Matt McHugh

  • nar. 22.1.1894
    Connellsville, Pennsylvania, USA
  • zem. 22.2.1971 (77 let)
    Northridge, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1955 His Pest Friend
Wham-Bam-Slam! - a.z.
1951 Home Town Story
Tales of Robin Hood
1950 Kill the Umpire
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Return of the Frontiersman
1949 Arson, Inc.
Duke of Chicago
Let Down Your Aerial
The Stratton Story
Trapped by a Blonde
1948 An Innocent Affair
Give My Regards to Broadway
Pardon My Clutch
Pinch in Time, A
Shed No Tears
The Return of October
1947 Hit Parade of 1947
Let's Sing a Song of the West - a.z.
Má oblíbená brunetka
Nora Prentiss
Should Husbands Marry?
Song of the Thin Man
The Trouble with Women
They Won't Believe Me
1946 Deadline for Murder
Gay Blades
Modrá Dahlia
Our Hearts Were Growing Up
Podivná láska Marty Iversové
The Dark Corner
Vacation in Reno
1945 Brewster's Millions
Duffy's Tavern
Dáma ve vlaku
How Doooo You Do!!!
Incendiary Blonde
Salome, Where She Danced
The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry
Zvony od svaté Marie
1944 And the Angels Sing
Her Primitive Man
Ladies Courageous
Mark of the Whistler, The
My Buddy
Pan Skeffington
Přízračná dáma
San Diego I Love You
Secret Command
Story of Carrier X, The
The Eve of St. Mark
The Merry Monahans
Up in Arms
1943 Coney Island
Cowboy in Manhattan
Flight for Freedom
Henry Aldrich Swings It
Hi Diddle Diddle
Lady Bodyguard
Riding High
So This Is Washington
Thank Your Lucky Stars
True to Life
Whispering Footsteps
1942 A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen
A Gentleman at Heart
Don't Talk
Girl Trouble
Henry Aldrich, Editor
It Happened in Flatbush
Priorities on Parade
Quiet Please: Murder
Sappy Birthday
Star Spangled Rhythm
Sunday Punch
That Other Woman
Too Many Women
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
1941 Blues in the Night
Cadet Girl
For Beauty's Sake
Marry the Boss's Daughter
San Antonio Rose
The Lady from Cheyenne
The Perfect Snob
The Watchman Takes a Wife
The Wild Man of Borneo
Unfinished Business
West Point Widow
You're in the Army Now
Ďábel a slečna Jonesová
1940 Argentine Nights
Blondes and Blunders
His Ex Marks the Spot
I Take This Woman
Jezdci noci
La Conga Nights
Love, Honor and Oh Baby!
Oh Johnny, How You Can Love
Primrose Path
Rangers of Fortune
Sailor's Lady
The Boys from Syracuse
Yesterday's Heroes
You, the People
Youth Will Be Served
1939 $1000 a Touchdown
20,000 Men a Year
Chicken Wagon Family
Miracles for Sale
Pan Smith přichází
The Escape
The Jones Family in Hollywood
The Secret of Dr. Kildare
The Under-Pup
They Asked for It
V cirkuse
1938 Come Across
Federal Man-Hunt
My Lucky Star
No Time to Marry
Professor Beware
That Certain Age
The Rage of Paris
Three Loves Has Nancy
Tropic Holiday
While New York Sleeps
You and Me
Šťastné přistání
1937 Broadway Melody of 1938
It's All Yours
Námořní kadeti
The Man Who Cried Wolf
This Way Please
Ve víru velkoměsta
1936 Anything Goes
Carnival Day
Forgotten Faces
It Had to Happen
The Country Beyond
The Gentleman from Louisiana
The Phantom Rider
Two in a Crowd
Žena v rozvodu
1935 Barbary Coast
Diamond Jim
Enter Madame
If You Could Only Cook
Ladies Crave Excitement
Mister Dynamite
Murder on a Honeymoon
Party Wire
The Glass Key
The Good Fairy
Thunder in the Night
Wings in the Dark
1934 Behold My Wife!
Bridal Bail
Call It Luck
Gangsterova nevěsta
Good Time Henry
Judge Priest
Kočičí pracička
Lost in the Stratosphere
Murder in the Private Car
Sadie McKee
She Loves Me Not
Sing and Like It
Two Alone
Wake Up and Dream
1933 A Man of Sentiment
Bed of Roses
Blood Money
From Headquarters
Gallant Lady
Hard to Handle
Hell Below
Jimmy and Sally
Knockout Kisses
Mad Game, The
Night of Terror
Only Yesterday
Picture Snatcher
Sailor's Luck
Sailors Beware!
Sweet Cookie
Tančící Venuše
The Girl in 419
The Last Trail
The Man Who Dared
Ďáblův bratr - Laurel a Hardy
1932 Afraid to Talk
Alaska Love
Bring 'Em Back Sober
Courting Trouble
Hawkins & Watkins Inc.
Love Is a Racket
Singing Plumber, The
The Loud Mouth
The Purchase Price
The Roadhouse Murder
The Wet Parade
The Woman from Monte Carlo
Two Seconds
1931 Street Scene

TV seriály

1950 Racket Squad (TV seriál)
The Bigelow Theatre (TV seriál)
1949 The Lone Ranger (TV seriál)
The Silver Theatre (TV seriál)

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