Carl Stockdale

  • nar. 19.2.1874
    Worthington, Minnesota, USA
  • zem. 15.3.1953 (79 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1943 I katové umírají!
1942 Mr. and Mrs. North
Ten Gentlemen from West Point
Tennessee Johnson
The Daring Young Man
The Falcon's Brother
The Man Who Returned to Life
1941 Along the Rio Grande
Babes on Broadway
Bandit Trail, The
Dangerous Lady
Golden Hoofs
Honky Tonk
Miss Polly
Scattergood Baines
Scattergood Meets Broadway
Scattergood Pulls the Strings
The Devil and Daniel Webster
The Return of Daniel Boone
Unexpected Uncle
1940 Bullet Code
Hi-Yo Silver - a.z.
Know Your Money
Konga, the Wild Stallion
Pioneers of the Frontier
Prairie Law
Soak the Old
Stage to Chino
Street of Memories
Texas Stagecoach
The Captain Is a Lady
Thundering Frontier
Wagon Train
1939 20,000 Men a Year
Boy Slaves
Frontier Pony Express
King of the Underworld
Lucky Night
Overland with Kit Carson
Pan Smith přichází
The Lady's from Kentucky
The Marshal of Mesa City
The Story That Couldn't Be Printed
Trouble in Sundown
1938 Blockade
Cipher Bureau
Hawaiian Buckaroo
Lawless Valley
Marie Antoinetta
Rhythm of the Saddle
The Lone Ranger
The Mysterious Rider
The Spy Ring
1937 Battle of Greed
Behind the Criminal
Courage of the West
Hot Water
Law Commands, The
Law for Tombstone
Mountain Justice
My Dear Miss Aldrich
Nation Aflame
Paradise Express
Soak the Poor
That I May Live
The Girl Said No
The Mysterious Pilot
The Singing Outlaw
Trouble at Midnight
Western Gold
Youth on Parole
Ztracený obzor
1936 Byl jsem lynčován
End of the Trail
Laughing at Trouble
Oh, Susanna!
Ring Around the Moon
San Francisco
The Gorgeous Hussy
The Leavenworth Case
Vzpoura Zombií
1935 Baby Face Harrington
Circumstantial Evidence
Condemned to Live
Dr. Socrates
Hit and Run Driver
I Live My Life
Let 'em Have It
Mad Love
Mary Jane's Pa
Symphony of Living
The County Chairman
The Crimson Trail
The Ivory-Handled Gun
The Throwback
Thunder Mountain
Woman Wanted
Your Uncle Dudley
1934 365 Nights in Hollywood
Charlie Chan's Courage
Laughing Boy
Monte Carlo Nights
Rocky Rhodes
Stand Up and Cheer!
Student Tour
The Ballad of Paducah Jail
The Band Plays On
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head
1933 Penthouse
Stage Mother
The Chief
The Vampire Bat
Thrill Hunter, The
Turn Back the Clock
1932 A Woman Commands
Get That Girl
Payment Deferred
The Crusader
The Phantom Express
1931 A Free Soul
Five and Ten
Once a Sinner
The Ruling Voice
1930 A Lady's Morals
Abraham Lincoln
All Teed Up
Billy the Kid
Furies, The
Hell's Island
Whispering Whoopee
1929 China Bound
Přehlídka lásky
The Carnation Kid
When Caesar Ran a Newspaper
1928 Air Mail Pilot
Bride of the Colorado, The
Broken Barriers
My Home Town
The Black Pearl
1927 Colleen
Král králů
See You In Jail
Somewhere in Sonora
The Notorious Lady
1926 Bardelys the Magnificent
Man Upstairs, The
The Devil's Partner
While London Sleeps
1925 A Regular Fellow
A Son of His Father
Desert's Price, The
The Business of Love
The Red Rider
Trail Rider, The
1924 Cafe in Cairo, A
Gold Heels
Tainted Money
The Beautiful Sinner
The Whispered Name
Try and Get It
1923 Man's Size
Miláček New Yorku
The Extra Girl
The Grail
The Tiger's Claw
1922 Bing Bang Boom
Oliver Twist
Red Hot Romance
The Call of Home
The Half Breed
Thorns and Orange Blossoms
Where's My Wandering Boy Tonight?
Wild Honey
1921 Double Adventure
Molly O'
One a Minute
Society Secrets
1920 $30,000
Daredevil Jack
The Coast of Opportunity
1919 Brass Buttons
For a Woman's Honor
Pagan God, The
Pointing Finger, The
The Amazing Impostor
The Fall of Babylon - a.z.
The Hawk's Trail
The Intrusion of Isabel
The Sundown Trail
The Unpainted Woman
When a Man Rides Alone
Where the West Begins
1918 Hearts or Diamonds?
Hobbs in a Hurry
In Bad
Kidder and Ko
Rosemary Climbs the Heights
The Bells
The Eyes of Julia Deep
The Lady of the Dugout
The Midnight Trail
Up Romance Road
1917 A Daughter of the Poor
Land of Long Shadows, The
Lost and Won
Men of the Desert
Might and the Man
New York Luck
Open Places
Peggy Leads the Way
Range Boss, The
The Woman Under Cover
1916 A Child of the Paris Streets
Americano, The
Atta Boy's Last Race
Casey at the Bat
Children Pay, The
Hoodoo Ann
Oliver Twist
The Little Liar
1915 Broncho Billy's Sentence
Broncho Billy's Teachings
Chaplin bankovním sluhou
Chaplin boxerem
Chaplin se žení
Don Quixote
Fun at a Ball Game
My Best Girl
1914 Arm of Vengeance, The
Atonement, The
Broncho Billy -- Favorite
Broncho Billy -- Gun-Man
Broncho Billy Butts In
Broncho Billy Guardian
Broncho Billy Puts One Over
Broncho Billy Rewarded
Broncho Billy Trapped
Broncho Billy Wins Out
Broncho Billy and the Bad Man
Broncho Billy and the Gambler
Broncho Billy and the Greaser
Broncho Billy and the Mine Shark
Broncho Billy and the Rattler
Broncho Billy and the Sheriff
Broncho Billy's Cunning
Broncho Billy's Dad
Broncho Billy's Duty
Broncho Billy's Fatal Joke
Broncho Billy's Indian Romance
Broncho Billy's Jealousy
Broncho Billy's Leap
Broncho Billy's Mother
Broncho Billy's Sermon
Broncho Billy's Wild Ride
Broncho Billy, Outlaw
Broncho Billy, a Friend in Need
Chaplin opatrovníkem nemocných
Gambler's Way, A
Italian Love
Red Riding Hood of the Hills
Single Handed
Slippery Slim and His Tombstone
Snakeville's Home Guard
Sophie Finds a Hero
Sophie Picks a Dead One
Sophie's Birthday Party
The Calling of Jim Barton
The Hills of Peace
The Interference of Broncho Billy
The Redemption of Broncho Billy
The Squatter's Gal
The Strategy of Broncho Billy's Sweetheart
The Treachery of Broncho Billy's Pal
The Warning
Through Trackless Sands
1913 Broncho Billy Gets Square
Broncho Billy Reforms
Broncho Billy's Conscience
Broncho Billy's Last Deed
Days of the Pony Express
Episode at Cloudy Canyon, The
Hard Luck Bill
Kid Sheriff, The
Love and the Law
Romance of the Hills, A
The Doctor's Duty
The Rustler's Step-Daughter
The Struggle
Trail of the Snake Band, The

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