Paul Weigel

  • nar. 18.2.1867
    Halle an der Saale, Province of Saxony, Rakouské císařství
  • zem. 25.5.1951 (84 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1945 Bewitched
V Brooklynu roste strom
Where Do We Go from Here?
1944 Passport to Destiny
The Hairy Ape
The Hitler Gang
1943 Above Suspicion
Happy Land
Paris After Dark
The Moon Is Down
1942 Berlin Correspondent
Joan of Paris
Miss V from Moscow
Reunion in France
1941 I Wake Up Screaming
1940 A Dispatch from Reuter's
Four Sons
I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby
1939 Disbarred
Never Say Die
1938 Little Tough Guy
The Great Waltz
1937 Byl lásky čas
Lancer Spy
Prescription for Romance
The Gold Racket
The Road Back
Thin Ice
1936 Anthony Adverse
Come Closer, Folks
Draculova dcera
Jeden z nesmrtelných
Ladies in Love
Lady of Secrets
Sutter's Gold
The Invisible Ray
1935 Condemned to Live
Just My Luck
Lottery Lover
One More Spring
The Black Room
1934 All Men Are Enemies
Guilty Parents
I'll Tell the World
Černá kočka
1933 After Tonight
Luxury Liner
Neighbors' Wives
The Vampire Bat
1932 Back Street
Muž, kterého jsem zabil
1931 Bad Company
Die Maske fällt
Liebe auf Befehl
Mordprozeß Mary Dugan
Soul of the Slums
The Miracle Woman
The Vanishing Legion
1930 Viennese Nights
1929 Dáma z dlažby
Joy Tonic
The Leatherneck
1928 Code of the Air
Isle of Lost Men
Marry the Girl
The Wagon Show
Tiger's Shadow, The
1927 Blonde or Brunette
Broadway After Midnight
Hidden Aces
Král králů
Sinews of Steel
1926 Pro krinda pána!
The Speed Limit
1925 A Lover's Oath
Boys Will Be Joys
Excuse Me
Soft Shoes
The Verdict
1924 Honor Among Men
Mademoiselle Midnight
Nocturno lásky aneb V říši Neptunově
Silent Accuser, The
Tainted Money
The Fatal Mistake
Which Shall It Be?
1923 Bag and Baggage
1922 Up and Going
1921 Bring Him In
They Shall Pay
1920 A Master Stroke
Merely Mary Ann
The Red Lane
Under Crimson Skies
1919 Evangeline
Happiness a la Mode
Luck in Pawn
Siren's Song, The
The Parisian Tigress
1918 Her Body in Bond
Me und Gott
The Claim
The Only Road
1917 Black Wolf, The
Each to His Kind
Forbidden Paths
Inner Shrine, The
Pride and the Man
The Bond Between
Winning of Sally Temple, The
1916 Each Pearl a Tear
Naked Hearts
The Intrigue
The She-Devil

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