boy's Sake
In the Nick of Time
King René's Daughter
Little Brother
Little Dorrit
Oh! Such a Beautiful Ocean
Peggy's Invitation
Robin Hood
Rosie's Revenge
Some Fools There Were
The Bush Leaguer's Dream
The Caged Bird
The Marble Heart
The Missing Witness
The Mystery of the Haunted Hotel
The Problem Love Solved
The Water Cure
The Way to a Man's Heart
While Baby Slept
Won at the Rodeo
1912 A Love of Long Ago
A Message from Niagara
A Niagara Honeymoon
A Star Reborn
A Will and a Way
East Lynne
Flying to Fortune
For Sale -- A Life
For the Mikado
In Time of Peril
Into the Desert
Miss Robinson Crusoe
On the Stroke of Five
Orator, Knight and Cow Charmer
Pa's Medicine
Put Yourself in His Place
The Arab's Bride
The Cry of the Children
The Forest Rose
The Girl of the Grove
The Guilty Baby
The Little Girl Next Door
The Little Shut-In
The Merchant of Venice
The Night Clerk's Nightmare
The Portrait of Lady Anne
The Repeater
The Ring of a Spanish Grandee
The Saleslady
The Silent Witness
The Star of Bethlehem
The Trouble Maker
The Twelfth Juror
The Wrecked Taxi
Through the Flames
Under Two Flags
When Mercy Tempers Justice
1911 A Doll's House
Bertie's Brainstorm
David Copperfield
Get Rich Quick
His Younger Brother
Lorna Doone
The Charity of the Poor
The Colonel and the King
The Cross
The Higher Law
The Lady from the Sea
The Last of the Mohicans
The Lie
The Pasha's Daughter
The Railroad Builder
The Sinner
The Stepmother
The Train Despatcher
Their Burglar
Young Lochinvar
1910 Hypnotized
John Halifax, Gentleman
Looking Forward
The Vicar of Wakefield
Under Western Skies


1934 Movie Memories - a.z.
1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 17
1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 13

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