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    • 16.4.2020  10:29
    The Job Lot (TV seriál) (2013)

    Season 1 - **** Season 2 - *** Season 2 - **

    • 23.3.2020  08:44
    Šťastné údolí (TV seriál) (2014)

    Happy Valley is ironically like a breath of fresh air, because it brings social characteristics on the spotlight and through the main characters there is almost no topic left behind. Approach to view the police work and its connection with personal lives is very identical and very well filmed. First season is little bit better than the second one, but it doesn't take any credit from the whole production.

    • 22.6.2019  09:42
    Rostered On (TV seriál) (2016)

    G'day, how are ya. Good, bro. Sweet. Good on ya, mate. Top selling in one of the best retail shops ever. Electroworld is showing good amount of talent beginning from manager to 2IC and the rest of the team is pouring laughs all over. Watch those returns and make lots of long warranties, that's the policy here. Don't be late.

    • 14.5.2019  05:52


    • 3.4.2019  00:12
    Stopy (2013)

    If there are some stories, which should be told through the big screen, then the producers made the right choice with this one. Mia Wasikowska is playing outstandingly well and her effort makes movie more enjoyable, especially considering the given conditions of outback and desert in Southern Australia. The combination of beautiful colours, hardship of the effort and cultural setting could't be more exciting.

    • 31.7.2018  23:51

    Drama/Crimi/Comedy! Characters are very well written and the script is undeniably the best asset of the movie. It speaks volumes especially when the plot is concentrated in a small town. Never underestimate grieving woman!

    • 31.7.2018  23:44
    Tvář vody (2017)

    Very disappointing movie which doesn't offer anything worth seeing. One cliche after another which are wrapped in the want to be artistic outlook. References to social elements could not be more obscure so why does it have to be so unpleasant? Soundtrack hurts the ears with its over the top effort for making a mark, but unfortunately it doesn't fit at all. Right from the begging the movements of camera are making the whole story even more silly.

    • 21.1.2018  19:37
    Detectorists (TV seriál) (2014)

    Detectorists are absolute delight to watch with very good pacing. Other factors are playing hand in hand and the script is gradually getting better. Funny, understanding and honest at the same time.

    • 21.1.2018  19:34

    Of course everything looks fresh and entertaining, but underneath of it all is not something what would bring you to never ending laugh. If you try you can enjoy it from the beginning and Why Him? will get you to the good mood, because at the end it is about having fun and keep your love ones at their best.

    • 21.1.2018  19:31

    Watching this movie was exhausting, because the pace of the story goes up and down without any meaning, which sometimes results in weird atmosphere. There is without a doubt idea and rare look, but this is not enough.

    • 21.1.2018  19:27
    Divočina (2014)

    It starts and ends with Reese Witherspoon. She makes the film and that is the reason, why it is not better. The script, scenery and plot is nice, but there are things, which I am sure would be better to experience through reading, but I believe this kind of movie is appropriate for current state of Hollywood. It is a shame that main essence of the film is lost through unfortunate casting.

    • 21.1.2018  19:22

    Jednostranný dokument o fungování AB (Agrofertu), ale také počin při němž se autoři vydávají pod pokličku praktikám, které ovlivňují veřejný prostor ČR. O tomto dokumentu lze přemýšlet ve více rovinách, přičemž nedochází k přímé konfrontaci s hlavní postavou celého toho kolotoče. Místy kostrbaté a neurovnané.

    • 21.1.2018  19:14
    Teorie tygra (2016)

    Přímočarý počin s rozsáhlou cílovou skupinou, kdy námět může být povědomý snad každému v českých končinách. Teorie tygra neurazí, ale ani nenadchne, protože postupem času nenabízí nic nového a veze se na uvadající vlně, která s sebou nese stále stejné nápady respektive dějovou linku. Celkově vzato slabý pokus o pořádnou zábavu, ale určitě se dají najít světlá místa (např. scéna s plněním sklenic okurkami).

    • 21.1.2018  19:07
    Šejdrem (TV film) (2008)

    Docela úlet v tom, jak je příběh nemotorně zasazený do prostřihů s animacemi, úryvky z mládí a amaterskými záběry. Zápletka se stavění máje je natolik slabá, že sama o sobě nedokáže unést děj filmu. Scénář a stříh nezapadá do vykreslovaného vesnického prostředí. Hodně nedotažené dílo.

    • 26.12.2017  16:48

    Absolutně bezkonkurenční podání střetu mezi vesnickým a velkoměstským životem. Špičkový scénář baví i po několikátém shlédnutí, co věta to perla české kinematografie.

    • 15.9.2017  22:18
    Skumtimmen (2013)

    It is a great shame that first sequence about murders is then somehow followed with indirect investigation, which in some way is not that interesting. Anyhow this movie has its pluses and the final 10 minutes are worth of the wait. It is simply charming to see how swedish way of life is involved in the movie.

