Basil Emmott

  • nar. 5.7.1894
    Kennington, London, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 23.1.1976 (81 let)
    Eastbourne, East Sussex, Anglie, Velká Británie


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Kameramanská filmografie


1965 Be My Guest
Curse of the Fly
The Return of Mr. Moto
Tomorrow at Ten
1964 Walk a Tightrope
1963 Break, The
Live It Up!
1962 Strongroom
The Painted Smile
1961 Pit of Darkness
Rag Doll
The Breaking Point
Touch of Death
Wind of Change, The
1960 The Enemy General
1958 Battle of the V-1
I Was Monty's Double
1957 The Long Haul
Town on Trial
1956 Home and Away
Johnny You're Wanted
Soho Incident
Wicked as They Come
1955 Cross Channel
Green Buddha, The
Joe MacBeth
Secret Venture
Track the Man Down
Where There's a Will
1954 Companions in Crime
1953 Tell-Tale Heart, The
1949 Paper Orchid
1948 Brass Monkey
1947 Master of Bankdam
1945 The Man from Morocco
1944 Bell-Bottom George
Stalo se jedné neděle
Výlet do XVI. století
1943 It's That Man Again
Miss London Ltd.
Peterville Diamond, The
1942 Flying Fortress
The Seventh Survivor
This Was Paris
1941 Atlantic Ferry
The Prime Minister
1940 Confidential Lady
Dr. O'Dowd
George and Margaret
Good Old Days, The
His Brother's Keeper
Hoots Mon!
Murder Will Out
That's the Ticket
The Briggs Family
The Midas Touch
Two for Danger
1939 A Gentleman's Gentleman
The Nursemaid Who Disappeared
Too Dangerous to Live
1938 Dangerous Medicine
Double or Quits
Everything Happens to Me
Glamour Girl
It's In the Blood
Quiet Please
Thank Evans
The Return of Carol Deane
They Drive by Night
Viper, The
1937 Change for a Sovereign
Compulsory Wife, The
It's Not Cricket
Mayfair Melody
Patricia Gets Her Man
Ship's Concert
Side Street Angel
Take It from Me
The Man Who Made Diamonds
The Perfect Crime
The Vulture
You Live and Learn
1936 Brown Wallet, The
Crown Vs. Stevens
Educated Evans
Fair Exchange
Gaol Break
Hail and Farewell
Irish for Luck
It's In the Bag
Twelve Good Men
Where's Sally?
1935 Crime Unlimited
Full Circle
Get Off My Foot
Hello, Sweetheart
Man of the Moment
Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk
Mr. What's-His-Name?
Murder at Monte Carlo
So You Won't Talk
The Black Mask
The Girl in the Crowd
Widow's Might
1934 A Glimpse of Paradise
Big Business
Blue Squadron, The
Father and Son
Girl in Possession, The
Guest of Honour
Leave It to Blanche
Life of the Party, The
Murder at the Inn
Nine Forty-Five
No Escape
Office Wife, The
Silver Spoon, The
Something Always Happens
The Church Mouse
Too Many Millions
Trouble in Store
What Happened to Harkness?
What's in a Name?
1933 Acting Business, The
Bermondsey Kid, The
Call Me Mame
Enemy of the Police
Going Straight
Head of the Family
Her Imaginary Lover
High Finance
I Adore You
Little Fella
Mayfair Girl
Melody-Maker, The
Mr. Quincey of Monte Carlo
Naughty Cinderella
Out of the Past
Strictly in Confidence
The Stolen Necklace
Thirteenth Candle, The
Too Many Wives
1932 Blind Spot
Don't Be a Dummy
Flat No. 9
Frail Women
Her Night Out
In a Monastery Garden
Lucky Ladies
Missing Rembrandt, The
Murder on the Second Floor
The Lodger
The Silver Greyhound
When London Sleeps
1931 Chin Chin Chinaman
Peace and Quiet
The Rosary
We Dine at Seven
1930 Co-Optimists, The
Great Game, The
Mystère de la villa rose, Le
Spanish Eyes
1929 Feather, The
To What Red Hell
1928 Sailors Don't Care
1927 Flight Commander, The
1924 Colleen Bawn, The
The Eleventh Commandment
1922 Prince of Lovers, A


1929 Rybáři

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