Grace Hayle

  • nar. 24.7.1888
    Newark, New Jersey, USA
  • zem. 20.3.1963 (74 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1957 Loving You
1956 Never Say Goodbye
Silnější než život
1955 Foxfire
Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki
1954 Athena
Dangerous Mission
1953 Houdini
Money from Home
The Caddy
1952 Flesh and Fury
Klepáním se neobtěžuj
The Turning Point
Washington Story
1951 Too Young to Kiss
1944 Beautiful But Broke
Cowboy and the Senorita
Dívka z titulní strany
Mrs. Parkington
Murder in the Blue Room
1943 All by Myself
Footlight Glamour
Hi'ya, Sailor
Let's Face It
She's for Me
Slightly Dangerous
True to Life
1942 A Night to Remember
Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen
Henry Aldrich, Editor
I Married an Angel
Just Off Broadway
Madame Spy
My Favorite Blonde
Private Buckaroo
Ship Ahoy
1941 Birth of the Blues
Bludný kruh
Buy Me That Town
For Beauty's Sake
Honeymoon for Three
Marry the Boss's Daughter
New York Town
The Night of January 16th
The Wagons Roll at Night
Unfinished Business
West Point Widow
You're the One
Žena dvou tváří
1940 'Til We Meet Again
A Night at Earl Carroll's
Dr. Christian Meets the Women
Girl in 313
High School
I Take This Woman
Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me
Primrose Path
Remedy for Riches
Road to Singapore
Spring Parade
The Farmer's Daughter
The Ghost Breakers
Third Finger, Left Hand
Wildcat Bus
1939 Arrest Bulldog Drummond
Boy Trouble
Charlie McCarthy, Detective
Coast Guard
Death of a Champion
Espionage Agent
First Love
Mr. Moto in Danger Island
Our Neighbors - The Carters
Pacific Liner
Risky Business
The Forgotten Woman
The Honeymoon's Over
The Star Maker
The Women
Undercover Doctor
Yes, My Darling Daughter
1938 Battle of Broadway
Change of Heart
Five of a Kind
Keep Smiling
Letter of Introduction
Men Are Such Fools
Next Time I Marry
Secrets of an Actress
Straight, Place and Show
Tajemství ordinace
The Shining Hour
The Shopworn Angel
Three Loves Has Nancy
Vzdušné zámky
Žena v zrcadle
1937 Bars and Stripes
Byl lásky čas
Internes Can't Take Money
It Could Happen to You!
Meet the Missus
Music for Madame
Přátelé z onoho světa
The Hit Parade
The Singing Marine
Wise Girl
Zrodila se hvězda
1936 A Son Comes Home
Dancing Feet
Divoká Theodora
Děvče z malého města
Echo Mountain
Fifteen Maiden Lane
The First Baby
The Harvester
The Moon's Our Home
Ticket to Paradise
Velký Ziegfeld
Without Orders
1935 All the King's Horses
Bright Lights
Calm Yourself
Don't Bet on Blondes
Front Page Woman
Living on Velvet
Mary Burns, Fugitive
Mister Dynamite
Music Is Magic
Orchids to You
Party Wire
She Married Her Boss
The Casino Murder Case
The Whole Town's Talking
1934 6 Day Bike Rider
Laughing Boy
Music in the Air
Outcast Lady
Romance in the Rain
Sing and Like It
Straight Is the Way
The Caretaker's Daughter
The Party's Over
Twenty Million Sweethearts
Wonder Bar
Žena v poutech
1933 Baby Face
Bureau of Missing Persons
Goodbye Love
Hard to Handle
Lady Killer
Láska mezi umělci
Mary Stevens, M.D.
Professional Sweetheart
The Intruder
The Mind Reader
Zlatokopové z roku 1933
1932 Back Street
Evenings for Sale
The Death Kiss

TV seriály

1954 Meet Corliss Archer (TV seriál)
Studio 57 (TV seriál)
1953 General Electric Theater (TV seriál)
1952 Cavalcade of America (TV seriál)
The Abbott and Costello Show (TV seriál)
1950 Cameo Theatre (TV seriál)

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