Jack Cooper

  • nar. 25.1.1890
    Stockport, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 12.1.1970 (79 let)
    Chicago, Illinois, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1942 Rodeo Rhythm
Three Smart Saps
1939 Hollywood Cavalcade
Mooching Through Georgia
Pan Smith přichází
1937 Goofs and Saddles
1936 An All American Toothache
General Spanky
Our Relations
1935 Just Another Murder
1933 The Fatal Glass of Beer
The Pharmacist
1931 The Fainting Lover
1930 Midnight Daddies
1929 Caught in a Taxi
Girl Crazy
Jazz Mamas
Taxi Dolls
Taxi Spooks
The Bees' Buzz
The New Aunt
The Rodeo
Three Live Ghosts
Uncle Tom
1928 A Taxi Scandal
Campus Vamp, The
Daze of '49
Taxi Beauties
Taxi for Two
The Girl from Nowhere
The Swim Princess
1927 Crazy to Act
Figures Don't Lie
Fresh and a Devil
His Ticklish Predicament
Love's Languid Lure
Wolf's Clothing
1926 A Yankee Doodle Duke
Danger Ahead
The Carnival Girl
1925 Dangerous Curves Behind
Love and Kisses
The Raspberry Romance
Wild Goose Chaser, The
1924 Are Blonde Men Bashful?
His New Mamma
One Spooky Night
Picking Peaches
Scarem Much
Smile Please
The Half-Back of Notre Dame
The Hollywood Kid
1923 A Howling Success
Carmen, Jr.
Down to the Sea in Shoes
Fare Enough
Flip Flops
High Kickers
Pleasure Before Business
Rough and Ready
Round Figures
1922 Gymnasium Jim
The Crossroads of New York
The Duck Hunter
When Summer Comes
1921 Skirts
1920 Hungry Lions and Tender Hearts
The Heart Snatcher
1919 Dabbling in Society
Footlight Maids
Money Talks
Oh, What a Knight
Roaming Bathtub, The
Schoolhouse Scandal, A
The Merry Jailbirds
The Yellow Dog Catcher
1918 Beware of Boarders
Her Screen Idol
His Hidden Purpose
His Smothered Love
Love Loops the Loop
Roaring Lions on the Midnight Express
Saucy Madeline
The Battle Royal
The Kitchen Lady
Those Athletic Girls
Two Tough Tenderfeet
1917 A Janitor's Vengeance
A Prairie Heiress
Are Waitresses Safe?
Dangers of a Bride
International Sneak, An
Taming Target Center
The Pullman Bride
1916 Her First Beau

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