Jane Novak

  • nar. 12.1.1896
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • zem. 13.2.1990 (94 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1954 About Mrs. Leslie
1953 Scared Stiff
1950 Paid in Full
The File on Thelma Jordon
The Furies
1947 Desert Fury
1946 13. revír
1943 Man of Courage
1942 Gallant Lady
Holiday Inn
The Yanks Are Coming
1940 Zahraniční dopisovatel
1936 Ghost Town
Hollywood Boulevard
1929 Redskin
1928 Free Lips
1927 Closed Gates
One Increasing Purpose
What Price Love?
1926 Lost at Sea
Whispering Canyon
1925 Die Prinzessin und der Geiger
Share and Share Alike
The Danger Signal
The Lure of the Wild
The Substitute Wife
1924 The Lullaby
The Man Without a Heart
The Prude's Fall
Two Shall Be Born
1923 Divorce
Jealous Husbands
The Man Life Passed By
1922 Belle of Alaska
Colleen of the Pines
The Rosary
The Snowshoe Trail
The Soul of a Woman
1921 Kazan
Roads of Destiny
The Barbarian
The Other Woman
Three Word Brand
1920 Isobel or The Trail's End
The Golden Trail
The Great Accident
The River's End
1919 His Debt
Man's Desire
The Fire Flingers
The Money Corral
The Wolf
Treat 'Em Rough
Wagon Tracks
Za dveřmi
1918 A Nine O'Clock Town
Selfish Yates
String Beans
The Claws of the Hun
The Temple of Dusk
The Tiger Man
1917 The Eyes of the World
The Innocent Sinner
The Spirit of '76
1916 America Saved from War
Grinding Life Down
Old King Coal
Queen of the Prophets
The Final Conquest
The Harbor Transportation Trust
The Hidden City of Crime
The Illegal Bucket Shops
The Insurance Swindlers
The Iron Hand
The Iron Ring
The Milk Battle
The Patent Medicine Danger
The Photo Badger Game
The Pirates of Finance
The Powder Trust and the War
The Power of the People
The Railroad Monopoly
The Target
1915 A Little Brother of the Rich
From Italy's Shores
Her Gethsemane
Her Mysterious Escort
Hunting a Husband
Just Nuts
Liquor and the Law
Tainted Money
The Greater Courage
The Hungry Actors
The Kiss of Dishonor
The Other Man's Wife
The Scarlet Sin
The Tenement House Evil
The Traction Grab
The White Scar
The Worthier Man
Willie Runs the Park
1914 A Little Madonna
An Innocent Delilah
Ann, the Blacksmith
Detective and Matchmaker
Ginger's Reign
Hunger Knows No Law
Johanna, the Barbarian
Mareea the Half-Breed
Mareea, the Foster Mother
Maria's Sacrifice
Out in Happy Hollow
The Ghosts
The Kiss
The Return of Jack Bellew
When the Gods Forgive
1913 Anne of the Trails
Any Port in a Storm
At the Sign of the Lost Angel


1985 American Masters (TV seriál)

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