James Parrott

  • nar. 2.8.1897
    Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • zem. 10.5.1939 (41 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Režijní filmografie


1955 Malí darebáci - nejlepší z gangu (TV film)
Malí darebáci – To nejlepší od Spankyho (TV film)
1935 Do Your Stuff
Sing, Sister, Sing
The Misses Stooge
The Tin Man
Treasure Blues
1934 A Duke for a Day
Benny from Panama
Mixed Nuts
Opened by Mistake
Washee Ironee
1933 Twice Two
Twin Screws
1932 Girl Grief
Mr. Bride
Now We'll Tell One
The Chimp
The Music Box
V nemocnici
Young Ironsides
1931 Be Big!
Hinter Schloss und Riegel
La señorita de Chicago
One of the Smiths
Panic Is On, The
Pardon Us
Presidiarios, Los
Rough Seas
Skip the Maloo!
The Pip From Pittsburgh
What a Bozo!
1930 Another Fine Mess
Below Zero
Feu mon oncle
Hog Wild
Night Owls
Noche de duendes
Spuk um Mitternacht, Der
The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case
Tiembla y Titubea
Une nuit extravagante
Vida nocturna, La
1929 Furnace Trouble
Happy Birthday
Lesson No. 1
Perfect Day
Ruby Lips
Stewed, Fried and Boiled
The Hoose-Gow
They Go Boom!
1928 All for Nothing
Chasing Husbands
Galloping Ghosts
Habeas Corpus
Should Married Men Go Home?
Their Purple Moment
Two Tars
1927 Are Brunettes Safe?
Assistant Wives
Bigger and Better Blondes
Fluttering Hearts
Forgotten Sweeties
Many Scrappy Returns
Never the Dames Shall Meet
Now I'll Tell One
One Mama Man, A
The Lighter That Failed
The Sting of Stings
What Women Did for Me
1926 Cow's Kimona, The
On the Front Page
There Ain't No Santa Claus
1925 Námořníci na ženění?
1924 Don't Forget
Fraidy Cat, The
Hard Knocks
Just a Minute
Love's Detour
Powder and Smoke
1922 Mixed Nuts
1921 Pickaninny, The

TV seriály

1954 Malí darebáci (TV seriál)

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