Charles Nelson

  • nar. 15.4.1901
  • zem. 19.1.1997 (95 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Střihačská filmografie


1974 The Three Stooges Follies
1970 Převozník
1967 Enter Laughing
La cintura di castità
1966 The Silencers
1965 Dívka ze Západu
1964 Dobrý soused Sam
1963 Bye Bye Birdie
Pod stromem věčného pokušení
1962 Podezřelá bytná
1961 The Devil at 4 O'Clock
1960 Stop! Look! and Laugh!
Strangers When We Meet
The Wackiest Ship in the Army
1959 It Happened to Jane
Last Angry Man, The
1958 Ghost of the China Sea
Going Steady
Me and the Colonel
Return to Warbow
Zvon, kniha a svíčka
1957 Operation Mad Ball
The Brothers Rico
The Man Who Turned to Stone
Utah Blaine
1956 Full of Life
Závratná kariéra
1955 My Sister Eileen
Three Stripes in the Sun
1954 Battle of Rogue River
To by se mělo stát vám
1953 Let's Do It Again
Prisoners of the Casbah
Velký zátah
1952 Assignment: Paris
Manželský život
Sound Off
1951 Criminal Lawyer
Muž v sedle
The Mob
Two of a Kind
1950 A Woman of Distinction
Kill the Umpire
Stage to Tucson
Včera narození
1949 Anna Lucasta
Song of India
Tell It to the Judge
The Doolins of Oklahoma
1948 Glamour Girl
Muž z Colorada
The Loves of Carmen
1947 The Guilt of Janet Ames
1946 Gilda
The Man Who Dared
The Thrill of Brazil
1945 A Song to Remember
Kiss and Tell
1944 None Shall Escape
Wyoming Hurricane
1943 Sahara
The Boy from Stalingrad
1942 A Night to Remember
Blondie's Blessed Event
Flight Lieutenant
The Devil's Trail
The Lone Prairie
1941 Blondie in Society
Her First Beau
Riders of the Badlands
The Face Behind the Mask
Three Girls About Town
1940 Babies for Sale
Before I Hang
Bullets for Rustlers
Girls Under 21
Girls of the Road
Konga, the Wild Stallion
Man from Tumbleweeds, The
Texas Stagecoach
The Secret Seven
The Wildcat of Tucson
West of Abilene
1939 A Star Is Shorn
A-Ducking They Did Go
Calling All Curs
Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise
Outpost of the Mounties
Pest from the West
Three Little Sew and Sews
Three Sappy People
Two-Fisted Rangers
We Want Our Mummy
Yes, We Have No Bonanza
1938 Fiddling Around
Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb
Home on the Rage
Mind Needer, The
Nightshirt Bandit, The
Sue My Lawyer
Three Missing Links
Time Out for Trouble
Wee Wee Monsieur
1937 3 Dumb Clucks
Back to the Woods
Big Squirt, The
Cash and Carry
Dizzy Doctors
From Bad to Worse
Goofs and Saddles
Grips, Grunts and Groans
Sitter-Downers, The

TV seriály

1952 Footlights Theater (TV seriál)
The Ford Television Theatre (TV seriál)


1938 Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 5

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