Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer

  • nar. 7.8.1927
    Paris, Illinois, USA
  • zem. 21.1.1959 (31 let)
    Mission Hills, California, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1980 Rascal Dazzle - a.z.
1958 Útěk v řetězech
1957 Motorcycle Gang
1956 Desatero přikázání
Mezi nebem a peklem
1955 Dig That Uranium
Francis in the Navy
Ne jako cizinec
1954 Rozbouřené nebe
This Is My Love
Track of the Cat
1953 Flight Nurse
Island in the Sky
1952 I Dream of Jeanie
Pat a Mike
The WAC from Walla Walla
1951 Belle Le Grand
Cause for Alarm!
Přichází ženich
Two Dollar Bettor
1950 House by the River
Redwood Forest Trail
1949 Alias the Champ
Dopis třem manželkám
1948 Big Town Scandal
On Our Merry Way
Vládní prohlášení
1947 Driftwood
Gas House Kids Go West
The Gas House Kids in Hollywood
1946 Gas House Kids
Odvážná Lassie
Život je krásný
1945 Man Alive
She Wouldn't Say Yes
1944 Farář u svatého Dominika
Rosie the Riveter
The Great Mike
Together Again
1943 Dixie
Lidská komedie
1942 Henry and Dizzy
Johnny Doughboy
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
My Favorite Blonde
The War Against Mrs. Hadley
There's One Born Every Minute
1941 Reg'lar Fellers
1940 Alfalfa's Double
All About Hash
Barnyard Follies
Big Premiere, The
Bubbling Troubles
Goin' Fishin'
Good Bad Boys
I Love You Again
Kiddie Kure
New Pupil, The
Waldo's Last Stand
1939 Alfalfa's Aunt
Auto Antics
Captain Spanky's Show Boat
Clown Princes
Cousin Wilbur
Dad for a Day
Dog Daze
Duel Personalities
Joy Scouts
The Ice Follies of 1939
Time Out for Lessons
Tiny Troubles
1938 Aladdin's Lantern
Bear Facts
Came the Brawn
Canned Fishing
Feed 'em and Weep
Football Romeo
Hide and Shriek
Little Ranger, The
Men in Fright
Party Fever
Practical Jokers
Scandal Street
The Awful Tooth
Three Men in a Tub
1937 Fishy Tales
Framing Youth
Glove Taps
Hearts Are Thumps
Mail and Female
Night 'n Gales
Our Gang Follies of 1938
Pick a Star
Pigskin Palooka, The
Reunion in Rhythm
Roamin' Holiday
Rushin' Ballet
Three Smart Boys
Wild and Woolly
1936 Arbor Day
Bored of Education
Divot Diggers
Easy to Take
Ellis Island
General Spanky
Kelly the Second
Pay As You Exit
Second Childhood
Spooky Hooky
The Lucky Corner
The Pinch Singer
Too Many Parents
Two Too Young
1935 Beginner's Luck
Life Hesitates at 40
Little Papa
Little Sinner
Our Gang Follies of 1936
Southern Exposure
Sprucin' Up
Teacher's Beau
1933 Stage Mother

TV seriály

1955 Science Fiction Theatre (TV seriál)
1954 Malí darebáci (TV seriál) - a.z.
1951 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (TV seriál)
The Roy Rogers Show (TV seriál)
1950 Lux Video Theatre (TV seriál)
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (TV seriál)

TV pořady

1954 The Donald O'Connor Show (TV pořad)

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