Rupert Julian

  • nar. 25.1.1879
    Auckland, Nový Zéland
  • zem. 27.12.1943 (64 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1928 Walking Back
1926 Three Faces East
1925 Ben Hur
1919 The Fire Flingers
1918 Hands Down
Hungry Eyes
The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin
1917 A Kentucky Cinderella
Alone in the World
Boyhood He Forgot, The
Circus of Life, The
Desire of the Moth, The
Mother o' Mine
Mysterious Mr. Tiller, The
The Gift Girl
1916 Arthur's Last Fling
As Fate Decides
Bettina Loved a Soldier
Blackmailer, The
Desperado, The
Dumb Girl of Portici, The
Eyes of Fear, The
False Gems
Gilded Life, The
Human Cactus, The
John Pellet's Dream
Little Boy Blue
Marriage of Arthur, The
Naked Hearts
Red Lie, The
Romance at Random
The Bugler of Algiers
The Evil Women Do
The Fur Trimmed Coat
The Right to Be Happy
Underworld, The
1915 A Cigarette - That's All
A Tale of the Hills
A Voice from the Sea
Evil of Suspicion, The
Fate's Vengeance
Gilded Youth
Lone Star Rush, The
One Hundred Years Ago
Small Town Girl, A
Smalltown Girl, The
The Bond of Friendship
The Hawk and the Hermit
The Heritage of a Century
The Pretty Sister of Jose
The Wolf's Den
Water Clue, The
Where the Trail Led
White Feather Volunteer, A
1914 A Fool and His Money
A Law Unto Herself
A Modern Fairy Tale
An Episode
Hole in the Garden Wall, The
Imp Abroad, The
In the Days of His Youth
Leper's Coat, The
Merchant of Venice, The
Midnight Visitor, The
Old Locket, An
Out of the Depths
The Career of Waterloo Peterson
The Coward Hater
The Female of the Species
The Master Key
The Pursuit of Hate
The Spider and Her Web
The Triumph of Mind
The Weaker Sister
Woman's Burden
1913 Clue, The
Genesis: 4-9
His Brand
Shadows of Life
The Blood Brotherhood
The Haunted Bride
The Mask
Troubled Waters
Two Thieves and a Cross
Wife's Deceit, The


1914 The Great Universal Mystery

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