Lon Poff

  • nar. 8.2.1870
    Bedford, Indiana, USA
  • zem. 8.8.1952 (82 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1966 Spaceship to the Unknown (TV film) - a.z.
1951 Jak je těžké být dědečkem
1949 Madame Bovary
1948 Johanka z Arcu
1946 The Desert Horseman
1945 The Great John L.
1943 Porobená země
1942 I Married an Angel
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
1941 Back in the Saddle
Marry the Boss's Daughter
Sullivanovy cesty
1940 Murder in the Air
Soak the Old
1939 The Great Victor Herbert
1938 Texaští střelci
Tom Sawyer, Detective
1937 Calling All Doctors
The Toast of New York
Žiješ jenom jednou
1936 Bullets or Ballots
Děvče z baru
Flash Gordon - a.z.
Flash Gordon
Let's Sing Again
The White Angel
1935 Alimony Aches
I'll Love You Always
Party Wire
She Couldn't Take It
Teacher's Beau
The Rainmakers
1934 Kid Millions
The Mighty Barnum
1933 Diplomaniacs
Girl Without a Room
Hello, Everybody!
Mystery of the Wax Museum
Tillie and Gus
1932 His Royal Shyness
So Big!
Speed in the Gay Nineties
Stepping Sisters
The Expert
The Midnight Warning
Whistlin' Dan
1931 Ambassador Bill
Behind Office Doors
I Take This Woman
Itching Hour, The
The Lone Starved Ranger
Way Back Home
1930 Noche de duendes
Spuk um Mitternacht, Der
The Bad One
The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case
The Lone Star Ranger
Tom Sawyer
What a Life
1929 Courtin' Wildcats
The Faker
The Iron Mask
1928 Greased Lightning
Muž, který se směje
Two Lovers
Two Tars
Wheel of Chance
1927 Silver Valley
The First Auto
The Silent Rider
The Tender Hour
1926 Bardelys the Magnificent
Marriage License?
1925 A Fool and His Money
A Thief in Paradise
The Merry Widow
The Million Dollar Handicap
Without Mercy
1924 Chamtivost
Dante's Inferno
Darwin Was Right
The Man from Wyoming
1923 Brass Commandments
Duše na prodej
Main Street
The Girl I Loved
The Man Who Won
The Untameable
The Virginian
1922 Peg o' My Heart
The Prisoner of Zenda
The Village Blacksmith
Tracked to Earth
Turn to the Right
1921 Big Town Ideas
Old Swimmin' Hole, The
The Night Horsemen
The Three Musketeers
1920 Bonnie May
Last Straw, The
Square Shooter
The Man Who Dared
1918 Grand Passion, The
The Light of the Western Stars
1917 '49-'17
The Scarlet Car

TV seriály

1986 The Laurel and Hardy Show (TV seriál) - a.z.

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