    • 15.9.2017  22:08

    Last 10 minutes doesn't make the whole movie and everything between is not as appealing as it should be, because it almost look like you are watching very bad joke. If it should work as promotion of American schooling then there should be more teachers as Zooey Deschanel's role, but I guess that Gábor Csupó made sure that all main milestones from the book aren't missing.

    • 15.9.2017  22:04
    Šprti (2006)

    Movie version is trying to present conversations with clever backgrounds, but it is very hard to be interested in the individual characters, when most of the scenes are coming and going without broad sense. If you want to have insight into english educational system then The History Boys are quiete good example with focus on age before going to university.

    • 15.9.2017  21:55
    X+Y (2014)

    If X stands for english culture and Y stands for chinese culture than the result is mix of systems which are functional based only on money, so there is no question that whoever commisioned this had big interest in connection of those unequal worlds. In my eyes X + Y does not go together very well and it might be drawing some sympathy on the surface, but after while there is something missing.

    • 15.9.2017  21:48
    Sexy 40 (2009)

    Oh yeah, the message of this movie for everyone on the bottom line is? Absolutely none. Catherine Zeta-Jones's role couldn't be more first-ordered. It almost looks like someone just had to write something so positive that audience should sit down on the bottom from it. Story is bleak and shows so many cliches that last 10 minutes of movie unfortunately doesn't saves it.

    • 15.9.2017  21:39

    Only one star for very nice shots + sounds from French nature. Otherwise it is little bit blunt and the story of chasing the fox doesn't fit at all. I would be worried if my child just run off everyday to the forest, don't you? Of course it is supposed to be educational, but kids are bit tricky in doing exactly what they saw on the screen.

    • 15.9.2017  21:36

    So many trucks Scania passing by, vast forests, hunts, one detective from Stockholm. What could be more swedish? It is not the best you can get out of this genre, but the atmosphere and precision of how to make a good show is certainly there. Lovely stuff.

    • 14.5.2017  23:24

    Sekvence vzpomínek na okolnosti emigrace z Rakouska svou kvalitou dalece převyšují části z průběhu začátku pátrání po pozůstalosti potažmo soudních sporů. Helen Mirren hraje absolutně nepřesvědčivě a někdy zbytečně přehrává, což jen podepisuje příliš nafouknutý příběh.

    • 14.5.2017  23:11
    Eurovision Song Contest 2017 (TV pořad) (2017)

    Even though I have seen it on BBC 1 with commentary of Graham Horton, I was amazed how this contest sadly does not do the justice to its potential. The idea of presenting the musical diversity of each country is unfortunately lost in a mainstream performances. Only few of the acts were genuine and I suppose singing in English is more straightforward for the audience, but it is not as appealing as native languages of each country. It will take some time until the Eurovision will be taken more seriously throughout the European continent and beyond.

    • 12.5.2017  18:37
    Kajaki (2014)

    Kajaki deals with something what was very hard to demonstrate authentically, but the production went really well. Horrifying.

    • 7.5.2017  18:20

    Příběh je podaný poutavě. Největší devíza filmu je námět, kdy dochází k souběhu několika zajímavých dějinných událostí a navíc to má hlavu a patu. Nicméně Sedm let v Tibetu tápe v hereckém obsazení, přičemž kulisy nepůsobí dosti věrohodně. Bohužel jde vidět tlak na vytvoření uměleckého díla, přitom by stačilo lehce ubrat na pile. Některé scény kazí celkový pozitivní dojem.

    • 7.5.2017  17:58
    Cizinec (2010)

    One star for Venezia and the other for Venezia once again. The rest is ridiculous and has nothing to do with good movie. What a waste of money, time and life.

    • 7.5.2017  17:53

    Safe house does not play it safe, without a doubt. Nevertheless its content isn't offering much, except continuing shooting and unlogical moving of the story to one site to another. If the sence should be in showing as much action as possible, then be it, but the action has no more than few bright spots. Another one man show for Denzel Washington, where you wonder, if it isn't waste of time, when watching it.

    • 7.5.2017  17:45
    Hanna (2011)

    V mnoha místech příjemně originální, ale na druhou stranu některé scény se jeví, jako nelogické, až na hlavu padlé. Ze začátku je to parádní podívaná s velkým potenciálem, ale postupem času se jakoby náboj vytrácí a originalita upadá. Přesto všechno Hanna pozitivně překvapila.

    • 3.5.2017  23:17

    Jedinečná žárovka, o tom žádná, ale všechno narazí na bariéru v momentě, kdy se projeví fakt, že film není natočen podle skutečné události a námět je zprostředkován z kombinace několika knih. Vznikl z toho nesourodý mix, že kterého není jasně daný účel. Nicméně zachycení atmosféry na palubě je dostatečně autentické, a má něco do sebe.

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