Robert M. Haas

  • nar. 3.1.1889
    Newark, New Jersey, USA
  • zem. 17.12.1962 (73 let)
    Costa Mesa, California, USA


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Scénografická filmografie


1950 Prokletí nepláčou
The Glass Menagerie
1949 Always Leave Them Laughing
Beyond the Forest
John Loves Mary
My Dream Is Yours
The Inspector General
1948 Johnny Belinda
My Girl Tisa
1947 Life with Father
The Voice of the Turtle
1946 Devotion
Janie Gets Married
Uloupený život
1945 Roughly Speaking
1944 Janie
Pan Skeffington
1943 Hranice temnoty
1942 A teď, cestovateli
Dobrodružství v Panamě
In This Our Life
Juke Girl
Muž, který přišel na večeři
The Gay Sisters
1941 Four Mothers
Hloubkový bombardér
Maltézský sokol
Million Dollar Baby
Navy Blues
The Strawberry Blonde
1940 'Til We Meet Again
Brother Rat and a Baby
City for Conquest
Knute Rockne All American
Virginia City
1939 Hořké vítězství
Off the Record
On Your Toes
Stará panna
1938 Garden of the Moon
Gold Diggers in Paris
Hollywood Hotel
Hříšní andělé
1937 Another Dawn
Black Legion
Ever Since Eve
Mr. Dodd Takes the Air
The King and the Chorus Girl
The Perfect Specimen
The Prince and the Pauper
They Won't Forget
1936 Cain and Mabel
Hearts Divided
Jeden z nesmrtelných
Snowed Under
Stage Struck
The Murder of Dr. Harrigan
Three Men on a Horse
1935 I Found Stella Parish
In Caliente
Living on Velvet
Oil for the Lamps of China
Page Miss Glory
Shipmates Forever
Sweet Music
The Goose and the Gander
1934 A Modern Hero
As the Earth Turns
Big Hearted Herbert
Dark Hazard
Friends of Mr. Sweeney
Gentlemen Are Born
Hi, Nellie!
Registered Nurse
Sweet Adeline
The Key
1933 Bureau of Missing Persons
Elmer, the Great
Employees' Entrance
Hard to Handle
I Loved a Woman
Lady Killer
Picture Snatcher
The Life of Jimmy Dolan
The Little Giant
The Mind Reader
The Narrow Corner
The World Changes
1932 Blessed Event
Frisco Jenny
Jewel Robbery
Silver Dollar
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
Three on a Match
Winner Take All
1931 God's Gift to Women
Over the Hill
Smart Money
The Maltese Falcon
1930 Hell Harbor
1929 She Goes to War
1927 Broadway Nights
1926 Bluebeard's Seven Wives
Dancer of Paris, The
The Reckless Lady
Wilderness Woman, The
1925 Sackcloth and Scarlet
The New Commandment
1924 Romola
1923 Fury
The White Sister
1921 Footlights
Sheltered Daughters
The Gilded Lily
1920 Blackbirds
Easy to Get
Something Different
The Copperhead
1919 The Witness for the Defense

Kameramanská filmografie


1930 Hell Harbor

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