Alec B. Francis

  • nar. 2.12.1867
    Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 6.7.1934 (66 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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1934 I'll Tell the World
Kočičí pracička
Outcast Lady
The Mystery of Mr. X
1933 Alice in Wonderland
His Private Secretary
Looking Forward
Oliver Twist
1932 Alias Mary Smith
No Greater Love
The Last Man
The Last Mile
1931 Arrowsmith
Captain Applejack
Mata Hari
Oh! Oh! Cleopatra
Stout Hearts and Willing Hands
1930 Case of Sergeant Grischa, The
Harold - boty - mrakodrap
Murder Will Out
Outward Bound
The Bishop Murder Case
1929 Evangeline
Mississippi Gambler
The Sacred Flame
1928 Broadway Daddies
Companionate Marriage
Life's Mockery
Lion and the Mouse, The
The Little Snob
The Shepherd of the Hills
The Terror
1927 Sally In Our Alley
The Music Master
The Tender Hour
1926 3 Bad Men
Faithful Wives
Forever After
High Steppers
Pals First
The Return of Peter Grimm
The Yankee Señor
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
Transcontinental Limited
Vanishing Millions
1925 A Thief in Paradise
Capital Punishment
Charleyova teta
Man and Maid
Rose of the World
Thank You
The Bridge of Sighs
The Champion of Lost Causes
The Circle
The Coast of Folly
The Mad Whirl
The Reckless Sex
Thunder Mountain
Waking Up the Town
Wandering Footsteps
Where the Worst Begins
1924 A Fool's Awakening
Beau Brummel
Do It Now
Half-a-Dollar Bill
Human Terror, The
Listen Lester
Tenth Woman, The
1923 A Gentleman of Leisure
Children of Jazz
Eternal Three, The
His Last Race
Is Divorce a Failure?
Little Church Around the Corner
Lucretia Lombard
Mary of the Movies
The Drivin' Fool
The Gold Diggers
The Last Hour
The Spider and the Rose
Three Wise Fools
1922 Beyond the Rocks
North of the Rio Grande
Smilin' Through
The Forgotten Law
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
1921 A Virginia Courtship
A Voice in the Dark
The Great Moment
What's a Wife Worth?
1920 Earthbound
Godless Men
The Butterfly Man
The Man Who Had Everything
The Paliser Case
The Street Called Straight
1919 Day Dreams
Flame of the Desert
Her Code of Honor
Lord and Lady Algy
Spotlight Sadie
The City of Comrades
The Crimson Gardenia
The Pest
The Probation Wife
When Doctors Disagree
World and Its Woman, The
1918 Broken Ties
Cross Bearer, The
Hidden Fires
Leap to Fame
Marionettes, The
The Face in the Dark
The Glorious Adventure
Thirty a Week
Venus Model, The
Wanted: A Mother
1917 Family Honor, The
Hungry Heart, A
The Cinderella Man
The Page Mystery
1916 A Woman's Way
Fruits of Desire
Gilded Cage, The
Husband and Wife
Miss Petticoats
Pawn of Fate
Perils of Divorce, The
Tangled Fates
The Ballet Girl
The Yellow Passport
1915 After Dark
Alias Jimmy Valentine
Impostor, The
The Arrival of Perpetua
The Man Who Found Himself
1914 Duty
Greatest of These, The
Man of the Hour
Pit, The
When Broadway Was a Trail
Wishing Ring: An Idyll of Old England, The
1913 Cynthy
For Better or for Worse
From the Beyond
In the Night
Puritan Episode, A
Soul to Soul
The Beaten Path
The Crimson Cross
The Highwayman's Shoes
The Honor of Lady Beaumont
The Man Who Dared
The Sons of a Soldier
The Spectre Bridegroom
The Telegraph Operator
The Thirst for Gold
The Trail of the Silver Fox
The Witch
When Light Came Back
When Pierrot Met Pierrette
Why Aunt Jane Never Married
1912 A Living Memory
Caprices of Fortune
Celebrated Case, The
Chamber of Forgetfulness
Dick's Wife
Foiling a Fortune Hunter
For the Honor of the Family
Robin Hood
Saved from the Titanic
Silent Jim
The Bonnie, Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond
The First Violin
The Holy City
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Letter with the Black Seals
The Passing Parade
The Transgression of Deacon Jones
Their Children's Approval
Timely Rescue, A
1911 A Friendly Marriage
A Reformed Santa Claus
Auld Lang Syne
Bell of Justice, The
General's Daughter, The
In the Clutches of a Vapor Bath
Selecting His Heiress
Sheriff's Friend, The
The Clown's Best Performance
The Military Air-Scout
The Old Doll
Their Charming Mama
Troublesome Secretaries
Vanity Fair


1934 Movie Memories - a.z.
1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 4

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