Matt Moore

  • nar. 8.1.1888
    County Meath, Irsko
  • zem. 20.1.1960 (72 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1958 I Bury the Living
1957 Nezapomenutelná láska
1956 Pardners
The Birds and the Bees
These Wilder Years
1955 The King's Thief
1954 Executive Suite
Když jsem naposledy viděl Paříž
Sedm nevěst pro sedm bratrů
Yankee Pasha
1953 Latin Lovers
Scandal at Scourie
The Actress
1952 Invitation
Plymouth Adventure
1951 The Great Caruso
The Law and the Lady
Three Guys Named Mike
Too Young to Kiss
1950 Big Hangover, The
Mystery Street
Reformer and the Redhead, The
The Happy Years
1949 Malaya
Neptune's Daughter
That Forsyte Woman
1948 B.F.'s Daughter
Good Sam
Johanka z Arcu
1947 Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
1946 The Hoodlum Saint
1945 Rozdvojená duše
She Went to the Races
1944 Wilson
1943 Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case
Happy Land
Harrigan's Kid
1942 Mokey
My Favorite Spy
The Mayor of 44th Street
The Vanishing Virginian
1941 My Life with Caroline
Trial of Mary Dugan, The
Unexpected Uncle
1940 Santa Fe Marshal
1939 Bad Boy
Range War
1936 Absolute Quiet
Anything Goes
1934 All Men Are Enemies
Such Women Are Dangerous
1933 Deluge
1932 Cock of the Air
Little Orphan Annie
Pride of the Legion
1931 Consolation Marriage
Penrod and Sam
Stout Hearts and Willing Hands
The Front Page
1930 Call of the West
Squealer, The
1929 Coquette
Side Street
1928 Beware of Blondes
Dry Martini
Phyllis of the Follies
1927 Honorable Mr. Buggs, The
Married Alive
Tillie the Toiler
1926 Caveman, The
Early to Wed
His Jazz Bride
Summer Bachelors
The First Year
The Mystery Club
1925 Grounds for Divorce
His Majesty, Bunker Bean
How Baxter Butted In
Narrow Street, The
The Unholy Three
The Way of a Girl
Three Weeks in Paris
Where the Worst Begins
1924 A Self-Made Failure
Another Man's Wife
Fools in the Dark
Lost Lady, A
No More Women
The Breaking Point
The Wise Virgin
1923 Strangers of the Night
White Tiger
Žlutá záplava
1922 Back Pay
Jilt, The
The Storm
1921 A Man's Home
Miracle of Manhattan, The
Straight Is the Way
The Passionate Pilgrim
1920 Don't Ever Marry
Love Madness
Sport of Kings, The
1919 Bondage of Barbara, The
Dark Star, The
Getting Mary Married
Regular Girl, A
The Glorious Lady
The Unpardonable Sin
Unwritten Code, The
Wild Goose Chase, A
1918 Heart of the Wilds
Stake Uncle Sam to Play Your Hand
The Wall Invisible
1917 Blood-Stained Hand, A
Brass Girl, The
Breaking the Family Strike
David Craig's Luck
Hour of Terror, An
One Bride Too Many
Pots and Poems
Runaway, Romany
She Married Her Husband
Studio Cinderella, A
The Pride of the Clan
1916 20 000 mil pod mořem
Ashamed of the Old Folks
Blind Man's Bluff
Come On, The
Double Fire Deception, A
Her Invisible Husband
His Little Story
Jane's Choice
Plot and Counter Plot
Poet's Progress, The
Singular Cynic, A
Story from Life, A
Stranger in His Own Home, A
The River Goddess
Vanity Thy Name Is?
Why Mrs. Kentworth Lied
1915 A Daughter of the Nile
A Witch of Salem Town
Circus Mary
Father's Strategy
Fireman's Bride, The
How She Fooled Aunty
Laugh That Died, The
Little Lady Across the Way, The
Mary's Duke
Photoplay Without a Name, or: A $50.00 Reward, A
Professional Jealousy
The Beautiful Unknown
The Girl Who Had a Soul
The Honor of the Ormsbys
The Judgment of Men
The Rustle of a Skirt
When Love Laughs
1914 Bribe, The
Coryphee, The
Diplomatic Flo
Disenchantment, A
Doctor's Testimony, The
False Bride, The
For the People
Her Ragged Knight
Honor of the Humble, The
Law's Decree, The
Little Mail Carrier, The
Mad Man's Ward, The
Mysterious Mystery, A
Pawns of Destiny
Romance of a Photograph, The
Singular Sinner, A
Stepmother, The
The Honeymooners
Woman Who Won, The
1913 A Girl and Her Money
Big Sister
Hidden Fires
In Peril of the Sea
In Search of Quiet
Influence of Sympathy
Jealousy of Jane, The
Just a Fire Fighter
Manicure, The
None But the Brave Deserve the --?
Plain Jane
Pursuit of Jane, The
The Girl o'the Woods
Their Parents
Traffic in Souls
Where the Hop Vine Twines
Who Killed Olga Carew?
Winner, The
Yogi, The
1912 Tangled Relations


1930 Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 14
1916 Animated Weekly, No. 19
1914 The Great Universal Mystery

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