Al St. John

  • nar. 10.9.1893
    Santa Ana, California, USA
  • zem. 21.1.1963 (69 let)
    Lyons, Georgia, USA


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Herecká filmografie


2014 The Mack Sennett Collection: Volume One - a.z.
1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch - a.z.
1952 Frontier Phantom, The
The Black Lash
1951 The Thundering Trail
The Vanishing Outpost
1950 King of the Bullwhip
The Daltons' Women
1949 Outlaw Country
Son of Billy the Kid
Son of a Badman
1948 Dead Man's Gold
Frontier Revenge
Mark of the Lash
1947 Border Feud
Cheyenne Takes Over
Ghost Town Renegades
Law of the Lash
Pioneer Justice
Return of the Lash
Stage to Mesa City
The Fighting Vigilantes
1946 Gentlemen with Guns
Ghost of Hidden Valley
My Dog Shep
Outlaw of the Plains
Overland Riders
Prairie Badmen
Terrors on Horseback
1945 Border Badmen
Fighting Bill Carson
Gangster's Den
His Brother's Ghost
Lightning Raiders
Prairie Rustlers
Rustler's Hideout
Shadows of Death
Stagecoach Outlaws
1944 Frontier Outlaws
Fuzzy Settles Down
I'm from Arkansas
Oath of Vengeance
The Drifter
Thundering Gun Slingers
Valley of Vengeance
Wild Horse Phantom
1943 Blazing Frontier
Cattle Stampede
Dead Men Walk
Death Rides the Plains
Devil Riders
Fugitive of the Plains
Law of the Saddle
My Son, the Hero
Raiders of Red Gap
The Kid Rides Again
The Renegade
Western Cyclone
Wild Horse Rustlers
Wolves of the Range
1942 Along the Sundown Trail
Arizona Terrors
Billy the Kid Trapped
Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns
Border Roundup
Jesse James, Jr.
Law and Order
Lone Rider and the Bandit, The
Lone Rider in Cheyenne, The
Outlaws of Boulder Pass
Overland Stagecoach
Prairie Pals
Sheriff of Sage Valley
Stagecoach Express
The Lone Rider in Texas Justice
The Mysterious Rider
Valley of the Sun
1941 Billy the Kid Wanted
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe
Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals
Billy the Kid's Range War
Billy the Kid's Round-Up
Lone Rider Fights Back, The
Lone Rider in Ghost Town, The
Missouri Outlaw, A
The Apache Kid
The Lone Rider Ambushed
The Lone Rider Crosses the Rio
The Lone Rider Rides On
The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury
1940 Billy the Kid Outlawed
Billy the Kid in Texas
Billy the Kid's Gun Justice
Friendly Neighbors
Li'l Abner
Marked Men
Murder on the Yukon
Spills for Thrills - a.z.
Texas Terrors
1939 Oklahoma Terror
Trigger Pals
1938 Exposed
Frontier Scout
Gunsmoke Trail
Hrdinové severu
Knight of the Plains
Prairie Papas
Songs and Bullets
Start Cheering
The Rangers' Round-Up
1937 Lawman Is Born, A
Love Nest on Wheels
Melody of the Plains
Moonlight on the Range
Saturday's Heroes
Sing, Cowboy, Sing
The Fighting Deputy
The Outcasts of Poker Flat
The Roaming Cowboy
1936 A Face in the Fog
Hopalong Cassidy Returns
Pinto Rustlers
The Millionaire Kid
Trail Dust
West of Nevada
1935 Bar 20 Rides Again
Midnight Phantom
She Gets Her Man
The Law Of The 45's
Trigger Tom
Wanderer of the Wasteland
1934 Public Stenographer
1933 Buzzin' Around
From Headquarters
His Private Secretary
Jezdci osudu
1932 Bridge Wives
Harem Scarem
Law of the North
Police Court
Riders of the Desert
The Door Knocker
1931 A Son of the Plains
Honeymoon Trio
Marriage Rows
Mlle. Irene the Great
That's My Meat
The Painted Desert
1930 Beyond the Law
Hell Harbor
The Land of Missing Men
The Oklahoma Cyclone
The Voice of Hollywood
Two Fresh Eggs
Western Knights
1929 Hot Times
She Goes to War
Smart Steppers
The Dance of Life
1928 Call Your Shots
Hello Cheyenne
Hot or Cold
Painted Post
Racing Mad
1927 Casey Jones
