Marguerite Clayton

  • nar. 12.4.1891
    Ogden, Utah, USA
  • zem. 20.12.1968 (77 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1928 Inspiration
1927 Twin Flappers
1926 Sky High Corral
The Palm Beach Girl
The Power of the Weak
1925 Barriers of the Law
Straight Through
The Bandit Tamer
Wolf Blood
1924 Flashing Spurs
Idle Tongues
The Circus Cowboy
The Dawn of a Tomorrow
The Street of Tears
Tiger Thompson
1923 Canyon of the Fools
Desert Driven
Men in the Raw
What Love Will Do
1922 Go Get 'Em Hutch
The Curse of Drink
1921 Dangerous Toys
Forbidden Love
The Inside of the Cup
1920 Bride 13
The Pleasure Seekers
1919 Bullin' the Bullsheviki
The New Moon
1918 Hit-the-Trail Holliday
Inside the Lines
The Man of Bronze
1917 Ashes on the Hearthstone
Desertion and Non-Support
Meddling with Marriage
Pass the Hash, Ann
Shifting Shadows
Star Dust
The Clock Struck One
The Dream Doll
The Extravagant Bride
The Fable of All That Triangle Stuff As Sized Up by the Meal Ticket
The Long Green Trail
The Magic Mirror
The Night Workers
The Pallid Dawn
The Pulse of Madness
The Rainbow Box
The Sinful Marriage
The Vanishing Woman
The Wide, Wrong Way
The Wifeless Husband
Two-Bit Seats
When the Man Speaks
1916 A Million for a Baby
According to the Code
An Old-Fashioned Girl
Beyond the Law
Borrowed Sunshine
Dancing with Folly
I Will Repay
Lost, Twenty-Four Hours
Not in the News
Putting It Over
The Burning Band
The Egg
The Heart of Virginia Keep
The House of Revelation
The Intruder
The Prince of Graustark
The Promise Land
Twin Fates
Vultures of Society
When Justice Won
Wife in Sunshine
Worth While
1915 A Christmas Revenge
A Daughter of the City
An Unexpected Romance
Andy of the Royal Mounted
Broncho Billy Begins Life Anew
Broncho Billy Evens Matters
Broncho Billy Misled
Broncho Billy Steps In
Broncho Billy Well Repaid
Broncho Billy and the Claim Jumpers
Broncho Billy and the Escaped Bandit
Broncho Billy and the Land Grabber
Broncho Billy and the Lumber King
Broncho Billy and the Sisters
Broncho Billy's Cowardly Brother
Broncho Billy's Greaser Deputy
Broncho Billy's Marriage
Broncho Billy's Protégé
Broncho Billy's Surrender
Broncho Billy's Teachings
Broncho Billy's Word of Honor
Broncho Billy, Sheepman
Her Realization
Her Return
His Regeneration
His Wife's Secret
Ingomar of the Hills
It Happened in Snakeville
Suppressed Evidence
The Bachelor's Baby
The Bachelor's Burglar
The Birthmark
The Black Heart
The Convict's Threat
The Face at the Curtain
The Little Prospector
The Other Girl
The Tie That Binds
The Wealth of the Poor
When Love and Honor Called
1914 A Snakeville Romance
Broncho Billy -- Favorite
Broncho Billy -- Gun-Man
Broncho Billy Butts In
Broncho Billy Guardian
Broncho Billy Puts One Over
Broncho Billy Trapped
Broncho Billy Wins Out
Broncho Billy and the Bad Man
Broncho Billy and the Gambler
Broncho Billy and the Greaser
Broncho Billy and the Mine Shark
Broncho Billy and the Rattler
Broncho Billy and the Settler's Daughter
Broncho Billy and the Sheriff
Broncho Billy's Close Call
Broncho Billy's Cunning
Broncho Billy's Decision
Broncho Billy's Duty
Broncho Billy's Fatal Joke
Broncho Billy's Indian Romance
Broncho Billy's Jealousy
Broncho Billy's Leap
Broncho Billy's Mission
Broncho Billy's Scheme
Broncho Billy's True Love
Broncho Billy's Wild Ride
Broncho Billy, Outlaw
Broncho Billy, a Friend in Need
Red Riding Hood of the Hills
Snakeville's New Doctor
The Calling of Jim Barton
The Hills of Peace
The Interference of Broncho Billy
The Squatter's Gal
The Strategy of Broncho Billy's Sweetheart
The Tell-Tale Hand
The Treachery of Broncho Billy's Pal
The Warning
1913 A Borrowed Identity
Bonnie of the Hills
Broncho Billy Gets Square
Broncho Billy Reforms
Broncho Billy's Christmas Deed
Broncho Billy's Conscience
Broncho Billy's Elopement
Broncho Billy's First Arrest
Broncho Billy's Oath
Broncho Billy's Secret
Broncho Billy's Squareness
Greed for Gold
Hard Luck Bill
Love and the Law
The Belle of Siskiyou
The Call of the Plains
The Cowboy Samaritan
The Doctor's Duty
The Last Laugh
The Madcap
The Redeemed Claim
The Rustler's Step-Daughter
The Struggle
The Three Gamblers
Why Broncho Billy Left Bear Country


1933 The Film Parade - a.z.

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