James Young

  • nar. 1.1.1872
    Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • zem. 9.6.1948 (76 let)
    New York City, New York, USA


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Režijní filmografie


1928 Midnight Rose
1927 Driven From Home
1926 The Bells
1925 The Unchastened Woman
1924 Welcome Stranger
1923 Trilby
Wandering Daughters
1922 Omar the Tentmaker
The Infidel
The Masquerader
1921 The Devil
Without Benefit of Clergy
1920 Daughter of Two Worlds, A
Notorious Miss Lisle
1919 A Gentleman of Quality
A Rogue's Romance
Hornet's Nest
Regular Girl, A
The Highest Trump
The Usurper
The Wolf
1918 Her Country First
Rajská růže
The Man Who Wouldn't Tell
The Temple of Dusk
Zákon bílého muže
1917 On Trial
1916 Lash, The
Marriage a la Carte
Oliver Twist
Sweet Kitty Bellairs
The Thousand-Dollar Husband
1915 Heart of the Blue Ridge, The
Hearts in Exile
Marrying Money
Over Night
The Deep Purple
The Little Miss Brown
1914 Cherry
David Garrick
Goodness Gracious
My Official Wife
Taken by Storm
The Violin of M'sieur
1913 And His Wife Came Back
Beau Brummel
Beauty Unadorned
Casey at the Bat
Cutey and the Chorus Girls
Cutey and the Twins
Delayed Proposals
Heartbroken Shep
It Made Him Mad
Jerry's Mother-in-Law
Love Hath Wrought a Miracle
Old Guard, The
Put Yourself in Their Place
The Interrupted Honeymoon
The Little Minister
The Widow's Might
Up in a Balloon
When Mary Grew Up
When Women Go on the Warpath; or, Why Jonesville Went Dry
1912 A Lively Affair
A Marriage of Convenience
A Vitagraph Romance
As You Like It
Eavesdropper, The
Half a Hero
In the Flat Above
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Mistake in Spelling, A
Model for St. John, The
Popular Betty
The Picture Idol
Wanted, a Sister
When Roses Wither

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