Edward Hearn

  • nar. 6.9.1888
    Dayton, Washington, USA
  • zem. 15.4.1963 (74 let)
    Los Angeles County, Kalifornie, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1955 Tall Man Riding
This Island Earth
1953 Conquest of Cochise
Count the Hours
Port Sinister
Powder River
The Man Behind the Gun
Three Sailors and a Girl
1952 Carson City
My Man and I
Road Agent
The Kid from Broken Gun
1951 Cizinci ve vlaku
Lightning Strikes Twice
Pistol Harvest
Raton Pass
Storm Warning
Tomorrow Is Another Day
1950 A Wonderful Life
The Great Jewel Robber
1945 Saratoga Trunk
The Great Flamarion
1944 Americká romance
And the Angels Sing
Shine On, Harvest Moon
1943 A Stranger in Town
Air Raid Wardens
Farm Hands
Lost Angel
Swing Shift Maisie
1942 Baby Face Morgan
Don Winslow of the Navy
Don't Talk
Dr. Broadway
Dr. Kildare's Victory
Fingers at the Window
I Was Framed
Jackass Mail
Journey for Margaret
Kid Glove Killer
Klondike Fury
My Favorite Blonde
Nazi Agent
Northwest Rangers
Rozruch ve městě
Sabotage Squad
The Omaha Trail
The Vanishing Virginian
1941 Caught in the Draft
Coffins on Wheels
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.
Holt of the Secret Service
Honky Tonk
Lady Be Good
Love Crazy
Pacific Blackout
Pošlapané květy
Shadow of the Thin Man
Steel Against the Sky
Sullivanovy cesty
The Get-Away
The Wild Man of Borneo
To je John Doe
Unholy Partners
White Eagle
Your Last Act
1940 A Way in the Wilderness
Adventures of Red Ryder
Cesta do Santa Fe
Chasing Trouble
Covered Wagon Days
Dark Command
Deadwood Dick
Failure at Fifty, A
Good Bad Boys
I Love You Again
Jdi na Západ
Little Nellie Kelly
My Little Chickadee
New Moon
Phantom Raiders
Remedy for Riches
Sky Murder
Son of the Navy
Sporting Blood
The Ghost Comes Home
The Green Archer
The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
The Man from Dakota
Two Girls on Broadway
We Who Are Young
Wolf of New York
Women in Hiding
XXX Medico
You, the People
1939 Another Thin Man
Bad Little Angel
Broadway Serenade
Dick Tracy's G-Men
Fast and Furious
I Was a Convict
Let Us Live
Man of Conquest
Money to Loan
Nick Carter - Master Detective
One Against the World
Rollin' Westward
Sergeant Madden
Smashing the Money Ring
St. Louis Blues
Stand Up and Fight
Texas Stampede
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt
The Story That Couldn't Be Printed
The Stranger from Texas
Thunder Afloat
Union Pacific
Western Caravans
1938 Boys Town
Fast Company
Gang Bullets
Go Chase Yourself
International Crime
Juvenile Court
My Old Kentucky Home
Professor Beware
Red Barry
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
The Main Event
The Spider's Web
Think It Over
Vždyť jsme jen jednou na světě
West of the Santa Fe
Young Fugitives
1937 Ali Baba Goes to Town
Anything for a Thrill
Assassin of Youth
Bad Guy
Devil's Playground
Headin' East
It Can't Last Forever
It Happened in Hollywood
Life Begins with Love
Loď ztracených duší
Paid to Dance
Penrod and Sam
Servant of the People: The Story of the Constitution of the United States
Shadow, The
Something to Sing About
Springtime in the Rockies
The Mighty Treve
The Old Wyoming Trail
Trouble at Midnight
Zrodila se hvězda
1936 Avenging Waters
Black Gold
Easy Money
Fifteen Maiden Lane
High Tension
His Brother's Wife
I Cover Chinatown
King of the Pecos
Lady Luck
Lawless Nineties, The
Mad Holiday
Missing Girls
Moonlight Murder
Red River Valley
Ride 'Em Cowboy
San Francisco
Silly Billies
The Big Show
The Boss Rider of Gun Creek
The Bridge of Sighs
The Cattle Thief
The Leathernecks Have Landed
The Man I Marry
The Mysterious Avenger
The President's Mystery
