Kathleen Harrison

  • nar. 23.2.1892
    Blackburn, Lancashire, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 7.12.1995 (103 let)
    Merton, Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie


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Herecká filmografie


1979 Operace Omega
1969 Lock Up Your Daughters!
1964 Alive and Kicking
1963 West 11
1962 Fast Lady, The
Mrs. Gibbons' Boys
1961 On the Fiddle
1958 A Cry from the Streets
Velké peníze
1957 Seven Thunders
1956 Home and Away
It's a Wonderful World
1955 All for Mary
Cast a Dark Shadow
Where There's a Will
1954 Lilacs in the Spring
1953 The Dog and the Diamonds
Turn the Key Softly
1952 Happy Family, The
Klub Pickwickovců
1951 Kouzelná skříňka
1950 Double Confession
1949 Golden Arrow
Huggetts Abroad, The
Now Barabbas
Vote for Huggett
1948 Bond Street
Here Come the Huggetts
Oliver Twist
The Winslow Boy
1947 Jak se lidé žení
Temptation Harbour
The Shop at Sly Corner
1946 Vyzvědači
Wanted for Murder
1945 Great Day
Meet Sexton Blake
1944 Stalo se jedné neděle
1943 Dear Octopus
The New Lot
1942 Moře, náš osud
Much Too Shy
1941 I Thank You
Major Barbara
Once a Crook
The Ghost Train
1940 A Call for Arms!
Girl in the News
The Flying Squad
They Came by Night
Tilly of Bloomsbury
1939 A Girl Must Live
Home from Home
Home from Home
I Killed the Count
The Outsider
1938 Almost a Gentleman
Bank Holiday
Convict 99
I've Got a Horse
The Terror
1937 Aren't Men Beasts!
Night Must Fall
1936 Broken Blossoms
Everybody Dance
Tenth Man, The
1935 Dandy Dick
Line Engaged
1934 The Great Defender
What Happened Then?
1933 The Ghoul
The Man from Toronto
1931 Hobson's Choice
1915 Our Boys

TV seriály

1976 Our Mutual Friend (TV seriál)
1966 Mrs Thursday (TV seriál)


1962 The Concrete Vision (TV film)

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