Russell Simpson

  • nar. 17.6.1880
    San Francisco, California, USA
  • zem. 12.12.1959 (79 let)
    Woodland Hills, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1959 Kavaleristé
1957 The Lonely Man
Šerifská hvězda
1956 Přesvedčení
The Brass Legend
These Wilder Years
1955 Last Command, The
Many Rivers to Cross
Správní chlapi
1954 Sedm nevěst pro sedm bratrů
Zlomené kopí
1953 Meet Me at the Fair
Slunce jasně svítí
1952 Feudin' Fools
Ghost of Crossbones Canyon, The
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair
Osamělá hvězda
1951 Across the Wide Missouri
Comin' Round the Mountain
1950 Call of the Klondike
Saddle Tramp
The Outriders
Wagon Master
1949 Free for All
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend
The Gal Who Took the West
Tuna Clipper
1948 Albuquerque
Coroner Creek
Johanka z Arcu
Sundown in Santa Fe
Tap Roots
The Untamed Breed
1947 Bowery Buckaroos
The Fabulous Texan
The Millerson Case
The Romance of Rosy Ridge
1946 Bad Bascomb
Boy and His Dog, A
California Gold Rush
Death Valley
Lady Luck
My Dog Shep
Můj miláček Klementina
1945 Byli obětováni
Incendiary Blonde
Roughly Speaking
Taky dorazil Jones
1944 Man from Frisco
Roaring Guns
Tall in the Saddle
Texas Masquerade
The Big Bonanza
1943 Border Patrol
Colt Comrades
Moonlight in Vermont
Riding High
The Woman of the Town
1942 Kazisvěti
Lone Star Ranger
Nazi Agent
Shut My Big Mouth
Tennessee Johnson
Wild Bill Hickok Rides
1941 Bad Men of Missouri
Citadel of Crime
Last of the Duanes
Tabáková cesta
To je John Doe
Wild Geese Calling
1940 Brigham Young
Cesta do Santa Fe
Hrozny hněvu
Tři tváře západu
Virginia City
1939 Bubny víří
Desperate Trails
Dodge City
Pan Smith přichází
The Bill of Rights
Western Caravans
Young Mr. Lincoln
1938 Gold Is Where You Find It
Heart of the North
Sons of the Plains
The Girl of the Golden West
The Sisters
Valley of the Giants
1937 Green Light
Lest We Forget - a.z.
Maid of Salem
Mountain Justice
Nad Irskem hřmí
Paradise Isle
That I May Live
Wild West Days
Yodelin' Kid From Pine Ridge
1936 Girl of the Ozarks
Man Hunt
Paddy O'Day
San Francisco
The Crime of Dr. Forbes
The Harvester
Wild Brian Kent
1935 Motive for Revenge
The County Chairman
The Hoosier Schoolmaster
Way Down East
1934 Carolina
Ever Since Eve
Frontier Marshal
Radio Scout
Sixteen Fathoms Deep
The World Moves On
Three on a Honeymoon
West of the Pecos
1933 Face in the Sky
Moonshiner's Daughter, The
Stolen by Gypsies or Beer and Bicycles
The Power and the Glory
1932 Born to Fight
Hello Trouble
Law and Order
Lena Rivers
Ridin' for Justice
Rule 'Em and Weep
Silver Dollar
The Cabin in the Cotton
The Famous Ferguson Case
The Honor of the Press
The Riding Tornado
Two Lips and Juleps; or, Southern Love and Northern Exposure
White Eagle
1931 Alexander Hamilton
The Great Meadow
West of the Rockies
Zuzana Lenoxová
1930 Abraham Lincoln
Billy the Kid
Man to Man
The Lone Star Ranger
1929 After the Fog
Innocents of Paris
My Lady's Past
Noisy Neighbors
Sap, The
The Kid's Clever
1928 Life's Mockery
The Bushranger
The Trail of '98
Tropical Nights
1927 Annie Laurie
God's Great Wilderness
Rif a Raf, piloti
The First Auto
The Frontiersman
The Heart of the Yukon
Wild Geese
1926 Lovey Mary
Rustling for Cupid
The Earth Woman
The Social Highwayman
1925 Beauty and the Bad Man
Faint Perfume
Narrow Street, The
Old Shoes
Paint and Powder
Ship of Souls
The Eagle
The Re-Creation of Brian Kent
The Splendid Road
Thunder Mountain
Why Women Love
1924 Painted People
1923 Circus Days
Defying Destiny
Hearts Aflame
The Girl of the Golden West
The Huntress
The Rip-Tide
The Virginian
1922 Across the Deadline
Fools of Fortune
Human Hearts
Peg o' My Heart
Rags to Riches
The Kingdom Within
When Love Is Young
1921 Bunty Pulls the Strings
Shadows of Conscience
Under the Lash
1920 Fighting Cressy
Godless Men
Out of the Dust
The Branding Iron
The Deadlier Sex
1919 Bill Apperson's Boy
Brand, The
Desert Gold
The Blue Bandanna
1918 A Weaver of Dreams
Breakers Ahead
Challenge Accepted, The
Oh, Johnny!
Riders of the Night
The Border Legion
Uphill Path, The
1917 Blue Jeans
Food Gamblers, The
Salt of the Earth
The Barrier
1916 Feud Girl, The
Lovely Mary
1915 The Old Homestead
1914 The Virginian


1999 John Ford - americká vize (TV film)

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