John Tyrrell

John Tyrrell

nar. 07.12.1900
The Bronx, New York, USA

zem. 20.09.1949 (48 let)
The Bronx, New York, USA



Stop! Look! and Laugh!


Best Man Wins


Cesta ke hvězdám


Last Days of Boot Hill


Má oblíbená brunetka


South of the Chisholm Trail


Tajný život Waltera Mittyho


A Close Call for Boston Blackie


Frontier Gunlaw






Gunning for Vengeance


Nejlepší léta našeho života


Night Editor


One Way to Love




Roaring Rangers


Talk About a Lady


The Jolson Story


The Notorious Lone Wolf


The Phantom Thief


The Walls Came Tumbling Down


A Guy, a Gal and a Pal


Blazing the Western Trail


Boston Blackie's Rendezvous


Eadie Was a Lady


Escape in the Fog


Eve Knew Her Apples


I Love a Bandleader


Lawless Empire


Let's Go Steady


Out of the Depths


Outlaws of the Rockies


Prison Ship


Rockin' in the Rockies


Rough, Tough and Ready


Sagebrush Heroes


She Wouldn't Say Yes


Sing Me a Song of Texas




Song of the Prairie


Youth on Trial


Beautiful But Broke


Carolina Blues


Cowboy Canteen


Cowboy from Lonesome River


Cry of the Werewolf


Cyclone Prairie Rangers


Dancing in Manhattan


Dívka z titulní strany


Girl in the Case


Heather and Yon


Hey, Rookie


Jam Session


Kansas City Kitty


Meet Miss Bobby Socks


Mr. Winkle Goes to War


One Mysterious Night


Sailor's Holiday


Secret Command


Sergeant Mike


She's a Soldier Too


She's a Sweetheart


Stars on Parade


Strange Affair


The Ghost That Walks Alone


The Missing Juror


The Racket Man


The Soul of a Monster


U-Boat Prisoner


Cowboy in the Clouds


Dangerous Blondes




Is Everybody Happy?


Law of the Northwest


Let's Have Fun


Murder in Times Square


My Kingdom for a Cook


One Dangerous Night


Passport to Suez


Robin Hood of the Range


Silver City Raiders


The Chance of a Lifetime


The Fighting Buckaroo


There's Something About a Soldier


What's Buzzin', Cousin?


A Night to Remember


Alias Boston Blackie


Bad Men of the Hills


Blondie for Victory


Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood


Bullets for Bandits


Cadets on Parade


Canal Zone


Flight Lieutenant


Hello, Annapolis


Lucky Legs


Parachute Nurse


Raiders of the Range


Sabotage Squad


Shut My Big Mouth


Stand by All Networks


Submarine Raider


Sweetheart of the Fleet


The Lone Star Vigilantes


The Man Who Returned to Life


The Spirit of Stanford


Tornado In the Saddle, A


Underground Agent


Vengeance of the West


West of Tombstone


Bedtime Story


Confessions of Boston Blackie


Hands Across the Rockies


Harmon of Michigan


Harvard, Here I Come!


Honolulu Lu


I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island


Meet Boston Blackie


Mystery Ship


Prairie Stranger


Riders of the Badlands


Secrets of the Lone Wolf


Serenáda za úsměv


The Big Boss


The Devil Commands


The Face Behind the Mask


The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance


The Medico of Painted Springs


The Richest Man in Town


The Son of Davy Crockett


The Stork Pays Off


Three Girls About Town


Under Age


White Eagle


Angels Over Broadway


Before I Hang


Blazing Six Shooters


Blondie Plays Cupid


Cafe Hostess


Convicted Woman


Girls Under 21


Girls of the Road


Glamour for Sale


Island of Doomed Men


Konga, the Wild Stallion


Man from Tumbleweeds, The


Men Without Souls


Military Academy


The Durango Kid


The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date


The Phantom Submarine


The Secret Seven


Thundering Frontier


Behind Prison Gates


Blondie Brings Up Baby


Coast Guard


First Offenders


Flying G-Men


Good Girls Go to Paris


Homicide Bureau


Mandrake the Magician


Missing Daughters


My Son Is Guilty


My Son Is a Criminal


North of Shanghai


Outside These Walls


Overland with Kit Carson


Pan Smith přichází


Romance of the Redwoods


Scandal Sheet


Taming of the West, The


The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt


The Man They Could Not Hang


Those High Grey Walls


Call of the Rockies


Highway Patrol


Juvenile Court


Law of the Plains


Rio Grande


Smashing the Spy Ring


South of Arizona


The Main Event


The Spider's Web


West of Cheyenne


When G-Men Step In


Women in Prison


A Dangerous Adventure


A Fight to the Finish


Criminals of the Air


Find the Witness


Girls Can Play


I Promise to Pay


It Happened in Hollywood


Motor Madness


Nahá pravda


Shadow, The


Submarine D-1


The Frame-Up


The Game That Kills


Adventure in Manhattan




Bullets or Ballots


Come Closer, Folks


Counterfeit Lady


Dangerous Intrigue


Devil's Squadron


End of the Trail


Lady from Nowhere


Legion of Terror


Pride of the Marines


The Cowboy Star


The Final Hour


The Music Goes 'Round


Two-Fisted Gentleman


Tři rozkošná děvčátka


U slaměných vdov


Úžasná událost


If You Could Only Cook


The Public Menace


Too Tough to Kill


Tooting Tooters


Ain't Love Cuckoo?


Hiss and Yell


The Blonde Stayed On


Booby Dupes


Calling All Fibbers




Pistol Packin' Nitwits


Busy Buddies


Crash Goes the Hash


Crazy Like a Fox


Defective Detectives


Doctor, Feel My Pulse


Gents Without Cents


Gold Is Where You Lose It


His Hotel Sweet


His Tale Is Told


No Dough Boys


Oh, Baby!


Pick a Peck of Plumbers


She Snoops to Conquer


To Heir Is Human


A Blitz on the Fritz


A Rookie's Cookie


Dizzy Detectives


Garden of Eatin'


They Stooge to Conga


You Dear Boy


All Work and No Pay


How Spry I Am


Loco Boy Makes Good


Olaf Laughs Last


Three Smart Saps


What's the Matador?


All the World's a Stooge


Black Eyes and Blues


General Nuisance


Glove Affair


Half Shot at Sunrise


In the Sweet Pie and Pie


Lovable Trouble


So Long Mr. Chumps


Some More of Samoa


Sweet Spirits of Nighter


The Watchman Takes a Wife


Yumpin' Yimminy!


A Bundle of Bliss


A Plumbing We Will Go


Blondes and Blunders


Boobs in Arms


Fireman, Save My Choo Choo


From Nurse to Worse


His Ex Marks the Spot


Nothing But Pleasure


Nutty But Nice


Pardon My Berth Marks


Rockin' Thru the Rockies


The Spook Speaks


You Nazty Spy!


A Star Is Shorn


Andy Clyde Gets Spring Chicken


Rattling Romeo


Skinny the Moocher


The Sap Takes a Wrap


Three Little Sew and Sews


We Want Our Mummy


Home on the Rage


Not Guilty Enough


Pie à la Maid


Big Squirt, The


Three Little Beers

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