Leslie Denison

  • nar. 16.6.1905
    Warwickshire, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 25.9.1992 (87 let)
    Austin, Texas, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1964 Signpost to Murder
1961 Two Loves
1958 In the Money
1957 Something of Value
The Seventh Sin
1956 Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní
Flame of the Islands
The Swan
1955 Dvorní šašek
The King's Thief
The Scarlet Coat
1954 Bengal Brigade
Donald's Diary
Snow Creature
1953 Botany Bay
Rogue's March
Tonight We Sing
1952 Brave Warrior
Les Miserables
Million Dollar Mermaid
The Black Castle
1951 Target Unknown
The Lady and the Bandit
The Son of Dr. Jekyll
1950 Rogues of Sherwood Forest
Three Came Home
1949 Johnny Stool Pigeon
My Own True Love
Přímo nad hlavou
Rope of Sand
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
The Fighting O'Flynn
Wind in the Willows
1948 A Woman's Vengeance
Donald's Dream Voice
Kiss the Blood Off My Hands
Sealed Verdict
The Black Arrow
The Cobra Strikes
The Feathered Serpent
1947 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back
Dvojí život
Green Dolphin Street
Song of Love
Tajný život Waltera Mittyho
Věčná Ambra
Zlaté náušnice
1946 Dangerous Money
Donaldovy trable
Rendezvous 24
The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
Three Strangers
1945 Cornered
Dáma v zeleném
Escape in the Fog
Her Lucky Night
How Doooo You Do!!!
Molly and Me
Náměstí kocoviny
She Gets Her Man
Son of Lassie
The Great John L.
The House of Fear
1944 Abroad with Two Yanks
Bermuda Mystery
Enter Arsene Lupin
Frenchman's Creek
Jdi za chlapci
The Hour Before the Dawn
The Pearl of Death
Three Sisters of the Moors
1943 Appointment in Berlin
Assignment in Brittany
Bomber's Moon
Corvette K-225
First Comes Courage
Murder in Times Square
Posvátné manželství
Pět hrobů u Káhiry
Sherlock Holmes in Washington
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday
The Return of the Vampire
Tonight We Raid Calais
1942 Bombs Over Burma
Být či nebýt
Captains of the Clouds
Danger in the Pacific
Eagle Squadron
Fingers at the Window
Invisible Agent
My Favorite Blonde
Osudová cesta
Secret Agent of Japan
Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror
Tajná zbraň
The Wife Takes a Flyer
They Raid by Night
1941 A Yank in the R.A.F.
Charlie Chan in Rio
Dangerously They Live
International Squadron
Paris Calling
They Dare Not Love
1940 Escape to Glory

TV seriály

1962 The Eleventh Hour (TV seriál)
1961 The Dick Powell Show (TV seriál)
1959 One Step Beyond (TV seriál)
1958 Peter Gunn (TV seriál)
1957 Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans (TV seriál)
How to Marry a Millionaire (TV seriál)
1956 Telephone Time (TV seriál)
1955 The Great Gildersleeve (TV seriál)
1954 Father Knows Best (TV seriál)
Studio 57 (TV seriál)
1953 You Are There (TV seriál)
1952 Dangerous Assignment (TV seriál)
Four Star Playhouse (TV seriál)
1950 Lux Video Theatre (TV seriál)

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