Eddie Lee

  • nar. 28.7.1899
    Los Angeles, California, USA
  • zem. 20.8.1979 (80 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1955 I'll Cry Tomorrow
Soldier of Fortune
1954 Hell and High Water
Shanghai Story, The
1953 China Venture
East of Sumatra
1952 Cripple Creek
Target Hong Kong
1951 I Was an American Spy
Mask of the Dragon
Peking Express
1950 Bells of Coronado
Mister 880
1949 Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture
The Clay Pigeon
1948 Half Past Midnight
To the Ends of the Earth
1947 Singapore
1946 Calcutta
Dangerous Millions
1945 Frontier Gal
God Is My Co-Pilot
Nob Hill
1944 And the Angels Sing
Broadway Rhythm
Dragon Seed
Marine Raiders
The Purple Heart
1943 Behind the Rising Sun
Don Winslow of the Coast Guard
Headin' for God's Country
Jack London
Rookies in Burma
Salute to the Marines
Směr Tokio
The Man from Thunder River
1942 A Tragedy at Midnight
China Girl
Dobrodružství v Panamě
Man From Cheyenne
Pacific Rendezvous
Reunion in France
Submarine Raider
Tarzanovo newyorské dobrodružství
Yank on the Burma Road, A
1941 Baby Blues
Burma Convoy
Moonlight in Hawaii
Obchodní dům
The Stork Pays Off
1940 Girls Under 21
It's a Date
1939 Barricade
Lady of the Tropics
Torchy Blane in Chinatown
1938 International Settlement
Red Barry
Začalo to v Šanghaji
1937 West of Shanghai
1936 Cowboy and the Kid, The
Midnight Blunders
Panic on the Air
Roaming Lady
Silver Spurs
1935 Bordertown
Charlie Chan in Shanghai
Chinatown Squad
George White's 1935 Scandals
Here Comes Cookie
Mary Jane's Pa
Sunset Range
The Bishop Misbehaves
The Girl from 10th Avenue
Without Regret
Čínská moře bouří
1934 Happiness Ahead
Pestrý závoj
She Learned About Sailors
1933 Vášeň generála Yena
1932 The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood

TV seriály

1954 Captain Midnight (TV seriál)

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