Rex Lease

  • nar. 11.2.1903
    Central City, West Virginia, USA
  • zem. 3.1.1966 (62 let)
    Van Nuys, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1966 Cyclotrode 'X' (TV film) - a.z.
Jungle Gold (TV film) - a.z.
1959 Altánek
1957 A Hatful of Rain
The Unholy Wife
1956 Back from Eternity
Bundle of Joy
Perils of the Wilderness
Rána na oplátku
Tension at Table Rock
1955 The Prodigal
The Rawhide Years
1954 Destry
Rails Into Laramie
1953 Abbott and Costello Go to Mars
Calamity Jane
Money from Home
Opasek na pistole
Ride, Vaquero!
Shadows of Tombstone
The Man Behind the Gun
1952 Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd
Colorado Sundown
Lost in Alaska
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair
Montana Belle
Osamělá hvězda
The Wild North
Toughest Man in Arizona
1951 Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm
Pals of the Golden West
Spoilers of the Plains
1950 Bells of Coronado
Code of the Silver Sage
Copper Canyon
Covered Wagon Raid
Curtain Call at Cactus Creek
Frisco Tornado
Hills of Oklahoma
Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town
Outlaws of Texas
Singing Guns
1949 Gun Cargo
Ma and Pa Kettle
Rose of the Yukon
The Lady Gambles
The Last Bandit
1948 Another Part of the Forest
Dopis neznámé
Night Time in Nevada
Out of the Storm
The Gallant Legion
The Plunderers
Zahraniční aféra
1947 Anděl a bandita
Buck Privates Come Home
Cesta ke hvězdám
Easy Come, Easy Go
Hrubá síla
Slave Girl
The Michigan Kid
The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap
1946 Canyon Passage
Days of Buffalo Bill
Inside Job
King of the Forest Rangers
Plainsman and the Lady
Rustler's Round-up
Sun Valley Cyclone
The Crimson Ghost
The People's Choice
The Phantom Rider
The Scarlet Horseman
The Time of Their Lives
Two Years Before the Mast
White Tie and Tails
1945 Bells of Rosarita
Blonde Ransom
Code of the Lawless
Earl Carroll Vanities
Federal Operator 99
Flame of Barbary Coast
Frontier Gal
It's in the Bag!
Lone Texas Ranger
On Stage Everybody
Oregon Trail
Rough Riders of Cheyenne
Santa Fe Saddlemates
Springtime In Texas
Swingin' on a Rainbow
The Chicago Kid
The Great John L.
The Naughty Nineties
Three's a Crowd
Why Girls Leave Home
You Came Along
1944 Bordertown Trail
Call of the Rockies
Cheyenne Wildcat
Code of the Prairie
Cowboy and the Senorita
Dead Man's Eyes
Firebrands of Arizona
Man from Frisco
Meet Miss Bobby Socks
Raiders of Ghost City
Sheriff of Sundown
Silent Partner
The Impostor
The Singing Sheriff
The Tiger Woman
The Yellow Rose of Texas
1943 Calling Dr. Death
Corvette K-225
Daredevils of the West
Dead Man's Gulch
Haunted Ranch
He's My Guy
Keep 'Em Slugging
King of the Cowboys
Riders of the Rio Grande
Santa Fe Scouts
So's Your Uncle
Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground
1942 Arizona Terrors
Boss of Hangtown Mesa
Eagle Squadron
Eyes of the Underworld
Frisco Lil
Home in Wyomin'
In Old California
Lady in a Jam
Men of Texas
Pýcha Yankeeů
Raiders of the West
S.O.S. Coast Guard - a.z.
Shadows on the Sage
Stardust on the Sage
Sunset Serenade
The Cyclone Kid
The Mummy's Tomb
The Silver Bullet
Tomorrow We Live
1941 Bad Man of Deadwood
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe
Billy the Kid's Range War
Death Valley Outlaws
Jesse James at Bay
Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case
Nevada City
Outlaws of Cherokee Trail
Outlaws of the Rio Grande
Sierra Sue
The Phantom Cowboy
Tonto Basin Outlaws
1940 Billy the Kid's Gun Justice
Hrozny hněvu
Laurel a Hardy studují
Lone Star Raiders
One Man's Law
Rancho Grande
Riders of Black Mountain
The Shadow
The Trail Blazers
Under Texas Skies
1939 Calling All Marines
In Old Monterey
S.O.S. Tidal Wave
South of the Border
The Lone Ranger Rides Again
1938 A Criminal Is Born
Code of the Rangers
Desert Patrol
Land of Fighting Men
Midnight Intruder
Port of Missing Girls
Professor Beware
Swing It, Sailor!
1937 Heroes of the Alamo
S.O.S. Coast Guard
The Mysterious Pilot
The Silver Trail
1936 Aces and Eights
Cavalcade of the West
Custer's Last Stand
Custer's Last Stand - a.z.
Fast Bullets
Fury Below
Lightnin' Bill Carson
Ridin' On
Roarin' Guns
Ten Laps to Go
The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand
The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand - a.z.
1935 Cyclone of the Saddle
Fighting Caballero
Pals of the Range
Rough Riding Ranger
The Cowboy and the Bandit
The Ghost Rider
The Man from Guntown
1934 Inside Information
1932 Cannonball Express
Midnight Morals
The Lone Trail
The Monster Walks
1931 Chinatown After Dark
In Old Cheyenne
Is There Justice?
Sign of the Wolf, The
1930 Borrowed Wives
Hot Curves
Sunny Skies
The Utah Kid
Troopers Three
Wings of Adventure
1929 Girls Who Dare
The Younger Generation
Two Sisters
When Dreams Come True
1928 Broadway Daddies
Last Lap, The
Making the Varsity
Phantom of the Turf
Queen of the Chorus
Red Riders of Canada
Riders of the Dark
Speed Classic, The
Stolen Love
The Candy Kid
The Law of the Range
1927 Clancy's Kosher Wedding
Heroes of the Night
Moulders of Men
Not for Publication
The College Hero
The Outlaw Dog
1926 Mystery Pilot
Race Wild
Somebody's Mother
The Last Alarm
Timid Terror, The
1925 Before Midnight
Easy Money
Episodes in the Life of a Gin Bottle
The Last Edition
1924 A Woman Who Sinned
Chalk Marks

TV seriály

1958 Jefferson Drum (TV seriál)
1957 26 Men (TV seriál)
Maverick (TV seriál)
Tales of Wells Fargo (TV seriál)
1956 Chevron Hall of Stars (TV seriál)
1955 Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal (TV seriál)
Fury (TV seriál)
Tales of the Texas Rangers (TV seriál)
The Adventures of Champion (TV seriál)
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (TV seriál)
1954 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (TV seriál)
The Whistler (TV seriál)
1953 I'm the Law (TV seriál)
1952 The Abbott and Costello Show (TV seriál)
1951 The Roy Rogers Show (TV seriál)
1950 The Cisco Kid (TV seriál)
1949 The Lone Ranger (TV seriál)

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