Dot Farley

  • nar. 6.2.1881
    Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • zem. 2.5.1971 (90 let)
    South Pasadena, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1948 Home Canning
1946 Social Terrors
1938 Slander House
The Road to Reno
1937 A Rented Riot
Veřejný ženich
1936 Dummy Ache
High Beer Pressure
Ring Around the Moon
Will Power
1935 Edgar Hamlet
Happy Tho' Married
In Love at 40
Sock Me to Sleep
South Seasickness
Tramp Tramp Tramp
1934 A Blasted Event
Love Past Thirty
Poisoned Ivory
1932 While Paris Sleeps
1931 One Yard to Go
The Dog Doctor
1930 Should a Girl Marry?
The Third Alarm
1929 Divorce Made Easy
The Bees' Buzz
Uncle Tom
Whirls and Girls
1928 Celebrity
His Unlucky Night
Hubby's Weekend Trip
Lady Be Good
Run, Girl, Run
The Bargain Hunt
The Bicycle Flirt
The Code of the Scarlet
1927 The Climbers
Yours to Command
1926 The Grand Duchess and the Waiter
The Little Irish Girl
The Still Alarm
Young April
1925 My Son
The Red Kimona
1924 Listen Lester
Picking Peaches
So Big
The Enemy Sex
The Fatal Mistake
1923 Kdo je vinen?
Rob 'em Good
1922 The Crossroads of New York
1916 Inherited Passions
1914 A Fight for a Million
A Mountain Goat
A Sage Brush Leading Lady
A Web of Fate
Even Unto Death
False Pride Has a Fall
Finished at Sea
Her Bandit Sweetheart
His Neighbor's Pants
How Johanna Saved the Home
Rescued by a Ranch Girl
Rural Romeos
Shot in the Fracas
Soul Mates
The Big Stick
The Chaser
The Daughter of the Tribe
The First Law of Nature
The Lust of the Red Man
The Price of Crime
The Toll of the War-Path
The Trail of the Law
The Unwritten Justice
Too Many Wives
1913 A Deaf Burglar
A Dollar Did It
A Fishy Affair
A Hasty Jilting
A Life in the Balance
A Strong Revenge
A Wife Wanted
Algy on the Force
Bangville Police
Cohen Saves the Flag
Curing the Doctor
Dorothea and Chief Razamataz
Fatty Joins the Force
Flirty Florence
Hide and Seek
His Chum the Baron
Hubby's Job
Love and Pain
Masquerading in Bear Canyon
Miss Fairweather Out West
Murphy's I.O.U.
On His Wedding Day
Sailing Under False Colors
Some Nerve
The Frontier Twins Start Something
The Frontier Twins' Heroism
The Gusher
The Juvenile Kidnappers
The Man Next Door
The Power of Civilization
The Rural Third Degree
The Shop Girl's Big Day
The Two Widows
The Village Pest
Those Good Old Days
Twixt Love and Fire
1912 A Gypsy's Love
A Petticoat Ranch Boss
At the Basket Picnic
Getting Square
How He Won Her
Peril of the Plains
Raiders of the Mexican Border
The Plucky Ranch Girl
The Wordless Message
White Fawn
1911 A Pittsburgh Millionaire
Bud Nevins, Bad Man
Crazy Gulch
Do You Know This Woman?
Hypnotizing a Hypnotist
Mrs. Gay Life's Visitors
Reddy's Redemption
The Genius
The Harem Skirt
The Ranchman's Vengeance
1910 A Troublesome Parcel
Her Husband's Deception
Romantic Redskins
Starlight's Devotion
The Rummage Sale

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