Dan Mason

  • nar. 9.2.1857
    Syracuse, New York, USA
  • zem. 6.7.1929 (72 let)
    Baersville, New York, USA


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1929 Bellamy Trial
1928 Hop Off
Lilac Time
The Awakening
1927 A Hero on Horseback
Out All Night
The Chinese Parrot
The Price of Honor
The Valley of the Giants
1926 A Desperate Moment
Forbidden Waters
Hard Boiled
Hearts and Fists
Rainbow Riley
Stepping Along
The Fire Brigade
1925 American Pluck
Přehlídka smrti
Seven Sinners
The Wall Street Whiz
Thunder Mountain
Wages for Wives
1924 A Self-Made Failure
Conductor 1492
Darwin Was Right
Idle Tongues
The Plunderer
1923 Pop Tuttle's Long Shot
Pop Tuttle's Lost Control
Pop Tuttle's Lost Nerve
Pop Tuttle's Pole Cat Plot
Pop Tuttle's Russian Rumors
Pop Tuttle's Tac Tics
1922 Iron to Gold
Is Matrimony a Failure?
Pop Tuttle's Clever Catch
Pop Tuttle's Grass Widow
Pop Tuttle's Movie Queen
Pop Tuttle, Deteckative
The Fire Chief
The Skipper's Policy
The Skipper's Sermon
Toonerville Blues
Toonerville Topics
Toonerville Trials
1921 Skinning Skinners
Skipper's Flirtation
The Skipper Has His Fling
The Skipper Strikes It Rich
The Skipper's Last Resort
The Skipper's Narrow Escape
The Skipper's Treasure Garden
The Skipper's Treasure Scheme
Toonerville Follies
Toonerville Tactics
Toonerville Tangle
Toonerville's 'Boozem' Friends
Toonerville's Fire Brigade
Why Girls Leave Home
1920 The Toonerville Trolley
1919 The Lure of Ambition
1918 All Woman
Brave and Bold
Jack Spurlock, Prodigal
Laughing Bill Hyde
Marriages Are Made
On the Quiet
The Yellow Ticket
1917 Every Girl's Dream
Over the Hill
The Broadway Sport
The Derelict
The Scarlet Letter
The Slave
Thou Shalt Not Steal
Unknown 274
Wife Number Two
1915 A Thorn Among Roses
A Weighty Matter for a Detective
Can Love Grown Cold Be Revived?
Can a Man Fool His Wife?
Joey and His Trombone
That Heavenly Cook
The Terrible Trunk
Where Can I Get a Wife?
1914 A Change of Business
A Double Elopement
A Millinery Mix-Up
A Night Out
A Tango Spree
A Village Scandal
A Week-End at Happyhurst
An Up-to-Date Courtship
Deacon Billington's Downfall
Dinkelspiel's Baby
Faint Heart Ne'er Won Fair Lady
George Washington Jones
His Wife's Burglar
Jenks and the Janitor
Love's Young Dream
Mr. Sniffkins' Widow
Seraphina's Love Affair
The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies
The Colonel of the Red Hussars
The Janitor's Flirtation
The Mysterious Package
The Tango in Tuckerville
The Witness to the Will
Twins and Trouble
1913 A Pair of Foils
A Short Life and a Merry One
All on Account of a Portrait
As the Tooth Came Out
Enoch and Ezra's First Smoke
His First Performance
How Did It Finish?
Mary's New Hat
Porgy's Bouquet
Professor William Nutt
The Awakening of a Man
The Comedian's Downfall
The Drop of Blood
The Horrible Example
The Janitor's Quiet Life
The Office Boy's Birthday
The Signal
The Thrifty Janitor
Why Girls Leave Home

TV seriály

2000 Právo a pořádek (TV seriál)
Panic (S10E13)

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