Dorothy Phillips

  • nar. 22.10.1882
    Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • zem. 1.3.1980 (97 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, Kalifornie, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1962 Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valance
1956 Muž v šedém flanelovém obleku
1955 Brutální sobota
How to Be Very, Very Popular
1951 Muž v sedle
1950 Nevěstin otec
1949 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Lehkovážný okamžik
1946 Pošťák vždy zvoní dvakrát
1944 Mrs. Parkington
1943 The Cross of Lorraine
1942 Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood
My Favorite Spy
1940 And One Was Beautiful
1937 Hot Water
1936 Thank You, Jeeves!
The First Baby
1934 Now I'll Tell
1930 The Jazz Cinderella
1927 The Broken Gate
The Cradle Snatchers
Women Love Diamonds
1926 Remember
The Bar-C Mystery
The Gay Deceiver
1925 Every Man's Wife
Sporting Chance, The
Without Mercy
1923 Slander the Woman
The Unknown Purple
1922 Hurricane's Gal
World's a Stage, The
1921 Man-Woman-Marriage
1920 Once to Every Woman
1919 Destiny
Paid in Advance
The Right to Happiness
1918 Broadway Love
Grand Passion, The
Risky Road, The
Soul for Sale, A
The Heart of Humanity
The Mortgaged Wife
The Talk of the Town
1917 Bondage
Doll's House, A
Fires of Rebellion
Flashlight, The
Girl in the Checkered Coat, The
Hell Morgan's Girl
Pay Me!
The Piper's Price
The Rescue
1916 Ambition
Any Youth
Behind the Curtain
Beyond the Trail
Borrowed Plumes
Code of His Ancestors, The
Finer Metal, The
Gentle Volunteer, A
Harmony in a Flat
Her Husband's Honor
His Brother's Pal
If My Country Should Call
In His Own Trap
Midwinter Madness
One Who Passed by
Place Beyond the Winds, The
Price of Silence, The
Saved by a Song
Shattered Nerves
Sheriff of Pine Mountain, The
Social Outcast, A
The Mark of Cain
Their Anniversary
Wife at Bay, A
1915 Adventures of a Seagoing Hack
Affair of the Terrace, The
Bachelor's Christmas, The
Children of Chance
Fireside Realization, A
Force of Example, The
Gentleman of Art, A
Happy Pair, A
Heart of Sampson, The
House with the Drawn Shades, The
In the Clutch of the Emperor
Jealousy, What Art Thou?
Juror Number Seven
Ladder of Fortune, The
Lesson from the Far East, A
Matty's Decision
Mystery of the Locked Room, The
Mystery of the Man Who Slept, The
Parson of Pine Mountain, The
Phantom Warning, The
Photoplay Without a Name, or: A $50.00 Reward, A
Professional Jealousy
Proof, The
Rene Haggard Journeys On
Rider of Silhouette, The
Seashore Romeo, A
Sh! Don't Wake the Baby
Shot in the Dark, A
Six Months to Live
Six or Nine
Souls in Pawn
Springtime of the Spirit, The
The Cad
The Last Act
Trail of the Upper Yukon, The
Valley of Silent Men, The
1914 Country Innocence
Coward, The
For the People
Futility of Revenge, The
In All Things Moderation
Lady of the Island, The
Love and Baseball
Man Who Lost, But Won, The
On the High Seas
Skull, The
Tempest and Sunshine
Three Men Who Knew
1913 Into the North
Power of Conscience, The
Price of Gold, The
Prophecy, The
Sign, The
Swag of Destiny, The
The Final Judgment
Their Baby
Two Social Calls
Unburied Past, The
Value of Mothers-in-Law, The
1911 Burglarized Burglar, The
False Suspicion, A
Fate's Funny Frolic
Gordian Knot, The
Her Dad the Constable
His Friend's Wife
Live, Love and Believe
Love in the Hills
New Manager, The
Putting It Over
Saved from the Torrents
The Rosary


1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 24
1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 15
Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 2
Seeing Stars
1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 11
1916 Animated Weekly, No. 1

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