Ford Beebe

  • nar. 26.11.1888
    Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
  • zem. 26.11.1978 (89 let)
    Lake Elsinore, California, USA


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Režijní filmografie


2011 Green Hornet Movie Edition, The
1990 The Green Hornet (TV film)
1977 Buck Rogers
1975 Challenge to Be Free
1969 Joniko and the Kush Ta Ta
1966 Deadly Ray from Mars (TV film)
Destination Saturn (TV film)
Peril from the Planet Mongo (TV film)
Purple Death from Outer Space (TV film)
1956 Indian Raiders, The
1955 Lord of the Jungle
1954 Golden Idol, The
Killer Leopard
1953 Planet Outlaws
Safari Drums
1952 African Treasure
Bomba and the Jungle Girl
Wagons West
1951 Elephant Stampede
Lion Hunters, The
1950 Bomba and the Hidden City
The Lost Volcano
1949 Bomba on Panther Island
Bomba, the Jungle Boy
Phantom Creeps, The (TV film)
Red Desert
Satan's Cradle
Squadron of Doom (TV film)
The Dalton Gang
1948 Courtin' Trouble
Shep Comes Home
1947 Six-Gun Serenade
1946 My Dog Shep
1945 Easy to Look at
1944 Enter Arsene Lupin
The Invisible Man's Revenge
1943 Frontier Badmen
1942 Don Winslow of the Navy
Night Monster
Overland Mail
1941 Riders of Death Valley
Sea Raiders
Sky Raiders
The Masked Rider
1940 Fantazie
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
Junior G-Men
Son of Roaring Dan
The Green Hornet
The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
Winners of the West
1939 Buck Rogers
Oklahoma Frontier
The Oregon Trail
The Phantom Creeps
1938 Flash Gordon - The Deadly Ray from Mars
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
Mars Attacks the World
Red Barry
1937 Jungle Jim
Radio Patrol
Secret Agent X-9
Squadron of Doom (TV film)
Tim Tyler's Luck
Trouble at Midnight
West Bound Limited
Wild West Days
1936 Ace Drummond
Flash Gordon
1935 Law Beyond the Range
The Adventures of Rex and Rinty
The Man from Guntown
1933 Laughing at Life
1932 Pride of the Legion
The Last of the Mohicans
The Shadow of the Eagle
1931 The Vanishing Legion
1926 Lost, Strayed or Stolen
1925 Smoked Out
1923 Warned in Advance
1921 The White Horseman

TV seriály

1955 The Adventures of Champion (TV seriál)

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Scenáristická filmografie


1959 King of the Wild Stallions
1955 Lord of the Jungle
1954 Golden Idol, The
Killer Leopard
1953 Safari Drums
1952 African Treasure
Bomba and the Jungle Girl - původní scénář
1951 Elephant Stampede - původní scénář
Lion Hunters, The
1950 The Girl from San Lorenzo
1949 Bomba on Panther Island
Red Desert
The Dalton Gang
1948 Shep Comes Home - původní scénář
1946 My Dog Shep - původní scénář
1940 Riders of Pasco Basin - původní scénář
1939 Oklahoma Frontier
1937 Trouble at Midnight
1936 Code of the Range - původní scénář
The Mysterious Avenger - původní scénář
1935 Fighting Shadows
Gallant Defender
Justice of the Range
Law Beyond the Range
Riding Wild
The Man from Guntown
The Outlaw Deputy
The Revenge Rider
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
1934 Prescott Kid
1932 Pride of the Legion
The Last of the Mohicans
1931 The Galloping Ghost
The Lightning Warrior
The Phantom of the West
The Vanishing Legion - původní scénář
1930 45 Calibre War
1929 Overland Bound
1928 Apache Raider, The
Boss of Rustler's Roost, The
Bronc Stomper, The
The Black Ace
The Wagon Show
Yellow Contraband
1927 Border Blackbirds
Devil's Twin, The
Don Desperado
The Long Loop on the Pecos
1926 High Hand, The
The Outlaw Express
Without Orders
1925 Across the Deadline
Flash o' Lightning
Luck and Sand
Shield of Silence, The
Trouble Buster, The
1924 Headin' Through
Not Built for Runnin'
Perfect Alibi, The
Riding Double
The Law Forbids
1922 Too Much Business
1921 The White Horseman
Winners of the West

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1939 The Stranger from Texas - povídka

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