The Preview Murder Mystery
The Three Wise Guys
The Unknown Ranger
1935 A Tale of Two Cities
Behind the Green Lights
Bulldog Courage
Diamond Jim
Hot Off the Press
Ladies Crave Excitement
Let 'em Have It
Page Miss Glory
Princezna inkognito
Public Hero #1
Red Salute
Streamline Express
The Headline Woman
The Miracle Rider
The Rainmakers
The Whole Town's Talking
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Westward Ho
1934 Against the Law
Belle of the Nineties
Burn 'Em Up Barnes
Burn 'Em Up Barnes - a.z.
Cross Country Cruise
Detektiv Nick v New Yorku
Fighting Hero
Fighting Through
Flirting with Danger
Forsaking All Others
Fugitive Lovers
Hrabě Monte Cristo
In Old Santa Fe
King Kelly of the U.S.A.
Kočičí pracička
Lady by Choice
Law of the Wild
Monte Carlo Nights
Mystery Mountain
Paris Interlude
Sing Sing Nights
Stolen Sweets
The Show-Off
Wake Up and Dream
Whom the Gods Destroy
Young and Beautiful
1933 Ann Carver's Profession
Fighting with Kit Carson
Golden Harvest
Her First Mate
I'm No Angel
Son of a Sailor
Černé eso
Římské aféry
1932 Emma
Local Bad Man, The
State's Attorney
Swift Justice
Texas Tornado
The Last of the Mohicans
The Rainbow Trail
The Shadow of the Eagle
The Sunset Trail
1931 A Son of the Plains
Bad Girl
Clearing the Range
Ex-Bad Boy
How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 6: 'The Big Irons'
Ladies' Man
Local Boy Makes Good
Smart Money
The Avenger
The Cheyenne Cyclone
The Galloping Ghost
The Painted Desert
The Texas Ranger
The Vanishing Legion
U. S. 311
Up for Murder
1930 Hide-Out
Looser Than Loose
One Night at Susie's
The Spoilers
1929 Hrdinové pekel
The Bachelor Girl
The Donovan Affair
The Drake Case
The One Man Dog
1928 Dog Justice
Ned McCobb's Daughter
The Big Hop
The Fightin' Redhead
Yellow Cameo, The
1927 A Hero on Horseback
Desert Pirate, The
Hook and Ladder No. 9
Hot Heels
Král králů
Pals in Peril
The Heart of the Yukon
Winners of the Wilderness
1926 Daniel Boone Through the Wilderness
Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo
Frigo na mašině
Jim Hood's Ghost
The Devil's Partner
The Sign of the Claw
The Still Alarm
1925 Daring Days
Lawful Cheater, The
One of the Bravest
The Man Without a Country
The Outlaw's Daughter
1924 Dangerous Blonde, The
Daughters of Today
The Turmoil
When a Man's a Man
Winner Take All
1923 Daytime Wives
Love Letter, The
Miracle Baby, The
The Town Scandal
1922 A Question of Honor
Her Night of Nights
The Fire Bride
The Flirt
The Glory of Clementina
The Truthful Liar
1921 Beyond the Trail
Heart of Dorean, The
Honor of Ramirez, The
Keeping Up with Lizzie
Spirit of the Lake, The
The Avenging Arrow
The Face of the World
1920 Daredevil Jack
Down Home
Into the Light
The Coast of Opportunity
1919 Jacques of the Silver North
Last of His People, The
Over the Garden Wall
Whom the Gods Would Destroy
1918 Lawless Love
Lure of Luxury, The
The Light of the Western Stars
1917 Black Rider of Tasajara, The
Her Soul's Inspiration
It Makes a Difference
Pot o' Gold, The
Sagebrush Law
The Door in the Mountain
The Double Room Mystery
The Ghost of the Desert
The Man from Tia Juana
The Trapping of Two-Bit Tuttle
The Tyrant of Chiracahua
The Vanished Line Rider
1916 Alias Jane Jones
Eleanor's Catch
Her Bitter Cup
Her Defiance
Idle Wives
Seekers, The
Should She Have Told?
To Another Woman
Whirlpool of Destiny, The

TV seriály

1952 Cowboy G-Men (TV seriál)
1950 Atom Man Vs. Superman (TV seriál)
1949 The Lone Ranger (TV seriál)


1986 Let's Go Mets
1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 5

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