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Studentka filmu a divadla v Olomouci.

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"... yesterday spoke with PhDr. virologist. Now when she knows that zombie apocalypse could actually happen, feels much better :D"

"... just bought three reels of 8 mm film "Nu, pogodi!" ("Jen počkej, zajíci!"). Cannot wait to try if my 8 mm projector works!"

 "Our eyes may movie like a camera but our attention jumps like editing." Jarmo Valkola

"... I really like myself, I think I am great person... But if everybody on the world would be as me, I would not stay them... :D"

""Is pornography simply another film genre..., or is pornography a special case?... in pornography in which sex acts such as penetration actually do take place, the act is real...; it suddenly becomes documentary." Laura Kipnis, Oxford Guide to Film Studies

"... just bought video camera MEOPTA AOG 2 Supra for 8mm film reels! (Does anybody know where to buy a battery for exposure meter? :D)"

"... has a new toy! Canon HV40, called "my precious..." "