High Sea Blues
High Spots
Jungle Heat
Listen Lena
No Cheating
Roped In
The American Beauty
The Stunt Man
1926 A Punch in the Nose
Flaming Romance
Frigo na mašině
His Taking Ways
Hold Your Hat
Live Cowards
Pink Elephants
Rain and Shine
Sky Bound
Who Hit Me?
1925 Curses!
Dumb and Daffy
Dynamite Doggie
Fair Warning
Fares, Please!
Fire Away
Rapid Transit
Red Pepper
The Iron Mule
The Live Agent
1924 Be Yourself
Highly Recommended
His Bitter Half
His First Car
Never Again
Stupid, But Brave
The Garden of Weeds
1923 A Tropical Romeo
Full Speed Ahead
Slow and Sure
Spring Fever
The Author
The Salesman
The Tailor
Young and Dumb
1922 A Studio Rube
All Wet
Out of Place
Special Delivery
Straight from the Farm
The Alarm
The City Chap
The Village Sheik
1921 Ain't Love Grand?
Fast and Furious
Fool Days
Frigo - král střelců
Small Town Stuff
The Big Secret
The Book Agent
The Happy Pest
The Hayseed
The Simp
The Slicker
Three Good Pals
1920 Cleaning Up
Frigo na námluvách
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Ship Ahoy
The Aero Nut
The Window Trimmer
1919 A Desert Hero
At the Old Stage Door
Camping Out
The Pullman Porter
1918 A Scrap of Paper
Bláznivá domácnost
Fatty a pašeráci
Fatty v sanatoři
Hotelový poslíček
Lechtivý desperádo
1917 A Reckless Romeo
A Self-Made Hero
A Winning Loser
Fatty na pláži
Fatty se žení
Fatty vesnickým hrdinou
Och, doktore!
The Grab Bag Bride
The Stone Age
Řeznický učeň
1916 A Creampuff Romance
Bright Lights
Fatty and Mabel Adrift
He Did and He Didn't
He Loved the Ladies
His Wife's Mistakes
The Moonshiners
The Other Man
The Waiters' Ball
1915 A Bird's a Bird
A Rascal's Foolish Way
A Village Scandal
Crossed Love and Swords
Droppington's Family Tree
Fatty a zloději
Fatty and the Broadway Stars
Fatty's Faithful Fido
Fatty's New Role
Fatty's Plucky Pup
Fickle Fatty's Fall
Hogan's Mussy Job
Hogan's Romance Upset
Mabel and Fatty's Simple Life
Mabel, Fatty and the Law
Our Dare-Devil Chief
That Little Band of Gold
When Love Took Wings
1914 Alarm, The
Anglers, The
Chaplin honí dolary
Chaplin miláčkem domácí paní
Chaplin novomanželem
Chaplin posluhou
Chaplin prodavačem párků
Chaplin sklepníkem
Chaplin v hotelu
Chaplin v pravěku
Double Crossed
Fatty and the Heiress
Fatty mezi venkovany
Fatty sebevrahem
Fatty's Debut
Fatty's Finish
Fatty's Wine Party
Fatty, neběhej tady v košili
He Loved the Ladies
Hello, Mabel
High Spots on Broadway
In the Clutches of the Gang
Incompetent Hero, An
Leading Lizzie Astray
Mabel's Blunder
Passing of Izzy, The
Plumber, The
Shot in the Excitement
Sky Pirate, The
Soldiers of Misfortune
Stout Hearts But Weak Knees
Tango Tangle
The Love Thief
Those Country Kids
Wild West Love
Won in a Closet
Zip, the Dodger
1913 A Landlord's Troubles
A Wife Wanted
Doctored Affair, A
Her Birthday Present
His Sister's Kids
Jealous Waiter, The
Mother's Boy
Murphy's I.O.U.
Nebezpečná ulice
Noise from the Deep, A
The Darktown Belle
The Riot

TV seriály

1956 The Gabby Hayes Show (TV seriál) - a.z.
1953 Lash of the West (TV seriál) - a.z.


2006 Buster Keaton: From Silents to Shorts - a.z.
2005 The Forgotten Films of Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle - a.z.
2001 Still Ramblin' (TV film) - a.z.
2000 Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs (TV film) - a.z.
1968 Velká kamenná tvář - a.z.
1961 Dny vzrušení a smíchu - a.z.
1960 Když komedie byla králem - a.z.
1957 Zlatý věk grotesky - a.z.
1930 Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 12
1927 Life in Hollywood No. 2
1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 6

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