Jean Hersholt

  • nar. 12.7.1886
    Kodaň, Dánsko
  • zem. 12.6.1956 (69 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1955 Útěk do bezpečí
1949 Dancing in the Dark
1943 Stage Door Canteen
1941 Melody for Three
They Meet Again
1940 Dr. Christian Meets the Women
Remedy for Riches
The Courageous Dr. Christian
1939 Meet Dr. Christian
Mr. Moto in Danger Island
1938 Alexandrův ragtime band
Five of a Kind
I'll Give a Million
Šťastné přistání
1937 Heidi
Seventh Heaven
1936 His Brother's Wife
Královna ledu
Sins of Man
The Country Doctor
Tough Guy
1935 Mark of the Vampire
Murder in the Fleet
Zlomená srdce
1934 Men in White
Pestrý závoj
The Cat and the Fiddle
The Fountain
1933 Christopher Bean
Song of the Eagle
The Crime of the Century
Večeře o osmé
1932 Are You Listening?
Hearts of Humanity
Lidé v hotelu
New Morals for Old
Night Court
Skyscraper Souls
The Beast of the City
The Mask of Fu Manchu
1931 Daybreak
Private Lives
The Phantom of Paris
The Sin of Madelon Claudet
Zuzana Lenoxová
1930 A Soldier's Plaything
Case of Sergeant Grischa, The
East Is West
Hell Harbor
The Cat Creeps
The Climax
The Third Alarm
Viennese Nights
1929 Girl on the Barge
Modern Love
The Younger Generation
1928 13 Washington Square
Abie's Irish Rose
Give and Take
Jazz Mad
Nebezpečné stáří
The Secret Hour
1927 Alias the Deacon
Starý Heidelberk
The Wrong Mr. Wright
1926 Flames
It Must Be Love
My Old Dutch
The Greater Glory
The Old Soak
1925 A Woman's Faith
Dangerous Innocence
Don Q: Zorrův syn
Fifth Avenue Models
If Marriage Fails
Stella Dallas
1924 Chamtivost
Cheap Kisses
Goldfish, The
Her Night of Romance
Sinners in Silk
So Big
The City of Stars
The Woman on the Jury
1923 Duše na prodej
Red Lights
1922 Heart's Haven
The Strangers' Banquet
Těžký život
When Romance Rides
1921 A Certain Rich Man
Man of the Forest
Servant in the House, The
Čtyři příšerní jezdci z Apokalypsy
1920 Deceiver, The
Merely Mary Ann
The Golden Trail
The Red Lane
1919 Love's Prisoner
Whom the Gods Would Destroy
1918 Answer, The
Madame Spy
1917 '49-'17
Black Orchids
Fighting for Love
Gunman's Gospel, The
Her Primitive Man
Love Aflame
Perils of the Secret Service
Princess Virtue
Saintly Sinner, The
Soul Herder, The
Southern Justice
Stormy Knight, A
The Greater Law
The Show Down
The Terror
Townsend Divorce Case, The
1916 Apostle of Vengeance, The
Bullets and Brown Eyes
Hell's Hinges
It's All Wrong
Kinkaid, Gambler
Some Medicine Man
The Aryan
1915 Disciple, The
Never Again

TV seriály

1956 Dr. Christian (TV seriál)


2004 Checking Out: Grand Hotel - a.z.
1963 Hollywood Without Make-Up - a.z.
1955 Screen Snapshots Series 34, No. 6: Hollywood Shower of Stars
1954 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Stars on Parade
1952 Screen Snapshots 5852: Hollywood Night at '21' Club
1949 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood's Happy Homes
1943 To the People of the United States
1941 Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 2
1931 Voice of Hollywood No. 7 (Second Series), The
1923 C-V News: Filming Greed

Režijní filmografie


TV pořady

1954 A Star Is Born World Premiere (TV pořad)
1952 This Is Your Life (TV pořad)
1950 What's My Line? (TV pořad)
1948 Toast of the Town (TV pořad)

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