Florence Wix

  • nar. 16.5.1883
    Hertfordshire, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 23.11.1956 (73 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1956 Z nóbl společnosti
1955 Bring Your Smile Along
1953 Příběh tří lásek
1952 Světla ramp
1951 Goodbye, My Fancy
The Mating Season
1950 Please Believe Me
Walk Softly, Stranger
1949 The Fighting Kentuckian
1948 B.F.'s Daughter
Hollow Triumph
To the Ends of the Earth
1947 'Fun on a Week-End'
Farmářova dcera
Green Dolphin Street
Osedlej růžového koně
1946 Deception
Předehra k vraždě
1945 Dáma ve vlaku
George White's Scandals
Incendiary Blonde
The Brighton Strangler
The Fatal Witness
Those Endearing Young Charms
1944 Abroad with Two Yanks
Dvě děvčátka a námořník
Meet Miss Bobby Socks
Port of 40 Thieves
Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman
Strange Affair
1943 Flesh and Fantasy
Happy Go Lucky
The Man from Down Under
1942 Between Us Girls
Hi, Neighbor
Karibští piráti
Laugh Your Blues Away
Paní Miniverová
Take a Letter, Darling
That Other Woman
The Night Before the Divorce
We Were Dancing
1941 Free and Easy
Road Show
Unfinished Business
Věčná Eva
1940 I Take This Woman
I Was an Adventuress
Remember the Night
Rhythm on the River
1939 Good Girls Go to Paris
In Name Only
King of Chinatown
Outside These Walls
Pan Smith přichází
The Gracie Allen Murder Case
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man
1938 Bukanýr
Paradise for Three
Romance in the Dark
The Devil's Party
The Missing Guest
The Rage of Paris
When G-Men Step In
1937 Double or Nothing
Její milionář
Nothing Sacred
This Way Please
Wells Fargo
1936 And So They Were Married
And Sudden Death
Beloved Enemy
Byl jsem lynčován
Gentle Julia
My American Wife
My Marriage
Three Cheers for Love
Under Your Spell
Yours for the Asking
Úžasná událost
1935 Lady Tubbs
The Gilded Lily
The Good Fairy
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
Zlomená srdce
1934 Behold My Wife!
Bum Voyage
Down to Their Last Yacht
Here Is My Heart
His Greatest Gamble
Hollywood Party
Long Lost Father
Veselý rozvod
Woman Unafraid
1933 Ann Carver's Profession
Cocktail Hour
Grand Slam
Kachní polévka
Morning Glory
Murders in the Zoo
Podsvětí ve fraku
Sitting Pretty
The Little Giant
The Masquerader
Torch Singer
1932 -But the Flesh Is Weak
Arsène Lupin
By Whose Hand?
Down to Earth
Lidé v hotelu
Miluj mne dnes v noci
Polly of the Circus
The Miracle Man
Two Against the World
Útěk z ráje
1931 Broadminded
Good Sport
Men Call It Love
Platinová blondýnka
The Public Defender
The Road to Reno
The Vice Squad
1930 A Notorious Affair
Common Clay
Going Wild
Hook, Line and Sinker
One Romantic Night
Reaching for the Moon
Sin Takes a Holiday
The Devil to Pay!
1929 Street Girl
The Office Scandal
1928 Beyond London Lights
Dressed to Kill
Romance of the Underworld
1927 Ladies Beware
Naughty Nanette
The Return of Boston Blackie
1926 For Alimony Only
1925 Enticement
1924 Tajemství lásky
The Female

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