Stanley Price

  • nar. 31.12.1892
    Atchison, Kansas, USA
  • zem. 13.7.1955 (62 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1977 Buck Rogers - a.z.
1966 Black Dragon of Manzanar (TV film) - a.z.
Code 645 (TV film) - a.z.
Cyclotrode 'X' (TV film) - a.z.
Deadly Ray from Mars (TV film) - a.z.
Jungle Gold (TV film) - a.z.
Slaves of the Invisible Monster (TV film) - a.z.
Sombra, the Spider Woman (TV film) - a.z.
1956 Desatero přikázání
Perils of the Wilderness
1954 Bitter Creek
Desperado, The
Forty-Niners, The
Two Guns and a Badge
1953 Desert Legion
Fighting Lawman, The
Rebel City
Star of Texas
The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd
The Homesteaders
The Marksman
Vigilante Terror
1952 Canyon Ambush
Dead Man's Trail
Kansas Territory
Man from the Black Hills
Maverick, The
Montana Incident
Night Raiders
Park Row
Texas City
Wild Stallion
Wyoming Roundup
1951 Abilene Trail
Blazing Bullets
Lawless Cowboys
Lost Planet Airmen - a.z.
Man From Sonora
Nevada Badmen
Oklahoma Justice
Roaring City
Stage to Blue River
Stagecoach Driver
Texas Lawmen
The Hills of Utah
Wanted: Dead or Alive
1950 Captive Girl
Cherokee Uprising
Colorado Ranger
Crooked River
Dopey Dicks
Fast on the Draw
Gambling House
Hostile Country
Invisible Monster, The
King of the Bullwhip - a.z.
Marshal of Heldorado
Outlaws of Texas
Pirates of the High Seas
Punchy Cowpunchers
Studio Stoops
The Daltons' Women
The Sundowners
West of the Brazos
1949 Grand Canyon
I Shot Jesse James
King of the Rocket Men
Life of St. Paul Series
Sheriff of Wichita
The Dalton Gang
Tough Assignment
1948 Congo Bill
G-Men Never Forget
Last of the Wild Horses
Vládní prohlášení
1947 Anděl a bandita
Brick Bradford
Easy Come, Easy Go
High Wall
I'll Be Yours
Law of the Canyon
Scared to Death
Son of Zorro
The Black Widow
Yankee Fakir
1946 Alias Billy the Kid
Death Valley
Frontier Gunlaw
Heading West
In Fast Company
Larceny in Her Heart
Magnificent Doll
Red River Renegades
Romance of the West
Stagecoach to Denver
The Crimson Ghost
The Fighting Guardsman
1945 Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion
Crime, Inc.
Earl Carroll Vanities
Federal Operator 99
Gangs of the Waterfront
Secret Agent X-9
Sunset in El Dorado
The Monster and the Ape
The Phantom of 42nd Street
The Power of the Whistler
Točité schodiště
Ztracený víkend
1944 Black Arrow
Bride by Mistake
Captain America
Casanova Brown
Marine Raiders
Raiders of the Border
Rainbow Island
Range Law
Shine On, Harvest Moon
The Desert Hawk
The Great Alaskan Mystery
The Story of Dr. Wassell
The Tiger Woman
Zorro's Black Whip
1943 Adventures of the Flying Cadets
Black Market Rustlers
Captive Wild Woman
Cowboy in Manhattan
Fighting Valley
Frontier Badmen
G-men vs. the Black Dragon
Na titulní stránce
Passport to Suez
Riding High
The Batman
The Fallen Sparrow
The Great Gildersleeve
The Masked Marvel
The Phantom
The Texas Kid
Wild Horse Rustlers
1942 Arizona Stage Coach
Gang Busters
King of the Mounties
Outlaws of Pine Ridge
Perils of the Royal Mounted
Road to Morocco
Skleněný klíč
The Valley of Vanishing Men
1941 Adventures of Captain Marvel
Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.
Driftin' Kid, The
Dynamite Canyon
Emergency Landing
Holt of the Secret Service
Johnny Eager
Lone Star Law Men
Raiders of the Desert
Sky Raiders
The Kid from Kansas
To je John Doe
Two Gun Sheriff
Wanderers of the West
1940 Golden Trail, The
Moon Over Burma
One Man's Law
Opened by Mistake
Queen of the Mob
Texas Rangers Ride Again
The Way of All Flesh
1939 Buck Rogers
Daredevils of the Red Circle
Dick Tracy's G-Men
Great Commandment, The
Persons in Hiding
Range War
Sudden Money
The Marshal of Mesa City
The Star Maker
Undercover Doctor
Water Rustlers
1938 Alžír
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
Hunted Men
Illegal Traffic
Red Barry
Singing Cowgirl, The
Sunset Murder Case
The Fighting Devil Dogs
The Lady in the Morgue
Tip-Off Girls
Tom Sawyer, Detective
1937 Champagne Waltz
Nobody's Baby
Poslední vlak od Madridu
The Firefly
Tough to Handle
Žiješ jenom jednou
1936 Count Takes the Count, The
Don't Gamble with Love
Mister Cinderella
Nobody's Fool
1935 Goin' to Town
Nurse to You!
Okay Toots!
Public Hero #1
She Gets Her Man
Straight from the Heart
The Miracle Rider
Žena a tatrman
1934 Hollywood Hoodlum
It Happened One Day
Little Miss Marker
Murder In Trinidad
1933 Her Forgotten Past
Life in the Raw
1932 Three on a Match
1922 Your Best Friend

TV seriály

1955 Buffalo Bill Jr (TV seriál)
Soldiers of Fortune (TV seriál)
1951 The Adventures of Kit Carson (TV seriál)


2002 The Men Who Made the Movies: Samuel Fuller (TV film) - a.z.

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